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Found 5 results

  1. Send a picture of your UI and a bit of information about it. I've been using a pretty vanilla (heh) interface and want to update a bit when the move to Crestfall happens. Follow these steps: 1.) Post a picture of your UI. 2.) <Optional> Explain how it's set up and why it works for what you do.
  2. Hello Crestfallen! Because we all know there'll be a demand of AddOns, I'll be writing and updating a compilation of AddOns here. Posts for future expansions are also going to happen. Do you have suggestions of useful AddOns? Do you have an actual compilation? Anything goes and I'll be maintaining this. Also, if you feel some AddOn shouldn't be on this list, or is outdated, let me know and I'll update it. As always, discussions are something I'd want to hear regarding addons. What should we have listed here and what not. I'll be categorizing and sorting by name so the list will look neater. If an AddOn is not listed and you wish to find one, you can google with: <addon name> wow vanilla 1.12.1 and you're likely to find something useful. Curse and Curseforge are good websites to find AddOns for older WoW versions. Note: If the AddOn is offline, please upload it to either MediaFire, Google Drive or Mega.co.nz - Or PM me and I will mirror it from my host.
  3. Hello! If you're making an addon and need sound effects, message me or comment below and I'll see what I can do to help! My most recent work was on Modified Power Auras by Shino
  4. Dear Druid community, I am currently leveling my very first Druid on a Vanilla realm and having a great time. Now that I approach level 40 I find less and less space on my bars - especially for Cat form with all the stealth and non-stealth skills. So I am wondering - is there an addon that will do the following to my action bars: - Change bars when I shapeshift (including going into stealth, which is not a shapeshift) - At the same time keeping the same keybindings, so the button bound to "1" for example is available in every shape (incl. stealth) I looked at Bongos as it does change to a different bar when changing form, but it appears to not be able to keep the same keybindings on different bars, unless I missed something. Can Bongos do that or is there another addon who does that?
  5. With the premise that I really don't know anything about lua and programming Addons, I was wondering how difficult it would be to integrate healcomm to GridEnhanced and if someone would be up for taking a shot at it. Grid would be my choice of frames but the fact that it misses healcomm is a big drawback