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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Crestfall, Been digging recently through old machinimas. Those machinimas got me hooked to the game when I was entering my teenage years. Even though I couldn't play the game, I got to see this machinimas and knowing that one day I would definitely enter the world of Azeroth. I will never forget the one that made me want one or two months for the machinima. High quality machinimas, very intrepid and fun series. Created various musicals which to this day are one of the best by using various known songs and that now, produces content for one of my favorite recent games Fallout 4. His name is Oxhorn. Started watching him on the end days of Xfire due to a very interesting video that was ROFLMAO. After that I started watching Creating Swear Words Series. And then it came... The Oxhorn Brand Medley. The song that marked my gaming life. Booming that jam for a whole three months and still jam it from time to time. This is me honoring this man that marked my gaming life by sharing it with you.