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Found 3 results

  1. Name your all time favorite video game?
  2. First post in the Art and Creativity forum...ojamashimasu... I was bored a few nights ago and started randomly doodling my hunter and her pet from VoA's PvE server before it began dying out. It's been ages since I've been able to fully line/color something because of school and general health complications but it was fun to do this again. I'm not a professional by any means but I love to draw in my spare time, especially when I'm inspired. Any role-play friends I make on Crestfall, be forewarned...I love to draw RP scenes that inspire me and have been known to throw gift art at friends of their toons Anyway, here is what I came up with. I specialize in the Japanese anime art style of "chibi" so that explains the short stature/cute appearance. Also...armor is a bitch. I just make up stuff as I go. =_= And have a picture of my real Hunter and her boar I love drawing Warcraft characters because there's just a lot to choose from for your subject. I think I might next try to tackle my Troll Hunter or BE Priest back in retail. Or I might start drawing characters from my Warcraft/WoW based fanfictions. Who knows... if I do, I'll post 'em here! *Please note that if you find this on anywhere but here or on deviantArt, it's probably stolen/reposted. ^^;
  3. DISCLAIMER: NOTHING IN THIS POST IS BY ME, AND I DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF IT. Post your artwork here Druidbros. There's a host of great art out there, I'm especially interested in anything you have created yourself. A selection of my favourites;