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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone knows where can I find the vanilla wow client? I know for sure it existed in vanilla because 1.12.2 was a crash fix for spanish client crash. But I have no idea where can I find it. Also, approximately when the server will support spanish? I have no problem with english, but my father (68) wants to play vanilla again, and in spanish
  2. Hey Guys, A little question i didn't found on crestfall forum, sorry if it was answered. Will non-english client being totally suitable with Crestfall ? There is generally a lot of issue with this on p-serv, including not being able to see /1 /2 /3 chats (and btw rely on /world to communicate) and also a lot of addons like Questie or Shagu Quest being bugged due to english based db. Further, some quest are sometimes half translated half english. It would be really nice if Crestfall could unificate all client to synergize on the same server and not being forced to use English Client to have a full experience. Thx
  3. Hey This is maby a noob question or and maby there is a topic. I tred search engine but couldnet find. But to be able to play on your server will you provide a own client or is there someone i can download someone who have a good link to a god client. Be greatfull Sherekhan