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Found 1 result

  1. Something I've been thinking about for a while, is that the devs have stated they will keep the PvE server open as long as it; Isn't too expensive. Has a solid enough population. With the track record of other projects, we can presume to have somewhere in the region of 25%-60% of the population of the PvP server. That means we either need; More people donating less money. Fewer people donating significantly more money. For the server to pull in similar money to the PvP server. My proposal is thus; If the server lives up to its potential and becomes the place to be, we as a PvE community pledge to donate monthly towards the running costs of the server. However, the more of us who pledge, the less we will have to pledge. If we look at the most expensive Game Server host provided by OVH, we're looking at £111.99 monthly. That would be; One person donating £111.99 Two people donating £56.00 Ten people donating £11.19 Twenty Five people donating £4.48 Fifty people donating £2.24 One Hundred people donating £1.11 One Hundred and Ten people donating £1.00 Two Hundred people donating £0.56 Now, I can't imagine a position where we don't have at least a few hundred players. If this project turns out to be anything like Nost, and we have a few thousand players on the PvE server, we could get donations as low as; A Thousand people donating £0.12 You can't tell me that we can't find a thousand people willing to donate 12 pence a month towards the running costs of the server? I think it would also be great if the devs would put up a 'progress bar' for donations on the front page, totalling a general bar for the vanity store, a bar for the PvP server and a bar for the PvE server, and then they stop taking donations each month when the bar is 'full' and the server has been paid for. Vanity store donations go towards making up any shortfall or paying for hardware upgrades, or perhaps just to lowering the threshold on the donations bar for the next month. TL:DR if 110 people donate £1 a month for the PvE server, it'll stay up pretty much indefinitely.