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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everybody! Some of my guildmates from nostalrius and I are from Spain and we are going to create a Spanish Alliance guild on the PvE realm. Our main goal is raiding, but first and foremost having fun, leveling, doing dungeons, etc. So, in a nutshell, enjoying WoW. If you are interested feel free to reply in this thread or PM me to keep in touch. Greetings! ------------------ Hola a todos! Algunos compañeros de Nostalrius y yo somos de España y vamos a crear una hermandad Alianza española en el reino PvE. Nuestro objetivo es raidear, pero ante todo divertirnos, levear, hacer mazmorras juntos, etc. básicamente disfrutar del WoW. Si estas interesado no dudes en en responder en este hilo o enviarme un PM para estar en contacto. Saludos!
  2. Placeholder. For more information: Back once Beta is released based on feedback
  3. Hello, i'm Tronus and i'm an European guy that want to create and push a good cooperative guild through this Vanilla realm (both PvE, PvP). I've seen that at the moment there aren't active horde guilds in recruiting, so i thought to create my own one and regroup all the disbanded players that want to join "HORDE". So the main objectives that i would to reach are: - create a good cooperative guild group in which one can help each other ( this is a prio for all the group); - create a good raid group (with a flex raid schedule) to try to reach the "First Realm"; - create good and competitive BG/Arena groups with the goal to destroy the "ALLIANCE" and to push the rating; - enjoy the contents and have fun togheter; These are the main objectives that i would try to reach with your help, for any questions about it just send me a message and i'll try to answer you as soon as possible. So ty for reading this post and see you soon in the game. "For the Horde". P.S: as soon as i will see people coming to this "call" a guild forum will be created with the apply section to make a census about the races and classes we would need for the guild. Tronus.
  4. Hey guys! I'm looking for a nice, friendly but serious raiding guild. Is there any such guild in the making?
  5. Hello, my name is Oliver and I'm thinking about creating a Swedish raiding guild who aim to be top 10 on this server. I'm looking for experienced people to take officer spots and help me recruit. I'm a very experienced GM and I've had many sucessful guilds on retail, 250 world at best. We will even have a premade pvp team. Even though we will only raid 2 days a week I require that you bring everything needed to make that 2 days worth, no slacking allowed. Add me on skype for more info, Oliverbyo Regards Oliver
  6. Reciprocity - Reunion Hey peeps! I have recently seen some old guildies around the forum (Looking at you @Thomaszine) so I decided to create a new forum post where we could all gather up and hopefully re-create the glory and epicness that was Reciprocity! So if you have been part of Reciprocity (Alliance - Nostalrius) please jump in and show yourself! If you also keep in touch with anyone else from the guild, tell them to come and say 'hi'! Ideally in this forum section we will be able get together, organize and hopefully play/raid together once more when Crestfall goes live. Here are some stuff we need to consider achieve: Choose a Faction (For The Alliance once more?) Get as many people as we can from the old guild here (let's hope we can get our core back in game) I will be updating this specific post with news since it's the first one in the section and everyone will be able to see it =) P.S. Here are some old guild pics for you guys (I should have made more...): Reciprocity screenshots List of guild members who are here: @Thomaszine, @Chipses, @roopas (Jumalvelho),
  7. It *might* appear to be a little presumptuous of me to start a thread on future guilds that will not be active realm wise for a good few months, but as most of us know, a good guild is as rare as hens teeth. Most of us will have been in crap, mediocre, average, good and excellent guilds. We can usually define what made them good, bad or indifferent. The purpose of this thread therefore, is to focus peoples' minds on the process that is required to set the good and excellent ones up. On the assumption that we have two realms to begin with, PvE and PvP, we can define guilds roughly into the following categories: Raiding Guilds - I've never been part of a vanilla raiding guild. Biggest was about 25-30 full core members and we mostly did Karazhan. But plain 'ol vanilla needs lots of players with end raiding comprising of 40 member groups, and the further you go, the more hard-core they need to be. Therefore these will represent the biggest guilds on either server, with a plethora of additional members that are more casual raiders or just like the cachet of being in a hardcore guild. These guilds typically have well-run websites/forums and strict rules on VoIP, macros, add-ons, UI interface, loot rules, behaviour guidelines. They usually require enormous resources in disposable items like potions, food, oils which are resourced in-guild or through the AH. Typically, the professionalism in running these guilds requires an excellent management team, and the fact that all these (people) resources are hard to come by makes these guilds, and their potential fall-outs an all-consuming affair. I don't see much difference between Raiding Guilds on PvP and PvE bar the spectacular fireworks that break out on the PvP servers when two such guilds just happen to arrive at the same instance at the same time. Funny for some.... PvP Guilds - Again, something I don't have a lot of experience in, but not that difficult to understand. For PvP guilds to focus is very much on world PvP and battlegrounds. Quite a few of them will specialise in twinking with high level toons giving run throughs for lower level toons to enable boss loot acquisition. A large membership base is not essential but can be required in battlegrounds like Alterac Valley and also in world PvP. Having a website and a forum would not be considered essential as most of requirements can be catered online. Still, having a common VoIP and add-on pool as well as