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  1. The DLC for Star Gemini 2 is also free: http://store.steampowered.com/app/371060/Starpoint_Gemini_2_Origins/
  2. Shouldn't this be part of a beta tester role? A tester job is to find bugs and document them; if you cannot replicate It, If you cannot replicate It, It shouldn't be treated as a bug yet
  3. Eador: Genesis is free right now on GOG Seems to be like HoM&M, a series I like a lot, so seems fun to me, trailer.
  4. For me it's Dartol's Rod of Transformation for me is my favourite item, I also love Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
  5. So... what happened to the role? Is there going to be a new CM? The idea was very nice to be honest. Could this have been announced in a thread that didn't had anything to do with a J-Drama show? I'm aware that maybe some of these answers are beyond your knowledge, but I felt that CM position was half of the channels of communication on the server and cutting ties without a warning in a J-Drama show post is kind of wtf...
  6. Yeah mate, Ñ is just ~ + N Ç is just ¸ + C It's a bit more complex than that, ´`^ are on the same boat as ~ & ¸
  7. Spanish here (Ñ, Ç) I don't think enabling special characters would benefit more than harm, special characters are called special for a reason; Unicode is a tricky standard and special characters need to be treated with special care
  8. Ironfoe was shadow-nerfed also around 1.5
  9. Yeah, that looks more like his cousin Balki
  10. Yeah, totally agree. What I say is that we need to combat botters to avoid to alterate game mechanics. Catching 1 botter usually depends on how much effort the botter puts into his routines, the botter can be good and careful and not greedy and avoid getting caught, that botter won't have a large impact on the economy of the server. Having a botnet that takes 40% monopoly of the server resource nodes is a completely different amount of work compared to bot with one account. I propose: Curate a ddbb of public waypoints and routines and compare it with those suspect of botting. Having GM's trained in botting in order to detect on live for reports. Improve databases in order to better track the gold between accounts. Create tools in order to monitorize player activity and have the ability to discover patterns in that data, such as: (Parenthesis are for time filter, faction filter & grouping) Amount of players that change proffessions during time. (day/week/month/year) (A/H/T) (Per Guild) Amount of items gathered in time. (live/day/week/month) (A/H/T) (Per Guild) Amount of gold gathered in time. (live/day/week/month) (A/H/T) (Per Guild) Items that give more gold to the server. (live/day/week/month) (A/H/T) (Per Guild) Etc (you guys get the point) Create an addon for players to report and support it server side. This could be a fork from Spamthrottle for example and give it support server side in order to address those reports and let GMs know of them live. Of course that in order to do all of the above money will be needed: more servers, a lot more of code, maybe some licenses, etc...
  11. I think that teleport should be addressed separately and should not impact on other decission making
  12. Any alteration of game mechanics due to botters should be avoided imo, botters should be banned. Legal farming should be allowed, if you want a resource fight for it. If botting comes to a point where makes the server unplayable, I think a custom client should be the way to go if server side measures doesn't fix the issue. I think that was a bad idea , I think server side efforts are the only option we should adopt; botting is more or less easier to address depending on the botter and bot.
  13. Colorblind mode!
  14. The addon looks awesome, it's a very nice idea. I wouldn't change anything tbh.