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Found 3 results

  1. Tl;dr: dont let the alliance population percentage pursuade you from going HORDE, when everyone thinks like that naturaly the balance will have more. To start things off: the numbers are small and unrepresentative but i think its worth mentioning that it seems a wrong mentality is present in people picking their faction. If it comes down to statistics there will not be a big devide between horde and alliance, it is these faction percentage numbers that make people make a different choice for the matter of belonging in a big population or just scared of not finding enough "right" people to play with. Let me be the one to tell you that there wont be any problem making your own choice in wether to go horde/alliance and that u will find friends in either faction. Follow your own judgement and dont look at the numbers, in doing that you will find the balance you desire and there will be no one-sided community. Thread im referring to:
  2. Not what you think. No point in going over what has been gone over before. I'm just going to deal with statistics. People unsure of what to play or what faction to play can always look at benchmark statistics from other realms. As we are not going to advertise other existing servers we can look at extinct ones like Nostalrius. In this sense at least good old Nost is still benefiting the community by providing raw data on what *might* happen on the Crestfall PvE and PvP realms. The thinking behind this is relatively simplistic. First, you should play whatever you want to play, regardless of what others say and damn statistics Second, change is as good as a rest, if you've always played one class, one type (healer) or one faction, then playing something completely different can mean playing vanilla again is a fresh experience Third, should you want to do end content, if you are moderately skilled you will get a place, if you feel your skills are limited, then playing a class that is underpopulated increases your chances of getting a spot Below is based on this third tenet. Here are snap shots from the PvP population on Nost. The first is from the 13th of September 2015. Why I have picked such an early date will be explained shortly. So first of all sorry for the screen dump as it's so narrow, but you can make out the basics easy enough. It's interesting that the factions are exactly 50/50 with a total pop of ~8000 players. Being PvP we expect an emphasis on certain things. So Undead > Orc > Tauren > Troll. There is a huge percentage of Undead, maybe as many as all the other races together. On classes, Warrior > Rogue > Mage > Shaman > Warlock > Priest > Hunter > Druid I think an interesting spin on this is the #Shaman pretty much equalling mages, this is on the perception that Shamans are OTT in PvP in Enhancement spec as long as Windfury works as intended. So what we can say from this, is that if you wanted to play a Troll hunter you'd be pretty unique. On the alliance side it's Human > Night Elf > Gnome > Dwarf which is not a surprise owing the the classes: Warrior > Rogue > Mage > Paladin > Hunter > Warlock > Priest > Druid. So the human population gets a big increase owing to multiplicity of classes. It's interesting how low the numbers of priests are. The L60 stats don't skew things much differently. So basically a Dwarf/Gnome anything is rare and any priest is likely to be in high demand. However, if we roll it forward a few months, specifically 3rd March 2016, things have changed completely.... You'll notice on each faction, mages have gone right to the top. Human or Undead. Why the change you ask? Well the clue is in the top guild ranking on the RHS. Most of these guilds are Chinese, and most of them are chock full of farming mages. This is a salient example of what happens when you lose control of an economy. These guys are not here to experience Vanilla WoW, they are here to make money. This goes back to our circular argument on population size. With a population this big, you just can't control it, the gold farmers are there because of the size of the audience and the amount of money in the economy. Last up we'll do PvE. As you can see, the population is a healthy 3000+, in fact before Nost announce their shutdown it had reached over 4000. On Alliance we can see the usual suspects on race: Human > Night Elf > Dwarf > Gnome. Indeed, you can take this into account the pressure or the assistance you'll get in starting zones (depending on your perspective) However, once we get the warriors out of the way there is actually very little difference in the class numbers. Surprisingly, considering their DPS output, rogues are pretty rare. On the horde side, things are even more balanced with a very uniform spread amongst the classes. What's particularly important are the faction spreads, 61:39 in favour of alliance. This causes issues in viability on the horde side as the AH is heavily impaired, one of the reasons why I would advocate a cross faction auction house to begin with. Also note, no farmers as the economy is still quite young. So it's pretty important that people who really aren't that bothered about faction play horde on PvE if you can. So to recap. On PvP realms expect a high population balanced realm in relation to factions. For races and classes, it's imbalanced as people tend to choose based on the advantages they can get for edges in PvP. If your sole interest is in PvP then expect to see yourself replicated everywhere. If you want to do end content there may well be openings if you play priest/hunter/druid or troll anything/ For PvE, things are far more balanced with only a human Paladin being ubiquitous. A Gnome anything is a rare sight indeed. Of course, Crestfall may not end up this way, you never know, but at least these stats give you something to go on.
  3. We got time but sure others already made up their mind. Which faction are you supporting?