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Found 2 results

  1. I took care of the "Webserver" related issues today as promised by moving the forums to a new dedicated server, this should reduce the known Cloudflare errors. Also all sites should load a few times faster now without any noticeable delay. Additionally the bandwidth speed has been increased from 100Mbit to 1000Mbit (Reserved). Please note that the current PHP version and related configuration is experimental, I will watch the logs and statistics and tweak it accordingly. Please contact me if you encounter any unusual problems. Happy posting
  2. We are aware of the loading issues which appear randomly and show Cloudflare error messages like 520 or 521. It is caused by a communication issue between Cloudflare and our webserver which is currently hosting the forums of Crestfall Gaming. The server is working fine, reloading the page will fix the issue in 9 of 10 cases. I will write an announcement with further information once the issue has been fixed, I'm also considering to expand our web resources because our visitor amount is increasing exponentially. As mentioned on Discord, we prefer to have some reserves to compensate possible peaks. Also, one of our other dedicated testservers is currently resting and will be back in business again within a few days.