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Found 13 results

  1. Removed in protest of the LGN 2.0
  2. Yoo just heard about the merge with elysium. I'm looking the make a new video when that happens. This is my last one, feel free to give me advice for improvements!
  3. Much smaller than usual "mini-guide" incoming, moderate amount of math incoming. Googledoc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19ine4BKMJNblDIvD0ZneMQwOvBrZR5MPtTzAHIMuZc8/edit?usp=sharing What is the most efficient way to level a feral Druid when it comes to optimizing your damage output and finisher selection? The above table presumes an untalented 45 energy cost Claw, as well as an untalented Ferocious Bite (FB). It uses pure baseline numbers only. This post presumes that you are fighting 1v1 and wont be able to shred on demand, and that you will be playing without powershifting. That's reasonably simple. Presuming we have a Druid at high enough level to use each ability, we'll use 0 AP to make the math nice and easy. Rip should not be affected by armour, it will always do straight damage. FB and Claw are affected by armour, and their damage will be increased by Faerie Fire (Feral). Q1: Is there ever a time where Claw is better than a 1 point FB? Short Answer: From an energy usage standpoint, no, from a damage standpoint, yes. FB will always do more damage per point of energy spent when you compare FB damage to the bonus damage awarded by the Claw ability. However, when comparing pure damage, when you add in the native white damage from Claw, Claw will always do more damage than a 1CP Bite. If we take a level 60 Druid, with all skill levels, and presume they do an average white hit of 200 damage; (200+115) = 315/45 = 7 damage per energy point spent with Claw R5. 229/35 = 6.54 damage per energy spent with FB rank 5 at 35 energy. Q2: Is it better to pool my energy and use FB at 100 energy, or to use it straight away at 35 energy? Short Answer: Use it sooner and don't waste the pooled energy. Long Answer: The additional damage from bonus energy is always better off used towards generating more combo points, unless the mob will die before you can use one more ability. Illustrating with rank 5 FB with 5CPs; 35 energy FB: 817/35 = 23.34 damage per energy spent. 50 energy FB: (817+40.5)/50 = 17.15 damage per energy spent. 75 energy FB: (817+108)/75 = 12.33 damage per energy spent. 100 energy FB: (817+175.5) = 9.925 damage per energy spent. As you can see, the damage gained compared to the energy spent significantly diminishes the more energy you pool to use with FB. To go from 35 to 100 energy takes 3.25 ticks. As you need to wait for a whole tick to complete to gain energy, that pushes it to 4 ticks, or 8 seconds, to wait to pool to 100, with 15 energy 'wasted' by going over the 100 energy cap. That 8 seconds gains you 175.5 damage on your FB. Using the above example Druid, that's less bonus damage than 1 melee swing. Q3: Rip or FB? Short Answer: R2 Rip > R1 FB, otherwise FB if both skills are within one level of each other. Long Answer: Typically, a Rip requires all 6 ticks to do rougly equal damage to a FB before 4CP's, or 5 ticks to equal a 4+CP FB, until you get FB rank 3. Rip ticks every 2 seconds, isn't affected by mob armour and cannot crit. FB is affected by mob armour, but can crit, as a melee damage ability for 200% damage. From FB R2 - FB R4, FB remains demonstrably ahead. Rip Doesn't catch up again until R6/R5 comparison. It is important to remember R5 FB is leaned from a book and not available at server launch. Rip R2 vs FB R1; 1CP: 58/11 = 5.27 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 5.22 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 5.2 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 5.187 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 5.17 ticks to equal a 5CP FB. As you can see from the above, a R2 Rip will always need full duration to equal an equivalent CP FB. However, as you level, the gap closes. Rip R3 vs FB R2; 1CP: 91/15 = 6.066 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 6.25 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 6.33 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 6.38 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 6.41 ticks to equal a 5CP FB. Rip R4 vs FB R3; 1CP: 142/23 = 6.17 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 6.32 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 6.39 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 6.43 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 6.45 ticks to equal a 5CP FB. Rip R6 vs FB R5; 1CP: 229/45 = 5.088 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 5.15 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 5.17 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 5.19 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 5.20 ticks to equal a 5CP FB. The only times to prioritize Rip over FB is if a) You can't maintain melee range and need to back off to heal/bandage/LoS an ability (mainly PvP) b) Your opponent has huge amounts of armour, significantly reducing your physical damage dealt. In all other situations, a FB will give more damage in every fight that does not last more than 10 seconds. If the fight does last more than 10 seconds, Rip will do slightly more damage than the average 5 CP FB. If FB crits, it is always better than the equivalent CP Rip. The other important factor to bear in mine, is that as you level you get the skills at different levels, Rip usually being ~4 levels before FB. In these cases, the higher level Rip is usually the better choice. To illustrate; From level 36-39, Rip R3 vs FB R1; 1CP: 58/15 = 3.86 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 3.91 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 3.93 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 3.95 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 3.96 ticks to equal a 5CP FB. As you can see here, Rip only needs to tick 4 times (8 seconds) to do more damage than the equivalent CP FB non crit. TL:DR - Faerie Fire (Feral) > Ferocious Bite > Rip > Claw to 5 CP if Rip/FB are within one level of each other. This has been added to my main guide as an additional chapter. This post is merely for visibility.
