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Found 2 results

  1. Let's face it. While we all came here to see retail blizzard, there are plenty of servers for it. What i love about Crestfall is that they are building their own code and making the game their own way to create a truly fluid experience of a game that we all know and love. However, part of me got to thinking, "Hey, I remember beating most of Naxxramas on retail. I played on a private server, and am busy raiding it again but... while some strategies changed a little the fights were still the same." While I Love the fights, going to some of these fights after 8 years and knowing exactly what to do was kind of... disappointing? Unless there was a bug with the boss, there isn't the same since of wonder that you got while your guild and everyone else struggled with coming up for a strategy on how to deal with Ragnaros! I remember we tried to run a prot paladin till they oomed him instantly. I remember the insane dps pushes that were nearly impossible in just Molten core gear to down him before he made sons of flame. I remember the boss having 384 hit points and submerging a second time, dooming us to a wipe. This progression was fun and it was intense and the kills were so rewarding. At least until Vaelstrasz the guild breaker. Lost two guilds on that guy. Seriously... He's a dick. Don't change him at all >:) However, part of me thought that some bosses ((Especially in Molten Core)) Could use something to change up their fight to give us that feeling of wonder from seeing a boss, and trying to figure out and theorycraft how to over come its abilities. Frankly, i would love to see nearly every boss in Molten Core altered with one or two new abilities or mechanics to add some mayhem to the fight. The only bosses who I don't think need to change are: Shazzrath, Lucifron, Majordomo, Ragnaros. So, I wanted to post this thread to see what peoples thoughts were on Crestfall doing more than just making a 100% pure retail srever, but making a server that was meant to keep the inspiration and love we all had for Vanilla and give us something more.
  2. Hey guys, first of all i didnt find a topic / thread with comparative content, so i decided to make one Its only MY opinion, but feel free 2 discuss it with pro and cons I think, that a small change to some items like this http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=6465 to that http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Robe_of_the_Moccasin like it took place when tbc was released, are also worth to mention. I dont say, that we have to change all, but there are some special items that make little sense. Well, i also understand that we want this server to be as close to vanilla blizzlike as possible, so i just wanted to chare my thoughts with you and see what you may think about it.