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  1. Sanctity Aura is pretty awesome later on. It increases your holy damage by a fixed percentage. So the better your gear (attack and spell power and melee critical strike chance) the more damage is added by Sanctity Aura. It's just in leveling gear Retribution Aura adds more especially against fast hitting targets. But RA does not scale with anything. So it will get outperformed later on by Sanctity Aura. And if you are a damage dealer/supporter in a dungeon you most likely will not get hit at all. So RA is worthless in that scenario. Actually because of that reason I would remove one point from Imp. Judgement and put it into Sancity Aura if you are running dungeons when you are leveling as retribution paladin. That way you have Imp. RA for when you are alone or tanking and SA if you are DD/supporting: 0/0/30
  2. Both Improved Judgement of the Crusader and Improved Blessing of Might are not worth their points. For leveling Retribution Aura is way better than Sanctity Aura. Improved Judgement is useful but I would not take it over Imp. Ret. Aura for leveling because you most likely will not use Judgement on cooldown anyway to preserve mana. Much more so if you keep on using Seal of Command rank 1 as its Judgement damage is lousy later on. I'd go with 0/0/23. You can put two points into Imp. Judgement for the next two levels and then go with Vengeance if you want to go further down Retribution: 0/0/30.
  3. That was the route I took as well. I rolled my first warrior after tanking on my paladin mostly. I never have been in a guild at all and just tanked 5 mans for fun. As tanks are always harder to find people started to add me. I got a ton of practice that way. You have to learn how to lead a team, give instructions, know encounters and give advice in a way that the receiver is not offended by it but motivated to get it right next time. It's the most demanding role in a group but the most fun for that reason. If you really master that in 5 man instances raiding isn't a huge deal anymore. In most aspects it's easier (people watching their threat for instance and you tank smaller groups most of the time). Just gearing up for it is harder. After I reached the point where I farmed all the preraid gear I could ever want I decided it was time to either join a guild or quit (maybe log on occasionally for a dungeon). As guildless tank that does a good job you get guild invites all the time, at least that was my experience. Even if you join in late, if you know what you are doing you perhaps get the MT spot at some point as players are coming and going constantly. Be social and be able to communicate with your team mates, willing to invest a lot of time, know the theory behind your class and threat, practice encounters and rotations and always pay attention to what is going on around you.
  4. I have to correct myself here. In a later patch multipliers got changed from being additive to be multiplicative. So the actual modifier is not 1.45 with 5/5 Defiance it's 1.495.
  5. I sell Greater Fire Protection Potions. Those are always in demand. And the mats are easy farm. Get friendly with Thorium Brotherhood to get Recipe: Transmute Elemental Fire. Farm Heart of Fire and Elemental Fire from Scorching Elementals in Un'Goro Crater. Transmute one Heart of Fire into 3 Elemental Fires . The cooldown is only 10 minutes on that transmute. I can farm the mats for approx. 5 stacks per hour to sell them all for around 60 gold (Kronos 2). The elementals also drop Core of Elements. You can turn 30 in for an Insignia of the Dawn. I usually sell 30 of them for 10 gold.
  6. Ah, nice idea though to use Judgement of Light in a melee heavy group on a mob that is using spells that cause AoE damage. Never thought of that.
  7. Hey, nice writeup. I am missing the use of Seal of Wisdom here though. I never use Seal of Light ever when tanking as my health is being taken care of anyway. Seal/Judgement of Wisdom is essential though to not run out of mana on longer fights and to reduce downtime between fights. Not being able to chain pull in instances because the tank has to drink all the time is a huge pain. Mana management is a big part of successfully tanking as paladin and really shows whether you mastered it or not. And that is simply not possible without the use of Seal of Wisdom. I have to mention though that I never did raid tanking on my paladin so it might not be as relevant in a raid as it is in a 5 man.
  8. I don't think that is true. Battle Stance and Berserker Stance both have a threat modifier of 0.8 whereas Defensive Stance has a threat modifier of 1.3 (or 1.45 if you have 5/5 Defiance). Thunderclap therefore is bad for threat generation because you can only use it in Battle Stance. Even though it has a threat value of 130 (or 104 because of the 0.8 threat modifier). Just throwing a Crystal Charge would do almost 4 times the threat of a Thunderclap. I advise to use it. Even more so if it is affected by the threat modifier Devensive Stance and Defiance gives you. The item does 451 damage on average. If you include the threat modifier of DS/Defiance that is 654 threat on all targets. Pretty nice for an opener I think. But even without it, it is really helpful. Together with Bloodrage, Battleshout and a Rage Potion (the rage gain does AoE threat as well and it gives you rage for your SA/Revenge spam) this should give you more than enough time to tab through your targets and just use SA/Revenge. At least that is how I do it and it works pretty well. If you don't want to farm Crystal Charges and have engineering you can use Dense Dynamite instead. This has the advantage that you can stay in Defensive Stance all the time.
  9. If you are in the instance as healer in my experience nobody will care. The item type does not matter when rolling for an item. It's whether the item is useful for your spec. And in a 5 man you are probably the only healer in your party anyway. Same reason why it's no problem for fury warriors to roll on Truestrike Shoulders for instance. Should you not be the healer in your group but still want to roll on a healing item just ask beforehand.
  10. I remember quite clearly that we also used invisibility potions to get past Captain Kromcrush because we did not have a suit. I did not find video evidence of this but it seems that the ogre suit and the conversation with the guard was not a trigger for spawning the chest. After looking for evidence the only thing I found was an WoWWiki article dating back to October 2006 which is anecdotal at best as well as forum posts and my cloudy memory. I will continue looking for a tribute video where it was done like that. I would not mind it only being able to do it with the placement of the trap and the ogre suit though. It's more fun doing it like that anyway.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. I'd like the functionality of custom channels to be available. As I can have a channel with my buddies that are on my friends list but neither in my current group or guild. I rarely joined /world though as the spam there always was unbearable.
  12. Isn't /world just an ordinary channel everybody could create and join?
  13. Thanks @Topdps The talent description is rather ambiguous if you are inexperienced with how the mechanics are working exactly. Increases your chance to hit with shadow spells by X% would have been much more clearer. I think I will rarely fight mobs that have a higher level than mine when I'm leveling, so I'll just go with 3 talent points to get my hit chance to 99%. I will use my wand most of the time anyway though it still sucks to miss important stuff like Psychic Scream or Silence. Those I will use when it matters.
  14. The talent Shadow Focus reduces the chance to resist my shadow spells by 2/4/6/8/10%. I have a few questions in order to decide how many points I'd put into this. If my target has 0 shadow resistance how high is the base chance to resist a spell if we both have the same level? How does level difference between me and my target affect base resistance? If my target would partially resist a damaging spell would it take 10% more damage if I have 5 points in Shadow Focus? Are there many mobs around that have a shadow resistance above 0? In your experience is it an issue when leveling as shadow priest?
  15. Then I'd go with Njut's suggestion. Rogue and mage are surely a strong team with all the CC they have available.