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Found 1 result

  1. Hello I been planing back and forth what i will be playing. Now i am pretty sure i will go Horde and go a Druid and a Shaman. Always liked hybrids in all games i played. But here i will focus on the shaman i plan to play. I have a long experience (10 years) playing Enhancement shaman and believe i know the spec pretty well. The nostalgia made me want to roll one again but with a twist. I been trying it out now on another server at low lvl (RFC and WC so far) and it worked well. A fun part have been the fact i had to sell into the groups 2-3 times (been doing RFC 3 times and WC 2 times) to accept me as tank and so far i haven't failed the group. In vanilla there were some who played shaman as tanks and especially in 5 mans. There were some guys doing it in raids. I been around looking for guides on the internet for Shaman tanking guide without success. I have some ideas myself for how it will look. But if anyone knows of a guide, some discussions about BiS, talents etc. I would be really happy to hear others ideas. Ps. all you who irritate your self over people not playing optimal sepcs etc. You don't even have bother answer to this post. Ds