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  1. I remember quite clearly that we also used invisibility potions to get past Captain Kromcrush because we did not have a suit. I did not find video evidence of this but it seems that the ogre suit and the conversation with the guard was not a trigger for spawning the chest. After looking for evidence the only thing I found was an WoWWiki article dating back to October 2006 which is anecdotal at best as well as forum posts and my cloudy memory. I will continue looking for a tribute video where it was done like that. I would not mind it only being able to do it with the placement of the trap and the ogre suit though. It's more fun doing it like that anyway.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I'd like the functionality of custom channels to be available. As I can have a channel with my buddies that are on my friends list but neither in my current group or guild. I rarely joined /world though as the spam there always was unbearable.
  3. Isn't /world just an ordinary channel everybody could create and join?
  4. Thanks @Topdps The talent description is rather ambiguous if you are inexperienced with how the mechanics are working exactly. Increases your chance to hit with shadow spells by X% would have been much more clearer. I think I will rarely fight mobs that have a higher level than mine when I'm leveling, so I'll just go with 3 talent points to get my hit chance to 99%. I will use my wand most of the time anyway though it still sucks to miss important stuff like Psychic Scream or Silence. Those I will use when it matters.
  5. The talent Shadow Focus reduces the chance to resist my shadow spells by 2/4/6/8/10%. I have a few questions in order to decide how many points I'd put into this. If my target has 0 shadow resistance how high is the base chance to resist a spell if we both have the same level? How does level difference between me and my target affect base resistance? If my target would partially resist a damaging spell would it take 10% more damage if I have 5 points in Shadow Focus? Are there many mobs around that have a shadow resistance above 0? In your experience is it an issue when leveling as shadow priest?
  6. Then I'd go with Njut's suggestion. Rogue and mage are surely a strong team with all the CC they have available.
  7. Paladin and warrior are a great team as well.
  8. Will Crestfall have a public bug tracker available to read and submit reports to?
  9. I have a similar problem. I want to level an undead shadowpriest because I never really played horde and I really like the class. But I want a dwarf paladin as well because I have always played it. And there is nothing more fun than playing in a group as paladin. Be it healing or tanking dungeons or supporting in PvP. So I will probably go with those two. But I like tanking as warrior as well and really enjoyed my way to level 40 as hunter too. World PvP was just awesome. The mobility and playstyle of druids is a lot of fun as well. And I like the unique abilities of warlocks and the style rogues have. I am sure just about any class has something I really would enjoy but I can't possibly play more than two. Decisions, decisions All I can tell you is that if you really enjoy playing an undead rogue, roll one. Your choice should not depend on the opinion of others. Neither race, class or spec is what is making other players like or hate you. It's how you interact with them.
  10. Just get the native OS X version of the client. There is no need to use Wine or Bootcamp to run it. That way you don't need to install anything. Just unzip it, edit realmlist.wtf and run WoW.app. I am using it and it runs fine aside from the boat bug (but there are workarounds for it). There is a thread with a link to a torrent on reddit: Clean torrent for the vanilla mac client
  11. I did not read the whole thing so I don't know whether it was mentioned yet, but I'd really like to see that mobs spread out properly around you instead of standing in each other like it is often seen on other servers.
  12. As you already played priest I recommend you playing a paladin. Playing solo is really boring (seal and auto attack) as well as raiding in my opinion (it's basically casting blessings every 15 minutes and spamming Flash Heal and Cleanse). But in groups supporting is a lot of fun. In dungeon groups you can pick to either tank with a holy/protection spec. And when things go wrong you have many utility spells to get things right again. A skilled paladin that is focussing on support makes every dungeon run a lot easier. You have the reputation of being the best supporting class in the game and it is totally justified. In PvP you are very hard to control. You can use Blessing of Sacrifice to break every CC that breaks with damage. Blessing of Freedom and Cleanse to dispell some CC on yourself and others. Blessing of Protection to protect casters when they get focussed by melees. And if a situation calls for it you can make yourself immune to damage and spells for 12 seconds with Divine Shield. Being able to heal and support for that time without anybody being able to kill and interrupt you can really turn the tables in many situations, even when you are outnumbered. Pair all those abilities with engineering and you are becoming even stronger. With Hammer of Justice (which is only on a 35 second CD if you have the PvP set and the talents) you can take players out of combat for a short while to avoid being kicked or controlled by that player. Grenades give you more of that. You can also use the Rocket Helmet or Mind Control Cap to take players out of combat for a longer duration. Or root melees to be able to keep distance between them and you and your party members. It's really cool. If you don't have a racial preference I recommend you to play dwarf. You will grind a little longer for reputation compared to a human but their racial is gold in PvP as you will be able to remove and make yourself immune against poisons like Blind or Viper Sting.
  13. @Humperdink Regarding Retribution Aura I found a thread that is dating back to October 2006. That is a strong indicator that it did not scale with anything and that's how I remember it as well. I am pretty sure that One-handed Weapon Specialization did not increase all damage dealt while wielding a one-handed weapon. In the 2.1.0 patch notes you can see that the spell got changed in TBC. > One-Handed Weapon Specialization (Protection): Now increases all damage caused by the paladin by 1-5% while a one-handed weapon is equipped. The changed spell effect does reflect this as well. You can see this by comparing any Vanilla or TBC database. Vanilla: Apply Aura #79: Mod Damage Percent (1) TBC: Apply Aura #79: Mod Damage Percent (127) However it seems that Seal of Righteousness behaved like a melee attack and that it could even trigger Judgement of Light and Fiery Weapon. So it could have benefited from One-handed Weapon Specialization. The 2.1.0 patch notes indicate this as well. > Seal of Righteousness: This seal will no longer cause additional chances for weapon procs to trigger. I can't remember how it was back then. Somebody created a ticket about it on the Twinstar bug tracker with some more evidence. Their bug tracker is a good place to start looking for evidence in general. Even though a ticket might not be solved there is usually some useful information posted.
  14. Lower respec costs missing but that one has been discussed thoroughly already And perhaps work on line of sight. Treestumps or fences should not block it but huge trees, and stuff like big carts should. On Kronos it is a bit overtuned but I really enjoyed the concept of it. Added some new tactics into fights as both ranged, melee and support classes can use it to their advantage. Other than that it sure is nice to fix obvious vanilla bugs. I see no reason to keep them.
  15. I can imagine. I aways was interested in the way blizzard came up with all those item values and how they were balancing them out. Take Blackstone Ring and Painweaver Band for example. Their stats are almost the same except one has +1% meleehit and the other +1% meleecrit. Their item level is 9 levels apart though. I always thought that Blackstone Ring seems to be really powerful for its level or they weighted meleehit way less than meleecrit which I can't really imagine. Perhaps Blizzard in some cases has not been strict about their own itemization formulas. That could explain the two versions of Fist of Stone for example. The one with Spirit and Stamina was replaced in a later patch by the one without those stats. Their item level and everything else stayed the same. That is one thing I like about vanilla though. The way items were designed did not feel as calculated as it did with later expansions.