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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, This is my guide to BRD quest run at low level (suggested lvl range 54 =< lvl < 58) Horde side (but the Alliance side is probably preety much the same). I decided to create this guide because I used to run this many times (with many characters at many p-servers), and always there was few people who didn't know how to route it well. This run allows you to gain a lot of XP (which is not useful at lvl 60) and few pre-raid bis items around lvl 56 (so you don't have to clear whole BRD more times). Just because leveling guides usually tell something like "don't go to dungeons while leveling - it's waste of time (unless you have a good organised group)" - Yea... Let's start with the team composition: TANK - doesn't matter if druid or warrior - those are pretty much the same tanky at this level (druids might be even better because no warrior spec prot before 60). HEAL - I suggest priest (because of stamina buff and because shadow priests may heal aswell (shamans are not very well single target healers and druids can't resurect if someting go wrong). DPS1 - mage is a must (polly is a must; and if mage has imp. blizzard talent - the run is very smooth) DPS2 - warlock (imp gives you more stamina, banish is a great CC here in BRD aswell) DPS3 - rogue (someone have to steal Guzler key...) Quest and where to pick 'em: 1. KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves (pick at Kargath "wanted sign") - You are going to kill those dwarfes just while doing a single run. 2. The Last Element (pick at Kargath) - Same as Kill on Sight you and your party are going to kill enough elementals for the all 10/10 x5 drop. 3. The Rise of the Machines (require pre-quest from Burning Steppes [Joana's guide leads you to this prequest around lvl 53-54]. 4. Ribbly Screwspigot (You can grab a pre-quest while doing Un'goro route) - the quest leads you to Grim Guzzler. 5. Lost Thunderbrew Recipe (You can grab a prequest while doing some Hinterland lvl 50 route [the prequest require lvl 50]) - same as before it's a Grim Guzzler quest. 6. The Heart of the Mountain (It it a vault quest - there's a big chance enought keys will drop during one run to get this item). 7. Dark Iron Legacy (you have to be dead to pick this quest [but it's shareable]) - probably the most important quest here to get a key that allows you to do lava runs later... (you turn in this quest above the arena). 8. Disharmony of Flame (this quest is done just outside of BRD - it's super good if anyone already done that before starting BRD quest run just because it allows you to get 2 more quests which are 9 and 10). If someone is missing it - You could make Kargath Your home - kill pyron - stone to Kargath - go to BRD with 2 more quests. Btw, You can kill overmaster pyron during Searing Gorge/Burning Steppes leveling route. 9. Disharmony of Fire - require Disharmony of Flame. 10. Commander Gor'shak - require Disharmony of Flame aswell. It's saving the princess 1st chain quest. 11. Attunement to the Core - MC attu quest I recomend to skip bael'gar quest (A Taste of Flame) - the dwarfes packs are super strong. While in Grim Guzzler you can also pick a love potion quest. If you are lvl 56+ and you already done Grark Lorkrub you can pick next part (Operation: Death to Angerforge) Here we are 9-12 quests so it's like 100k XP + XP for killing mobs (well organised run takes about 2,5 - 3,5 hours [depends of wipes counter]). BRD map and route: I. If Disharmony of Flame is not complete yet: make Kargath Your home -> kill Pyron -> Stone to Kargath -> accept Disharmony of Fire and Commander Gor'shak -> go to BRD II. if your Rogue doesn't have enought lockpick skill to open Gor'shak prision cell - kill Gerstahn [5] - open the prision cell - protect Gor'shak - talk to dwarf/go back to Gor'shak and accept What Is Going On? III. go to the Ring of Law kill arena boss [6] - go above arena (spectators should be neutral now) - go to [7] and clear this place so you can turn in Dark Iron Legacy later IV. Cross the bridge and head to vault [8] - clear the vault and check who's the key keeper (google his location) - go down and kill Fineous Darkvire [9] (he has Ironfel for Dark Iron Legacy) - keep going down and kill Lord Incendius for Disharmony of Fire. V. Go back to [7] and turn in Dark Iron Legacy - cross the top of arena and press the whell (Shadowforge lock [12]) - go kill Angerforge [13] VI. If you have a warlock you can try to kill Golem Lord Argelmach [14] (it's important to banish one elite - they hit like a truck), if you aren't strong enought just skip it and head to Grim Guzzler [15] VII. Do both Grim Guzzler quests then steal a key - open the doors VIII. Go down - kill Flamelash [16] - kill Panzor [17] (if he spawned...) - clear 7d event [18] (if you are a miner complete The Spectral Chalice, just make sure you have items before you enter BRD) IX. Do Attunement to the Core [23] (you gonna need a warlock here aswell because 3 elementals at once might be too strong) - go back and open the vault (make sure you have at least 12 Relic Coffer Key and the Dark Keeper Key) - once vault is done die on purpose X. Ressurect at BRD entrance - run outside and turn in Attunement to the Core - heartstone to Kargath and turn in the quests That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.