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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, A Buddy and I were talking about Crestfall and what professions we should have as there are five of us who are planning to play together, and were wondering what the point was to leveling Leatherworking or Blacksmithing to completion? I feel like more money could be made going down some other profession if you didn’t plan to be using the armor and weapons for LW or BS as you level. I know there are specializations for each prof but is it even worth it to level it all the way?
  2. Hey guys, I want to roll a warrior and wPVP (probably go two-handed sword) but obviously I want an epic and there is no way a guild will let an arms warrior come on a raid... let alone get an epic two-handed drop of any sort. So... I am going to need to do weaponsmithing and make my own. But I cannot seem to find any vanilla recipes for epic two-handers. This makes me nervous (not really though I guess I can just farm Unstoppable Force but I really wanted to use a two-handed sword)... There has to be recipes for epic two-handed weapons in vanilla right? If anyone knows of a database for all vanilla recipes dealing with two-handed weapons please share them with me! I am trying to determine what weapon specialization I should go into and obviously this will weigh in heavily on my decision.