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  1. AddOn override is the only way.
  2. @Asura is correct. This is client-side. It was changed in TBC.
  3. Great team. Unfortunately many of them had left by the end of 2005 and many others were re-assigned to other projects.
  4. As many have mentioned, it is impossible to bring back the actual 1.4 client map without a custom client patch. We can however, and will, bring back the oldschool intense (server-side) Alterac Valley.
  5. Would most likely never happen. The amount of work required to bring the client up-to-date is immense. Not to mention that they would need to connect the client to BNet. They've applied thousands of client patches over the years that would be applicable to Classic. If by some slight chance they did release an updated client, we would be very happy.
  6. Salut !
  7. Welcome to the community!
  8. Welcome to the community!
  9. Welcome to the community!