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Found 4 results

  1. Greets. Maybe not quite the right topic to suit the realm discussion forum but I hate blank canvasses so there you go. So it strikes me that there will be a lot of visitors to this forum that actually have never played WoW (hard to believe, I know) or have never experienced the dubious 'pleasures' of Vanilla. I also feel that it's likely that employees, representatives and camp followers of retail may turn up from time to time to keep an eye on things and consider a C&D order against, what the hell, KUL TIRAS. So I don't have any right to represent the players, the GM's, the administrators or the developers being just a simple player, and a poor one at that (but so good at irony), so I will speak for myself as to why I want to play vanilla wow, and why I want to play on this server with this engine. More learned, eloquent, experienced and passionate individuals can post hereafter, should they wish to do so. I plead a cathartic need to express myself. 1. I'm old. Well, 51 isn't THAT old but it probably puts me in the wrong 5% chronologically. More particularly, it puts me at an age where my formative years in gaming predates MMO's and most computer games. I mean, when I was a teenager, Space Invaders was the most awesome electronic experience you could have - although I preferred pinball to be honest. So when I was experiencing gaming, it was through RPG's like Basic D&D, Runequest, Traveller et al. Most of my peers who also play WoW would spend years in RPG campaigns as a cooperative measure of gaming experience that gave us all a lot of interpersonal skills as an unseen bonus, friendships for life, as well as a grounded love of fantasy and SF. A progression to computer games as an alternative to RPG's was a no-brainer, but all of them were First Person and so never replicated the cooperative and social aspects of RPG's 2. I love WoW. Luckily for me, I never had to go through early MMO's like Ultima, Age of Camelot and Everquest - which I'm sure were fine, but not a patch on WoW. No, I went straight to university when a bunch of us decided we would pick one MMO and just get a taster for what this new fangled computer game was like. It was a lot different then. First of all, none of us knew what the fuck we were doing. Most of us were Night Elves and half of us were Druids. We all thought Darkshore was a normal quest area. We didn't have Interfaces or add-ons. We were awful in instances and generally avoided them. PvP was scary, if we got into a fight with Horde we panicked and spammed Levitate or some other useful spell. We were, sorry some of us were, just terrible players. But. We. Had. Fun. There is a quest in Teldrassil called 'Relics of Wakening'. It is an awful quest in a cave system with rapidly spawning mobs, hard to locate NPC's and nearly everyone in the area is drawing adds or just getting in the way. I completed it the first time because some Romanian 17th level warrior insisted on making us a group (I didn't know how) and killing every mob as an escort until I was finished. His English was slightly better then my Romanian but we got through it. I had never, and have since never, experienced the love, comradeship, friendship and downright humanity in a gaming interface as I discovered through WoW. And all of this was on underpowered computers and crappy internet connections. 3. The WoW expansions. Burning Crusade is the single greatest gaming expansion of all time. It is the Godfather II of gaming sequels to the Godfather. It was the perfect example of what made WoW, WoW, and the biggest feather in the cap of Blizzard that they will ever have (sorry Hearthstone, Overwatch). Burning Crusade represents my apogee in WoW. A Drenai Shaman, a farmer, a fisherman, Karazhan, guilds, camaraderie, interfaces, PuG's, Flying Mounts, Daily quests (eventually) and even PvP. The single most enjoyable online gaming experience I have ever had. It's not that the game was necessarily easier (I always leveled to 60 first as Hellfire was such a chore), but at least you only had to get 10 more levels (or 70 as a new race) and the increase in professions was relatively easy. But it was just the same, but only better. 4. The decline and fall of the Blizzard Empire. It didn't happen overnight. WotLK had its faults (like DK's) but it was a natural progression. Cataclysm on the other hand was wisely named and I didn't even bother with Mists or WoD. The game was not the same. Funny thing was, we tried other MMO's but none of them lasted and we all got tired of them pretty quickly. Most of us had work commitments, or family and social commitments, or plain just grew up. And yet....and yet....there was always a fire burning for the good old times. Now we knew the past was never going to be the same, for many reasons. We were eventually, better players. Our grasp of economics was sound. We knew how to multitask and maximise efforts and minimise the workload. But secretly we all wanted to