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  1. Amazing; truly amazing. Even if you really believe that hosting in the US is not a threat, why doing so? I mean, why the need to find out? I don't have words
  2. What happened to Felmyst? I am out of the loop
  3. I'm realizing (thanks to @Heroin post) that we are putting too much pressure into these topics on the staff. It's a hobby, so I think it's not that big of a deal and the pressure on the staff seems serious enough to damage the project; It seems also true that, in some of my posts, I felt entitled to emotionally blackmail the staff, specially @Asura. So yeah, sorry for that, I was not aware of it probably because I was scared to see the project die. From now on I'll try to enjoy the project and give oppinnions here in a more sane way.
  4. I think that this comment from killerwife on /r/LegacyRealms could be of interest to the topic:
  5. Yeah, it's kind of weird they are taking so long for a reply. Maybe something happened in RL although nothing has been posted on Discord either... Maybe they are just discussing things, nevertheless we have to wait
  6. <kindOfOfftopic> I don't know if anyone can relate, but I'm learning a lot from posters here; when I first posted here I had a totally different oppinion that I now have regard this topic and other things, and that's thanks to well expressed points of view like some of the above. I guess I wanted to say that we have a quite nice community around here, so thanks and all that. </kindOfOfftopic>
  7. I can see that movement for Nost because was a released server, and for Nost again when they gave away their core. But that movement out of the blue on a non yet released server? It could be, but it seems less probable. I know I said earlier Asura doesn't give a shit about C&D, but you're right, the latter kind you mention is serious stuff, better not to fuck around
  8. Honestly, I don't know what to think. The guy who wrote the post gives facts that everyone that follows closely the projects knows already, but I think he misses a couple points: Elicas wrote some time ago, when he was promoted to beta tester I think, (I can't find the exact post) that he wasn't going to position on one side nor another; he has precise info about the status of the project and seems an honest guy. If someone is getting shutting down constantly every time he tries to get info for the QA, why shutting up about it and don't quitting (in order to stay in a beta process no longer desirable?) Maybe, like Outstanding posted above, he is really commited into the project and thinks he has a lot to lose. Cease and Desist letters are sent to hosting companies, not server staff; we have been through 13 years of server emulation, and we don't know this yet? Besides, C&D was a topic discussed long ago and: They received some already They don't care, like really don't give a shit. Asura has not been in the scene from the beginning, Feenix wasn't the beginning; even Elicas spoke about it a couple of months ago. The C&D part seems bs to me, how much has been Asura in the scene is irrelevant for the topic, and finally as alwasy happens with these things our only option left is to trust in the team, in people like Outstanding (not anymore part of the team but a respectable member of CF with inside knowledge), Elicas, Darkrasp and eventually Asura. It seems like the project needs a Project Manager but Asura doesn't want one because he want's to have the last word on everything? He doesn't want to be managed? I honestly don't know what to think about the topic; on one hand I really think a project manager is an important role in a project and I think Asura is projected (by what other have spoken about him) as a bull that has to be controlled (Being the owner is a role like any other, different from chief, different from manager); on the other hand everything I've heard about the project destiles quality, detail and taste; people involved knows the scene and has the expertise to differentiate a project with a course and a finish form one with none of both. I really hope the situation inside changes.
  9. Man, this is awesome; would you share your folder?
  10. Shadow Warrior is free on Steam and on GoG.
  11. Wellcome aboard!
  12. Having a server is not just releasing it, that's the easy part, you have to maintain it: uptime, upkeep, abrasion, drama management, ddos, threaths.... fun times ahead. Crestfall is just one more server that promises quality, and fair enough besides nothing has been leaked it seems that it has it (yet it has to prove it); but quality code and devs is not the only thing that makes a server stand by itself; Elysium is nowadays the most populated server, it had it's dramas and times where things were worse, but it survived and is working pretty much ok, a recently released AQ with quality in it, it's not retail but ey it's probably one of the best AQ released on private servers yet. Don't be that harse with other's people free work, more so if they work for free for your hobby.
  13. Elysium is not a bad server, I think it's ok on average; It has it's highs and lows but in general is not bad
  14. WoW lore since Cata: Imo WotLK was kind of the jump of the shark for the game, so maybe ending the game on Cata was a good idea. This is basically the "sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle", and people seems to enjoy being spoon fed with this.