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  1. Tl;dr: dont let the alliance population percentage pursuade you from going HORDE, when everyone thinks like that naturaly the balance will have more. To start things off: the numbers are small and unrepresentative but i think its worth mentioning that it seems a wrong mentality is present in people picking their faction. If it comes down to statistics there will not be a big devide between horde and alliance, it is these faction percentage numbers that make people make a different choice for the matter of belonging in a big population or just scared of not finding enough "right" people to play with. Let me be the one to tell you that there wont be any problem making your own choice in wether to go horde/alliance and that u will find friends in either faction. Follow your own judgement and dont look at the numbers, in doing that you will find the balance you desire and there will be no one-sided community. Thread im referring to: