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  1. @Darkrasp do we have more info about the development panel / issue tracker page?
  2. Crestfall never was about numbers and quantity, but quality and fidelity. One of the main missconceptions people get about this new partnership is that Crestfall is gonna get population when launched; that could be a side effect, but definetely was not the focus of the deal. The team stated several times that if It were for them server cap would be blizzlike and they would be happy enough having 40 people on the server. Getting botters and spammers info, release days knowledge, those are things that Crestfall is getting out of this. Population is a convenient side effect that can be used to help selling the deal out here. Personally I would want they stick to their word and don't allow any kind of transfers to PTE (allowing transfers from PTE). Doing otherwise would compromise the very meaning of the project IMO
  3. Anyone has tried this mmo? I saw the video the other day and it hooked me up immediately. Those old school Dungeon Siege graphics and the characteristics of the game are really nice
  4. Pretty well redacted document. Congrats on that! And thanks for the effort. Do we have an estimated guess or real date for the tracker page or the video @Crogge was making a couple weeks ago?
  5. @jonu @Asura If the network is somehow closed by Blizzard (like if Blizz prosecuted all of the servers and succeeded at putting them down) could the work be recovered? Do you plan to make the work of all of you available to someone (not necessarily everyone)? Or part of it (research, media, code, whatever)?
  6. And they are, why do you think otherwise? They are demonstrating that are giving to the community, maybe not the way you want, but doing it nonetheless. You asked for proof and proof has been given. They never showed a motivation for profit, why do you try to show otherwise?
  7. Change the chip already people: From now on you won't have to choose "THE SERVER", there won't be a "chosen one" server where everybody swarms and plays till the server dissapears; this is a step forward in order for us to have a pletora of servers with good quality and fidelity. I don't understand why people need to believe that Crestfall as a server has to be above other servers; think of it this way: Crestfall (as a dev team) has decided to join forces with another good dev team (elysium, maybe not technically, but ey they are giving everything into their project, for free) in order to merge knowledge and provide fidelity to the legacy wow scene. If this step goes well and ends in both teams having servers of quality and fidelity everybody wins; forget about servers this is about sharing knwoledgex.
  8. I've been on both sides: I've made some friends along the way from tbc and wotlk; and also played with people I knew in real life. It's fun when you make new friends and learn from them in more aspects that just the game.
  9. As far as I see, the video shows 1.12.1 client, not 1.12.3. Do we know if 1.12.2 & 1.12.3 clients are gonna be supported?
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/4egbqu/looking_for_a_new_start_in_a_classic_setting/ Localization is one of the features of Crestfall. The link from reddit (the one above) doesn't seems to be the correct one. I've found the patch to spanish from the standard english client. Now I only need the 1.12.2 patch...
  11. Muchas gracias!
  12. Does anyone knows where can I find the vanilla wow client? I know for sure it existed in vanilla because 1.12.2 was a crash fix for spanish client crash. But I have no idea where can I find it. Also, approximately when the server will support spanish? I have no problem with english, but my father (68) wants to play vanilla again, and in spanish
  13. Having VPNs banned is one measure, but gold selling is going to arrive to the server one way or another; can we have a feature like this one? https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/5l9c3d/comment/dbtxpan Having a way you to report spammers and shadow filter them out so they only see each other under they ip range can be the final nail in the coffin for goldsellers and XP sellers
  14. I can't believe no one said this on a post 4 pages long: Corrupted Ashbringer scripting scene on Scarlet Monastery please!