  4. Greeting, everyone! My first topic here. First of all, I'd like to say that I love both sides of WoW, PVP and PVE and I never REALLY played vanilla WoW. I was pretty decided that I wanted to roll a Night Elf Druid on Crestfall, but then I started wondering how bad is to deal with both Purge and Dispell Magic when two of the druid's healing spells are HoTs. On the Horde side, their HoTs can only be dispelled by priests. Should I really be concerned about this? How BIG is this difference on the PVP aspect? I intent to play some semi-hardcore PVP. I'm not even getting into the racial skills discussion, since NE's are simply a joke, even worse for druids in my opinion. And my other questions is: which class would be the "less" negatively affected by high ping? I live in South America,so I'll probably play with around 240 ms. I know that melee is out of question, since everyone's position will be completely messed up on my screen. My first thought was to play hunter, but then I realized that traps will probably be a pain. So, what's your opinion?
  5. What would you people say have the best racials for PvP as kitty. Tauren with stomp or Nelfs with + stealth?
  6. The hybrid healer! http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zLVooZxGMs0bZVecoco Background: this is a spec I've played with for quite a while while gearing up and PvPing. it's emphasis is on stacking CP through crits and putting bleeds, IS and moonfire on the target. Works exceptionally well on warriors and rogues. Even in full healing gear! An example for a rotation in pvp is this; Ravage/punce - rake - claw - get the CP bleed off - Bear form - tank initial damage (instant casts/fears) - Moonfire - insect swarm - re-apply rake or continue in bear. Additional information: I went quite far into the healing tree too. I healed every 5-man with this spec so it seems viable as a good hybrid pve/pvp gearing up spec. This spec has no place in raids! I personally love this spec as it's super versatile and even effective in healing gear! Plus you have great support capabilities too and if you'd like you can FC. (I personally got bored of druid FC'ing long ago, hunter is more fun for that imho.) Leveling: It is also an excellent leveling spec, starting out in the Feral tree then moving onto the Healing tree and ending with the balance tree. It wrecks from 35 on in world pvp too! (Get 1/1 Nature's Grasp somewhere at level 23-ish) What spec do you rock that you made by yourself? Post them here! I'm eager to find out what you are playing!
  7. Removed in protest of the LGN 2.0
  8. Almost all raiding druids are going to be forced to play Resto. So what are peoples thoughts on soloing content? Such as Grinding mats and Rep, Pvp and questing. Respecing every time isn't viable. I guess carrying a feral gear set and using kitty/bear with our Resto talents? Thoughts?
  9. This thread is the inevitable 'help me improve X' thread. Hopefully people will use it and not just spam the forums with thread after thread of 'help me do deeps'. If you don't want your post reported for spam, read one of the following guides; Boomkin Guide by @Yacopok. Restoration Guide by myself. Feral Guide by myself. Read those. Get at least pre-raid Best in Slot (BiS) because otherwise advice will be 'Get pre-raid BiS and read the relevant spec guide. Once you have appropriate gear and an understanding of the guide, raiders in the Druid community can start answering questions about Druid minutia, advanced rotations and advanced gearing choices here. I'm hoping to find a well regarded ranking PvPer to help answer more PvP orientated questions. Ask away.
  10. Note: this is a subjective post designed to get a reaction. I'm new to Druids and therefore merely a journeyman on the way to true enlightenment. What we know so far..... In the beginning there was Cenarius the Forest Lord. Cenarius is the Patron God of all Druids, regardless of race. Allegedly he is the offspring of Mu'Sha (the moon) and the White Stag Apa'Ro. This is part of the Tauren legend The White Stag and the Moon which can be found as a banner hanging in the Archdruid's tent (Hamuul Runetotem) in Thuder Bluff. The legend states.... Into the brave hearts of her pure children, the Earthmother placed the love of the hunt. For the creatures of the first dawn were saveage and fierce. They hid from the Earthmother, finding solace in the shadows and the wild places of the land. The Shu'halo hunted these beasts wherever they could be found and tamed them with the Earthmother's blessing. Page 1 One great spirit eluded them, however. Apa'ro was a proud stag of snow white fur. His antlers scraped the roof of the heavens and his mighty hooves stamped out the deep places of the world. The Shu'halo hunted Apa'ro to the corners of the dawning world - and closed in to snare the proud stag. Page 2 Seeking to escape, the great stag leapt into the sky. Yet, as his escape seemed assured, his mighty antlers tangled in the stars which held him fast. Though he kicked and struggled, Apa'ro could not loose himself from the heavens. It was then that Mu'sha found him as she chased her brother, An'she, towards the dawn. Mu'sha saw the mighty stag as he struggled and fell in love with him immediately. The clever moon made a bargain with the great stag - she would set him free from the snare of the stars if he would love her and end her loneliness. Page 3 Mu'sha loved Apa'ro and conceived a child by him. The child, a demigod some would claim, was born into the shadowed forests of the night. He would be called Cenarius, and walk the starry path between the waking world and the kingdom of the heavens. Page 4 According to this post So anyhow, Cenarius walks the lands and gets involved with all elements of producing as many offspring as he could (as per standard Faerie modus operandi) including dryads, keepers and centaurs. Moving things along.... Also hanging up at Hamuul Runetotem's tent is another Tauren legend that goes by the way of Forestlord