a hub to coordinate and encourage members to communicate and cooperate can make social media essential. Leveling Guilds - I find these guilds to be pretty unworkable unless you have an end gameplan. In theory, having lots of friendly players level together to get through elite or gathering quests seems a no-brainer. It also allows people to get to know each other and there style of playing pretty quickly over multiple levels. It makes instances a breeze in getting the numbers together. Over time high level toons can end up escorting low level ones to get through instances and tough elite quests and assist on power-leveling. They tend to be pretty big and pretty casual with a high-turnover rate. The issue I have with these guilds is what happens when people have finished leveling up all the toons they are prepared to commit to? Getting to L60 vanilla is very much like hitting a wall. Unless you have a plan you can get bored and restless pretty quickly. Having a good guild with a plan helps as it gives a sense of purpose. So what has happened in the past is that a leveling guild will transform to a raiding guild over a period of time, and sometimes this can make a very good guild indeed as the relationships and understanding is already there. Social Guilds - Just as it says, these guilds are there, particularly in vanilla as it such a long, hard slog, to keep people sane when they are hunting for that last article needed to complete a quest, or grinding for Felcloth, or killing their 1256th Bloodsail Buccaneer for a Hyacinth Macaw. You need a fun guild with people on at different times, with different personalities and by God, a sense of humour, irony and sarcasm to make the whole thing bearable and fun. Social guilds can be run as professionally as raiding guilds or as loose and fast as leveling guilds. It doesn't really matter. Of all the guilds, I think social ones best represent the entire community playing this game as well....a game. Social guilds can raid and pvp like any other guild but don't take themselves too seriously. RL Guilds - In this we usually have a bunch of real life friends who use WoW as an extension of their friendships. This is particularly pertinent if like me, the friends you grew up with playing WoW can now be found in other countries. Typically a social guild and with small numbers, they tend to level multiple characters and all the max/min match depending on any instance they do. Speaking from experience, RL guilds can slot into larger guilds for the big raids but with the qualification that they have usually picked up a lot of bad habits along the way. All of the above - Of course there are lots of guilds that are hybrids of the above, or that evolve or regress as time and members dictate. There are no hard and fast rules. So going back on topic, it occurs to me that it might be a good time for people to start thinking about what kind of guild we want to be in on the Crestfall realms, rather than making that decision when they start playing. Time is money, friend. As this may be the nth time you've leveled and after Nost/Kronus the romance is wearing thin, maybe we all need a plan on what we role up, what we do in the guild, and how we maximise the time spent. It is all about the journey, but that journey has been done so many times. So I would invite those of you interested in forming and running a guild, no matter what flavour, to come forward over the next few months and put your pitch in. Would it not be a good thing is we had a couple of months put in to a website, a forum, a members list and a plan?
  8. I am just interested in some of the funny guild names people have seen in retail or private servers. Two that I can remember from vanilla retail are "Your Mom is my Epic Mount" and "She said she was level 18", A bit lowbrow but still funny. What are some you have seen?
  9. Howdy folks, What about a Kronos 2 guild for people waiting for Crestfall? We could do world PvP and talk about Crestfall plans. Maybe some twinking. Does something like this exist?
  10. One of the things I have always wanted to do was to help run a professions/farming/AH guild. This is particularly relevant to Vanilla when farming is not just a premium but a requisite. The original intention was that the guild would operate as a not-for-profit group sharing resources like recipes, grinding spots, money-making options and of course, monopolising the Auction House. Not surprisingly, people didn't seem that interested seeing as their main focus was on the playing the game in a PvP/raiding context and not relishing the grinding/farming end. One option I'd like to consider though is applying the same principles in a raiding guild. So essentially, in this raiding guild would be a bunch of dedicated farmers who would use their time to gather necessary raid resources and supply the raiders in the guild the materials or consumables required. This has a number of advantages obviously, the first is that the players can concentrate more on raiding and less on grinding. The second is that there is now an increased likelihood that players will turn up to raids with a full set of of appropriate consumables. Third, is that if the raiders have a reliable source of mats/consumables they can drop a profession (like herbalism) and take up one that can assist raiding like engineering. Fourth, that the raiding guild have fall-back options for a raid as a last resort if they are stuck for numbers. For the farmers like me we can look at the following benefits. First, we can agree on a fixed price for the mats/consumables discounted below the AH median, because the AH cut is negated and because that's what you do for your fellow guildies. Second, as we are gathering to fulfil a contract, there is no time wasted gathering resources that might not sell or reach a required selling price. Third, there is a sense of achievement in helping the raiding guild become successful even if in a indirect way. Fourth, that we can ask for the occasional guild run to acquire difficult recipes or help rep grinding etc. Problem being is that I don't think there are enough weirdo people like me who play the game this way. However, if anyone is interested or has an opinion you know where I am....