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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings. No polls were killed in this thread. The Guild I'm going to help form a guild. It will be called <The Filthy Casuals>. The purpose of this guild will be a multiple. In the first instance it will be a casual and social guild designed for mature, relaxed people with an abiding sense of humour that don't take themselves too seriously. It might raid, but that's not the be all and end all. It might PvP in BG's and killing that prick Fangorm Staghelm, but that's not important right now. What this guild will appeal to are people who: Level up in their own good time and smell the roses and eat the mushrooms on the way Want to explore all of Vanilla WoW and test the boundaries (literally) of the realm Think that levelling their professions is as important as levelling itself Understand that fishing is nearly as important as downing Kel'Thuzad Are here for the PTE long term Want to make money legally on the AH, form cartels, spread their experiences to guildies in-game and in general, become filthy rich casuals. You get the idea. Why isn't this on the guild forum then? Good question. Because we have to think of the bigger picture. From the very start of Crestfall we've been pursuing a simple goal, that we would have a PvE realm from server start. We've been fortunate in that the devs have been sympathetic to this dream, hence Zul'Dare. Since this was agreed we've been working on a number of other things to try and ensure that we maximise the PvE population. Getting the RP section on the forums is a good example of this. After all, if the realm is all-inclusive then you are maximising your potential. At this stage however, the workload now shifts to us for two salient reasons. The first is that PvE is the poor relation of PvP on private servers. While we don't know what the ratio is, we can make a guess that the population on the PvE realm will be ~60% of its bigger PvP brother. The second reason is that on PvE realms there is always an historic imbalance in favour of the Alliance. Our best guess will be 60:40 in their favour. In essence then, the PvE realm will be gimped in numbers (but still very healthy) and the Horde side on Zul'Dare will be gimped still further. With this natural imbalance it means that those of us who want to join the Zul'Dare horde side are going to have to be high on quality to make up our lack of numbers. So what's the plan then? We may be small in number but we will make up for it because we'll be more organised and resourceful than anyone else. In short, we will actually have a plan. In relation to our faction on Zul'Dare we will have the following tasks to achieve: Use the forums to encourage as many players as possible to roll horde on Zul'Dare without being pushy and obnoxious Act as a support network for new players and guilds in relation to assistance in quests, levelling, equipment and information to make the user experience easier without spoiling their fun Tie in with the top Horde raiding guilds to supply them their mats and consumables at fair prices so they can concentrate exclusively on raid progress From day one, start on the AQ war effort to ensure that the Horde (at least) are not found wanting in fulfilling our side of the bargain Ensure that at the very least, Horde PvE guilds have a chance with server firsts in AQ40 and Naxx as opposed to our Alliance counterparts but in particular, Kul'Tiras Do our damnedest to make Zul'Dare the best realm ever in vanilla WoW (retail or PC) and continue this through all expansions Make RL friends throughout this great community of ours that lasts the years ahead. Final Thoughts We can't do this without the community. I'm guessing based on previous threads that there is a genuine interest in this. We're kicking this off now before Beta so we can get an inkling if it's worth pursuing, so let us know what you think, good and bad. There's a placeholder launched on the guild forums just to get first dibs on the name. We'd like to see an Alliance equivalent whom we'll call The Casual Filthy's to replicate what we're doing here and for neutral AH action. PvE has always been about community. Let's reach out and snowball our realm.
  2. So, simple topic, won't take long to run through. As a sidebar, sometimes people are reluctant to post threads on these kinds of forums because they are under the impression that what interests them doesn't cater for anybody else. They might be under the impression that you need to be a hardcore player, or practised in theory-crafting, or programming skills. No. Trust me on this. Post whatever you want. This is a great community and we need thread starters on any and all topics related to WoW. Hey! Don't worry about your English skills. It's my first language and half the time people haven't a clue what I'm on about. Including this thread. Probably. Big Iron Fishing Pole is a +20 BiS for all your fishing needs until the release of Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza in Patch 1.7 (Zul'Gurub/Arathi Basin). As this is won't be released for 4-6 months one assumes, and the reward, Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 is only +25 with just one being awarded every week, maximum, this is likely to be your best fishing pole until TBC. Therefore, well worth hunting one down. For those not in the know, maxing your fishing skill by any means possible is critical to ensure you maximise <deleted> from <deleted> in <deleted>* particularly if in direct competition from other anglers. The fishing pole is a rare drop from opening Shellfish traps located in The Veiled Sea just off Shadowprey Village here: For Alliance, not the easiest of farming jobs, it's a long run from Nijel's Point and it's particularly difficult in PvP realms, as not only are you in a Horde quest hub area, one of their quests is actually opening up these shellfish pots. Best to be done on quiet times. If you're not a Warlock or a Druid or some other fancy water-breather get some potions to tide you over. It's best to go in a circle around the pots. Always take whatever is in the pot regardless of worth so that it respawns. The drop chance is 1:100 so you are likely to be there for 2-3 hours on average. So if you are taking water-breathing pots, take 3-4 just in case. For Horde, same as above but life is a lot easier location-wise, make sure you pick up this quest to maximise your time. Undead have a distinct advantage.... Protips - If using Gatherer, it *should* mark where the shellfish traps are, this is server and version dependent. There are air bubble vents around but in my opinion, this tends to distract and delay optimised farming. You can vendor the fishing poles on the AH for a reasonable amount depending on the economy. In Nost PvE they were about 15-20 gold, alliance side. I suspect they would be cheaper on the Horde side, so if you can farm the gold in a shorter time than 2-3 hours you'll need for the shellfish traps, this may be a better option. *What's with all the <deleted> stuff? There is a Fishing community in WoW. The true anglers respect the profession (never a secondary skill) and so even on PvP realms, won't attack each other. There are rules and regulations. One is, never fish from another angler's fishing pool, it's just plain rude. Another one is not to share trade secrets. Big Iron Fishing Pole is pretty well known as they always turn up in the AH. But other stuff stays <deleted>
  3. Hello everyone. Just a quick question to get a steer on what the plan is in relation to the AH on set-up. I am assuming you will have a rough estimate on what the number of players could be based on gut instinct as much as anything else. You have kindly committed to a PvE and a PvP as a start-up, thank you. I know on some realms that they allow for a cross faction AH because the numbers are not large enough to create a viable economy. This can always be rescinded at a later stage. I wonder if it possible to do a cross-realm AH between the PvP and PvE servers? I am, as you should bloody know at this stage, useless on anything technical. So it's a genuine question. As someone who swears by, and at, the auction house, it would just be good to know your thoughts. Much appreciated.