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Found 1 result

  1. One of my favorite things in early vanilla was sniffing around for elite/quest boss demons to enslave for World PVP. Lord Banehallow, a quest elite from the Dreadsteed Quest in Felwood, and Lord Azrethoc, a quest elite in Desolace, spring to mind as pets I used to protect myself from the endless tide of forsaken rogues, to whom I was normally something of a domesticated prey animal, while I quested in those regions. There were also a few trash mob demons in early raids you could use (with a certain amount of care) as pets within that instance, and not to mention a plethora of options in various leveling instances. It was possible to sustain an enslave indefinitely by forcing the hidden Enslave Demon diminishing returns buff to fall off the demon in question by banishing it two or three times. One also used Curse of Shadows to improve Enslavement time and dependability because Enslavement either checked shadow resistance when it was cast to determine "break" chances, or simply had a hidden mechanic that did this. This was a significant delay period and got me killed plenty of times when my hunters got wise to my schemes. As time and patches rolled on, anything cool you could enslave was hand-flagged as immune. By TBC's release you were stuck with regular demons entirely, with all elites being generally unenslaveable. Additionally, the banish trick was silently patched sometime mid or late vanilla. How do you guys think this should work on Crestfall?