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  1. Same honestly.
  2. I am trying to login as we speak, but the server has issues, as expected, for it's launch. Anyone else trying it out, thoughts so far?
  3. Happy bday
  4. Probably because my channel is based on.. World of Warcraft? Of course I am going to talk about World of Warcraft. For new people viewing this thread, this thread was posted by someone just posting a link to an addons video. I think you can see the general consensus of the maturity levels of some people here.
  5. You're missing the part where I don't care if people hate me or not, that's what people like you misunderstand.
  6. Yeah you people are ridiculous. It was just me saying don't get too hyped for something that we haven't seen yet. Not bashing Crestfall at all.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yeah it seems I was wrong on a few things. I'll add these into the video for those watching. I never rage quit the Nostalrius PvP server. I had two level 60's characters there. I made a promotional video on Nostalrius and also VoA, that does not mean I shill any server. I also did not shill Elysium, not sure where you are getting this information. I also am not shilling Crestfall. I make videos on private servers to give people information on them. That is what I did with Crestfall. I even warned people in the video to not get too hyped about it, although it looks great so far. I've never dissed Elysium. I think it's a good server, but the population is quite low with Legion coming out soon. Thanks for the positive feedback.