go back to those halcyon days where men were real men and Taurens were real cows. Often I would go on Blizzard forums and read the posts from other, similar players, who wanted to experience vanilla and early expansions. Always there would be a response from a blue saying basically it wasn't physically possible, it would cost too much, you wouldn't like it, YOU THINK YOU DO BUT YOU DON'T. There would be a plethora of younger players trying to encapsulate why anyone would want to wait until L40 to get a mount. Or have 40 man raids. Or what world PvP might be like. Under the Blizzard hegemony they would never know. 5. Dad, have you ever heard of Nostalrius? It's a private vanilla WoW server and I'm just dinged L12. Well no I hadn't. I had never even thought of looking for private servers. I didn't even know what Reddit was. But there I was, after a very short download in Tedrassil hearing that wonderful music again. It nearly brought a tear to my eye. No seriously, I was chopping onions there, very sensitive so I am. Then it was easy, got a good friend over and then ensnared enough RL mates to do instances. Downloaded Mumble and the boys were back in town. But not as we know, for long. So when the C&D shut down Nost it really pissed me off. OI moved on to other private servers but none of them worked for me, bad latency, PvP only, tiny populations. Always, I joined when the servers were mature, never got the chance to start from scratch. 6. And then came Crestfall. So this was it. This was the one I could get involved with from the start. This was a version of Vanilla where it was going to go out all present and correct. No stone would be left unturned. You can tell. The whole forum breathes professionalism. These are my kind of people. This is my home. Either this works out and I stay here as long as it exists or it doesn't and I will never play WoW again. I want to play vanilla WoW because it is a completely better and different version of the game to current retail. I want to play vanilla WoW because I have paid my dues to Blizzard in purchasing expansions and monthly subscriptions. I don't owe you anything anymore, you have no say over me. I will never play on official Blizzard legacy or vanilla servers because a) they don't understand and will never get it right and b) they'll never do it anyway. YOU THINK YOU DO BUT YOU DON'T I want to play on Crestfall because I trust these guys and I know they get it. So those of you antipathetic to Vanilla, or Private Servers, or looking for their pound of corporate flesh, I have no argument with you. Your opinion is as worthy as mine. But I challenge you to express yourselves as forthrightly and passionately as we do. For those of you who never experienced WoW, or vanilla, come join us and see what all the passion is about. And if you are failing Relics of Awakening, PM me in game, and I'll take you though it and return the favour I still owe.
  2. This is an observation, not intended as dictation or as a criticism. I think people need to give Blizzard and to some degree Crestfall some slack. Those of us who have had the fortune to grow up in the original retail vanilla have something that no-one else will experience, that is, joining a community of gamers, which included the GM's, admins and developers, not quite knowing where they we were coming from and not quite sure where we were heading to. Days of halcyon innocence. Things have changed. Most of this is a generational thing. We can see from the responses on Reddit that our current gamers have little time for teething issues, development work, failure, broken promises, necessary delays and black swan events. These days we make judgements first and use hindsight as a stick to beat up people with later. Again, this is not a criticism of people, it's just the way things are. You might as well be picking a fight with gravity. Gaming is very serious money these days, people are entitled to professionalism. But get this, Crestfall is a replica of what Blizzard used to be like. So here's the deal. I left WoW during Cataclysm as it was a shit product by comparison with the glorious Vanilla-TBC-WotLK trilogy. Not just me, but quite a lot of their subscriber base. I yearned for a time that when people complained about Stitches been kited to Goldshire the mods would say ''working as intended''. The thing is with Crestfall, we are going back to those days of innocence but with the added baggage where players have a 'join-the-dots' crib list of how to min/max everything. That simply is not working as intended. We can't turn back the clock, but we can at least acknowledge we are going back to a better place. Of all things, private servers are community based, that's you, me and everyone else on these forums. Just as the success of WoW was a complete unknown in 2005, so to a large degree is Crestfall as our first genuine PTE experiment. Let's just give Blizzard the respect for the journey we've taken and Crestfall the respect for the journey we're embarking on.