and the First Druids which gives us the following: Forestlord and the First Druids In time, the child, Cenarius, grew to the stature of his proud father. A brother to both the trees and the stars, the great hunter roamed the far places of the world, singing the harmonious songs of the dawning. All creatures bowed before his grace and beauty - there were none so cunning as the son of the moon and the white stag. Eventually, Cenarius befriended the Shu'halo and spoke to them of the turning world. The children of the earth knew him as brother and swore to help him care for the fields of life and the favored creatures of their great Earthmother. Cenarius taught the children of the earth to speak to the trees and plants. The Shu'halo became druids and worked great deeds of magic to nurse the land to health. For many generation the Shu'halo hunted with Cenarius and kept the world safe from the shadows that stirred beneath it. It's pretty clear from this lore that The Tauren were the first Druids, particularly when you take into account that both of these banners were in vanilla WoW from the very start. It's also clear that Tauren are at least as old as Night Elves unless you want to go back in time to their troll ancestry..... The Night Elf perspective.... So while all of this occurs before the Night Elf empire it certainly predates the existence of Malfurion Stormrage. Now Malfurion Stormrage is cited over and over again as being the first mortal Druid and the most loyal of Cenarius' disciples. It is also cited that he taught the Tauren the arts of Druidism including Hamuul Runetotem. Night Elves are incredibly touchy on this subject insisting that they, and they alone are the first Druids. The explanations given in relation to the Tauren banners in Thunder Bluff are that they are just myth and nothing more than that. It's postulated that the Tauren were taught by Cenarius art resembling or identical to Druidism, but that this lore was forgotten and only 'remembered' thanks to the teachings of Malfurion. Enter Xarantaur the Witness.... Xarantaur is a Tauren NPC found in The Storm Peaks here. His claim to fame is that in the dialogue with the NPC he explains his origins as follows: So there you have it, Xarantaur was one of the first Tauren Druids, of the 'Last Generation' taught by Cenarius (indicating there were previous generations). That over time, Cenarius came no more and the Tauren forgot these skills until Malfurion re-taught them and brought them into the Cenarion Circle. The fact that the lore of both legendary banners in Thunderbluff are reinforced by an existing NPC gives clear credence to this philosophy. So QQ Kaldorei fanboys, we, the Shu'Halo are first.
  11. DISCLAIMER: NOTHING IN THIS POST IS BY ME, AND I DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF IT. Post your artwork here Druidbros. There's a host of great art out there, I'm especially interested in anything you have created yourself. A selection of my favourites;
  12. Dear Druid community, I am currently leveling my very first Druid on a Vanilla realm and having a great time. Now that I approach level 40 I find less and less space on my bars - especially for Cat form with all the stealth and non-stealth skills. So I am wondering - is there an addon that will do the following to my action bars: - Change bars when I shapeshift (including going into stealth, which is not a shapeshift) - At the same time keeping the same keybindings, so the button bound to "1" for example is available in every shape (incl. stealth) I looked at Bongos as it does change to a different bar when changing form, but it appears to not be able to keep the same keybindings on different bars, unless I missed something. Can Bongos do that or is there another addon who does that?
  13. Greets. Back in vanilla I played priests then graduated to shamans and well, kind of stopped there. Have played Rogues, Mages and Hunters but not to any level of proficiency. I never played Druids on the basis that two of our RL players filled those slots in true hybrid format. Those days we never realised how constrained druids were on DPS/tanking primarily because we never raided. In BC+ things started to get fixed and the class became more viable but I was stuck behind the other players. So I only started playing Druids in Nost and I have to say I really love the class with the diversity it provides. As of yet I haven't decided to kick off CF with a Shaman or a Druid and therefore quite conflicted. I guess that as my best experiences were playing a Drenai babe in Karazhan I'm kind of thinking on those lines. So should I decide to play a Druid (faction depending) there is one element that fascinates me. In Vanilla, but not necessarily in modern times, Druids were always down at the bottom of least-played classes. A lot of that was down to end-game viable specs and bad press. Now that we have the benefit of hindsight that may not be the case, but I would still predict low numbers as a percentage of other classes. The bit that interests me however, is that based on what I've read, there was a tremendous amount of cross-faction respect amongst Druids. So for example, in WSG - the Druid tour de force - Druids would typically salute each other as they headed in travel form to grab opposing flags. On some servers Druids could name all the their L40+ compatriots not only in their own faction but on the opposing faction too. Uniquely, because of their limited numbers, Druids acted a a community within a community based on the fact that they are one of the most enjoyable classes to play and the least understood. So my thoughts are that in CF, those of us that want to play this class take our history, dignity and fraternity into account and give the respect that each side deserves. This is not to say we go all luvvy-duvvy (pass me the sick bag), just that we take into account that a Druid of the opposing faction, played well, is still head and shoulders above any other class. What say you?