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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, let me intruduce me my newest addon: EzPoison. I made this for a friend and wanto to share it with you. It might be handy for rogues EzPoison What does it do? EzPoison allows you to assign poisons on your Main- and Offhand. It will show you if the poison is applied on the weapon and will reapply it on click, over macro or by keybinds. Features - uses automatically the highest rank of poison in your bag - 7 edditable profiles for all kind of situations - spamable keybind/macro to apply the assigned poisons - compatible with fubar - shows number of poisons in your bag - shows charges in original buff frame Macros /ezpoison - to show/hide the window /ezpoison apply - reapply the assigned poisons /ezpoison profile [number] - set a profile /ezpoison scale - set the window scaling (between 0.5 and 2) Known Bugs - if you edit a profile name: restart or reload is req. to see the new name in the dropdown Media Download https://github.com/Voidmenull/EzPoison Pls report bugs or your suggestions in this thread