  3. A simple but important question ... What will Crestfall do if Blizzard want to shutdown the server just like Nostalrius ? The hype train is on the rails, a lot of people just wait for Q4 2016 to get a new start in Vanilla and, honestly, they expect more than a Corecaft memes. Btw, they don't want another big waste like Nostalrius shutdown was. How you guys will handle this ? I cannot find this answer, even in FAQ or Discord recording (as a non english native it's really hard to find information in 2 hours&medium qual record, maybe you should make a debrief of this). It would be nice to have a clear statement about this point. Thank you
  4. Greets. The first in an occasional series if successful. Would be great if others from this era could add their own fond memories/horror stories or memes as they see fit. In the Beginning: In days of yore Blizzard used to roll our class fixes once per patch. The idea was that each patch would feature one character class which would be 're-balanced' in receiving nerfs and/or buffs to better balance the class for PvE/PvP. Clearly as most players have a particular preference for choosing particular character classes, the build up to the patch, which included 'consulting with the class community' through the forums was a time of intense speculation and angst amongst the affected players. In 1.8 we had the Druid revamp, in 1.9 we had Paladins. Now most people, particularly amongst the Shaman Community felt that they were going to get their patch along with Paladins at that time, but that wasn't to be the case. So when 1.10 came out it was assumed we would get our turn but nope, this time it was priests. People could understand why Paladins got the love as the class was pretty gimped before the patch with Paladins basically fulfilling cleansing and blessing roles and not much else. With the buffs that Paladins got (greater blessings) and the QQ'ing from Priest lobby (very intense), priests got priority for the 1.10 patch. This in turn led to the very vocal mage community wondering when they were going to get their patch, so in order to appease everyone, both mages and shamans shared the next available patch, 1.11. CM's were sent out to their respective communities and the Shamans version was called Eyonix. During this process, Eyonix went to E3 and coming back from it got pretty sick. It's rumoured he had gout. Either way, Eyonix was out of the picture for several weeks and CM's Tseric and Caydiem take over the feedback role. The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round: Fast forward to 1.11 hitting the Public Test Realm. Mages are moderately happy what with getting Evocation for free amongst other gifts. Shamans on the other hand felt that nearly all their requests had been ignored, particularly with PvE builds as a direct comparison with Paladins. It certainly seemed at that stage that the mild suspicion that Blizzard were pro-alliance had an element of truth to it. Cue to the EU forums (being ahead of the US versions) and Thundgot blithely informs the Shaman community that after he investigates their feedback was never actually sent to the developers, the patch was going live and your review is complete. So good old Eyonix comes back into the forums having recovered from his recent bout of gout (I speak a rhyme every time) and gets flamed in the forums by the Shaman community giving us this classic line: Q u o t e: This is but one example of the type of post which will result in the permanent removal from our boards. I've been seeing quite a bit of this lately and I believe that I've allowed every one opportunity to vent their frustrations. This is a video game. There is never just cause or reason to wish serious real life harm, or even death upon someone due any aspect of this game's design. If you disagree with me concerning the aspect of real life threat, or can't control emotion to the point of crossing this particular line, you don't belong on our boards -- plain and simple. You've had less communication concerning your review than any other class, I'm aware, and agree that it's unfortunate. Unfortunate in regards to perspective only, however. The design team is fully aware of the feedback offered from each region playing a Shaman. They've been aware of the feedback through every stage of the review, regardless of the amount of "blue" appearing on these boards discussing the Shaman. I'd like to begin discussing various items relating to the review with everyone, but you should be aware that I won't do so while this community remains in its current state. Please understand, I'm not under any obligation ever to respond to any specific thread, or participate in a particular discussion, or post on a particular board. I'd like to provide this community with more than just announcement messaging. However... Angry, frustrated, upset, disappointed, infuriated. None of these feelings, justified or not, make it okay to harass, insult or threaten another human being. We're not done making changes