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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Crestfall, This a simple forum game. Rate the avatar of the person above from 1/10. You can point some unique features or give no reason at all. It's up to you. Of course you can't rate your own avatar so I'll give someone the pleasure of doing the honors. (You can rate people who have been already rated)
  2. Hello ladies and gentleman of Crestfall! I thought it would be fitting since the holidays are coming up soon, to have an avatar giveaway / contest entry set in the Christmas theme. The instructions will be in the video below. I hope you guys like the vid (first time ever recording myself like this ) and that you guys have fun in making the clips! Send the video responses on this forum post or this youtube video. --TOOLS-- -WoW Machinima Tool (3.3.5 & 4.3.4) Used to help record cinematic clips. Click the links (lol) -After Effects / Sony vegas (figure out how to get these yourselves) These are the avatars you can win! Goodluck and happy holidays!