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  1. That's just begging for win trading.
  2. Download Irfanview, open up the picture. Press S. g2g
  3. It's not, it's about precision and it's importance in leveling. .... I used the ambush build as an example. There is no subtext, political spec agenda that I am pushing. This post is about the talent spec Precision.
  4. Hello! If you're making an addon and need sound effects, message me or comment below and I'll see what I can do to help! My most recent work was on Modified Power Auras by Shino
  5. Precision - (5 Ranks) Increases your chance to hit with melee weapons by (1/2/3/4/5)%. For a rogue that means - More Hits - More Crits - More Poison applications - Less wasted CDs and energy for things like, Gouge, Kidney Shot, Kick - Better Energy Economy (No wasted energy on missed finishers/SS/BS etc.)* *note* I don't know what the mechanic in how much energy is used on a missed attack is, if it applies to missed attacks. Assumption #1: Precision becomes more valuable the more health mobs have. Generally, at higher levels it takes longer to kill mobs. So the closer you are to 60, the more impactful Precision becomes. Missing, is essentially dealing 0 damage. So, dealing 0 damage to a target with 100 health is not as devastating as dealing 0 damage to a target with 500 health. Assumption #2: Precision becomes more valuable when; 1) Your DPS becomes more reliant on poison or white damage 2) Stealth based attacks or CC are integral to your combat rotation 3) Your targets defense skill is greater than your weapon skill 4) You have no +hit gear Conversely, Precision becomes less valuable when your DPS is more Yellow (Excluding poison and openers), you have a weapon skill advantage over the target's defense skill, or you have +hit gear. Example: Even though Ambush is an ability, and you are much less likely to miss an ability opposed to a white hit, missing ambush is devastating to Ambush based builds. Here is a general damage overview of where Ambush specs damage comes Missing an ambush essentially gives the target near twice as much health than normal. In situations where you cannot reset the fight, it might mean a corpse run. So, what do you all think? Do you think Precision be specced into 5/5 immediately, at certain intervals, or not at all?
  6. Have you ever factored sidestepping/facestabbing into a build? Also, I haven't done the math but believe precision would be something that you should go for early, as a missed ambush is a missed ambush.
  7. whoever this alliance guy is he sounds like nd asshole
  8. More servers are becoming open to modifications that improve the game, I think we should create a list for the developers to go through and OK. A few off the top of my head - 256 Sound Channel Fix - Improved Models (Character and NPC) - FoV Fix
  9. Theoretically, "possibly in incredibly niche scenarios" Realistically, no Also it's worth noting that this is much more of a fix, than a hack, it makes playing on a widescreen 16:9 resolution feel much more natural. Here is an example of the difference it makes
  10. @Pvt_8Ball Thanks for posting that, I already use that regularly, but hopefully some new people see it.
  11. Here is a video showing the what the game looks like without it I feel like the game looks so much better without it. It seriously hurts my eyes when I see it, it's pure noise. I've used the console commands listed on this post and it doesn't effect the fog.
  12. addon

    welcome back to this dimension.
  13. So I had an idea for saving screen real-estate What if there was an option to only display the associated picture for the total amount of Combo points instead of all of them at the same time. i.e. if my pictures are literally 1 2 3 4 and 5. It would look a lot cleaner if I just had "5" instead of 1 2 3 4 5 ----- Never mind, looks like it has this functionality already.
  14. Could you elaborate on "Combatlog is not fully synced, because WoW combat is not fully synced"?
  15. Is it possible to configure prat (for example) to show timestamps out to milliseconds?