to the Shaman. We may not have time to make additional changes in time for 1.11, however. This quite simply isn't the end of the world, I'm sorry. The Shaman review wasn't even initially scheduled to commence until patch 1.12. What's also important is the fact that this review brought about many positive improvements, whether an individual chooses to acknowledge this or not is out of my control. The Shaman in its current state is far from "broken", and in patch 1.11, players will feel the effect of noticeable improvements overall. It's safe to say, even more so in patch 1.12. Claiming this is the worst review ever for reasons pertaining to x, y and z isn't very productive, and accomplishes little except to make yourself even more upset. We've heard the frustrations being expressed here with the same certainty from players of every class each time a review comes around. We're not interested in comparisons, nor are we interested in flames or unproductive criticisms. These forums are a separate entity from the game. They exist so we can hear your voice, and so that each of you can better know one. We'll respond when and where we feel it's appropriate, but that's done based upon our own discretion. Post your feedback and wait patiently. If you've become too frustrated, don't login to the forums for a few days. Manage your own emotion before posting here. When as a community, you're ready to discuss your class and the recent review, void of victimizing claims or venomous language, I'll be ready to respond. Those violating our Posting Guidelines will be dealt with swiftly. So for the next week, the mods spend most of their time deleting the various bile, hate and threatening posts from the wider community on the US forums (the EU version was a lot more reasonable). In the meantime, Eyonix tries to placate the rest of the more moderate posters by promising various changes such as better totem functionality, a re-working of the talent trees (mana-tide for free for example) and other freebies. The truth of the matter was that at this stage it was already too late. Burning Crusade was 6 months away and even at this stage the devs knew the base formats (Paladins -> Horde, Shamans -> Alliance) with major changes so why do the work twice over? What was important about this was the Shaman community, who up to that point were amongst the most constructive and active class community in WoW, became the class of rebellion and anarchy aptly shown here: Enter Tseric So you will remember Tseric as being the unfortunate CM drafted in to assist the Shaman community on their thoughts and prayers for their patch of love and nerfing? Let's fast forward a little bit in time less than a year later. At that stage, the Enhancement Shaman population were rather cross with Blizzard on the viability of their spec. Most of this was down to the blue chip part of the Shaman class, Resto, which was everything required in Burning Crusade that Enhancement were not. It's worth reading the entire thread from start to finish. I was there through all of this on both forums and knew Tseric reasonably well from the dialogue he had had with my Shaman colleagues in the US. But the whole thing kicked off and got out of control very quickly. I think most of us were pretty shocked at the outcome, because trolling the forums was de rigeur in the US and nothing like this had ever quite happened before: As you can see from the above post, the issue was clearly a hangover from the Eyonix/Shaman patch incident. A lot of banned posters from the flame wars with Eyonix had reinvented themselves. But it developed on from that, I won't bother posting the entire dialogue but you can pursue it here. The most quoted line in the exchange is here: But the more salient one was this: Tseric logged off and never returned. It's unknown whether he resigned or was fired. It is the only example I know of where a CM was trolled off a job. Needless to say, there was an awful lot of introspective and destructive posts and threads after the event, most of which got banned or deleted. The Shaman community remained as the rebels with a cause and some of you younger viewers may remember the '300' Still, we were left with this evocative image here: For the record, I 100% support Tseric. What happened to him was completely wrong and came from a time that Blizz really had difficulties in handling trolls in their forums. Tseric was also a very funny, witty, learned and intelligent CM, with a very incisive wit which he used to skewer posters who were being unreasonable. I'd love to have him on these forums dispensing arrows or retribution to all and sundry. Last point, I would like to highlight that as Crestfall is a free to play homage to WoW, and the developers, GM's and admin staff are therefore giving up their time/lives/girlfriends/families to provide us all with this service, ya'll should appreciate it just a little bit more, especially on these forums. I doubt the mods will have a 'customer is always right' perspective here.