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Found 1 result

  1. As the title suggests, what is the best moment (could also be interpreted as 'favorite moment') in your WoW 'career'? I have multiple moments I'd like to share. 2006 - Kul'Tiras EU (yep, the real Kul'Tiras, I was on there) Made a Night Elf hunter, spent a majority of my time walljumping and getting to secret places, like up the wall of Goldshire inn or glitching under Stormwind Met a player named 'Salladin' - spent a lot of time questing with him, spending hours doing literally not much at all but still having tons of fun 2007 - Chromaggus EU Made a rogue called 'Azamous' and levelled it up, around level 30 in STV, I decided I wanted to quit, so I deleted my character. After a moment of retardation; I proceeded to delete this character, after realizing my mistake, I paged a GM and got it recovered, then I logged on and got a whisper from someone saying they missed me and I received Clefthoof Leg Armor in my mailbox, still friends with that person to this day. I have more, but my memory is a bit fuzzy right now, I'll indulge further if the thread picks up.