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  1. Could It be possible to shadow ban bots? Like, instead of banning them, erasing their bags & gold, making them lvl 1... This way botters would not interfere with the rest of the server and wouldnt be aware till they pay attention.
  2. There are different things that go into this topic. Public or private management of donations: Going fully public I think is the way to go, donating money to something and not knowing anything about where your money is going to is usually a red flag for donators. Donator anonymity: This one is easy, the donator should be able to choose. Direct or custom management of donations: This one is important and the choice is difficult, being able to donate directly to the service (hosting company for example) is nice and gives more transparency to the project, but this lets donators to charge back donations putting the project at risk (as we have seen recently). For me, personally I would adapt the approach to donations as HumbeBundle: Public management of donations so everyone can see what has been collected. OptIn (or OptOut) for donations anonymity. Custom management of donations. The donator should be able to choose where the money is going, taking into account developers. In the end, this topic requires a certain amount of trust from the player base to the team; in my opinion, if you don't trust them enough to let them manage your money, don't donate.
  3. Yeah, the thing is that CF has been developed almost from the ground and based on an entirely different project than Mangos, so things are gonna fail different probably. We could have the best pet AI ever but discover than we can trespass the ground below water...
  4. I would like to see..: Path AI: Pets in caves. Mob pulls where the mob is near an obstacle that should be part of the path at all. Fleeing AI. Stressing anticheat: False flag detection (jumping off Loch Modan dam, for example). Record a full flight: Changing channels properly. Arriving at the ground, not in the air. Testing abilities: Backstabbing abilities should work properly on mobs, tricky movements and path AI should not let backstab a mob. Blink on caves. Polymorph on mounted mobs.* Abilities that are usually broken or hard to get working.* More technical stuff to show off. It would be nice if besides this we can get to see some bugs that happened during the beta and now got fixed, to see the work progress. I don't think it's time to show quests or scripting in general, just because scripting has not even started yet. I wanted to delve into these topics because I think they are things that should be working as of now; except those two marked as *, those may not be beta tested yet, but should be showed once beta testing is done. I think the focus of the video should be showing progress in general and showing the technical side of things (as the server tries to stand out as one of the more technical ones); Speaking of the video I think the duration should be what it takes to show all above mentioned in detail, we could be speaking of 30 minutes easy, and as minimalist as possible, the server is not ready to launch in the foreseeable months, so better to not to try to hype anything.
  5. Once the NDA gets lifted, would you prepare something? BTW, how many testers are now? Beta & Alpha, all of you
  6. No man, Safari on Windows, WTF?! Don't do that to yourself
  7. Another one that joins! Nocte in game. I've applied to the webpage!
  8. People don't understand how the scene works. Knowing the guts of the game and having coding skills server or client side automatically put those people as "hackers" in public eyes. Would you say that Asura or other devs are hackers? Because they have the skills and knowledge to exploit a server like Elysium. Collaboration in the scene doesn't moves by power or or money, but curiosity and people eager to learn; private server scene was created, is improved and will be mainteined by hackers. JUST DEAL WITH IT ALREADY FFS
  9. I was about to open a post yo write about the unability to unquote someone on mobile. Lets wait!
  10. Some of you guys should take from time to time some holidays in order to breathe away from the project, you have been in stressful situations and that can take a toll in the future. That said, I'm craving for... β
  11. What if it is the program WITH a virus...?
  12. I'll join: Hello from Madrid, 31, working as software developer. Hobbies: cooking, climbing, scuba diving, (a)rpgs, lovecraft & studio ghibli. I have a rabbit with 1 leg, a guinea pig and a yorkshire terrier, so yeah I love animals in general
  13. Going open source was the best they could do in that situation tbh. Let's see if people at others open source project import things faster than usual... Open source scene is so slow it's maddening, and Elysium doesn't have the knowledge to manage an open sourced project, at least for now.
  14. It was about time! As soon as I leave work Ill install it
  15. Let's put that the code of the server you have been playing on for 1-2 years is leaked: Core, database & passwords. You have multiple of max chars, one or two of them almost full equip; so you've put an effort on your account. You obviously change passwords & activate 2FA if not activated yet, but what would you do eventually? Leave or stay, and why?