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Found 8 results

  1. As most of you already know by now, Crogge (the sysadmin) has been removed from the team. Therefore, these forums will potentially be closed down: Since I find this site an excellent resource, and the staff unfortunately can't make any promises on archiving and restoring it, I took the liberty of saving an offline copy (~2.5 GB) using a program called 'HTTrack Website Copier' (you could probably use it on the Wayback Machine archive too). It converts all the links to be locally accessed so you can still browse a site (as it was at the time of your latest backup) after it goes down, or if you simply want to browse a working site at a time when you are not connected to the internet. I will continuously be updating my personal backup, but in case anyone is interested and the staff condones it, I'll gladly edit this post to share my latest update with all of you. Of course you can also DIY; the program is quite easy to use and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.
  2. Hello everyone, The forums were created on the 16th April last year with Asura and Crogge as our first members. We rolled out into the public arena on the 17th, when most of us started to join. One year on, and we've had our ups and downs, but incrementally we get closer and closer to server launch with every day. We'd like to take this opportunity on our anniversary to thank you, the community. Not just because you populate these forums and keep things ticking over, but because you will form the backbone of the players, ensuring that the quality of the server and the realms is reflected by the quality and commitment from the players. Thank you.
  3. So I'm going to do this as an FAQ-style thread. On the scale of things this isn't important, at least not now, but it will probably become more important as we get closer to launch date. The main reason behind the post is that I'm on the record of saying that new staff members should introduce themselves, so people can ask the correct questions of them. So not posting this thread would be entirely hypocritical. Right, without further ado, here we go: Why are you the new community manager? To which the answer is I'm not. I'm not here to manage the community at all, I'm here to help it. So while I have moderation options I don't intend to use them except in extremis. The reason for this is that I am to act as an official go-between (gopher) between staff and the forum members. To do this I need some official sanction. So while I have moderation facilities, using them to penalise/mod the threads and posts of the forum members is not conducive if I then have to represent them as well. The role came about in a very round-a-bout way. It may still evolve and I might find myself being called something else like MVP (most valuable forum poster - which is horrible). However, in principle it came about for the following reasons - and this I should point out is my own interpretation. First of all, there is an acknowledgment that the only community that counts for Crestfall is right here on these forums. The only community that's more important will be the players on the server, but they still need the forums to communicate on. We fully realise how quiet the forums are, I highlight it pretty much every month. So by having me liaise with the community stresses how important we think you are, especially over the next few months as we get closer to launch date. You all know what will happen to the forums once the bandwagon starts and how toxic it may become, so this is a preventative cure before the toxin arrives. We will be better prepared. In terms of Discord and Reddit, after the Legacy Gaming Network event and fallout, it's become clear that neither serve as a suitable medium to communicate with the Pserver community. There is a CF reddit forum (Tumbleweed) and there is a semi-offical Crestfall Public Discord here https://discord.gg/MVN8B82 modded by @Chickengrease I will turn up on it from time to time as I need practice in dealing with people on Discord, but again, in a semi-official way. I'm confident closer to launch we'll start a fully public Discord set of channels again as well as a Reddit forum (heavily modded), but this is predominantly to catch another subset of players as well as a communication tool. Hence, backing up the value of the forums here. Lastly, the project is kicking into professional mode in relation to communication. We have 9 months left for 2017 and a commitment has been made for a launch this year. There is a very large amount of work to be done, but most if it involves crunching numbers and scripting as the core elements are in place. As such, the staff should be concentrating on getting the server and realms resolved and spending less time on the foums here answering every question that comes along. So the days of casual conversations with the God Crew are coming to an end. So this is where I come in. My job is to act as a bridge between the two, filtering out the less important questions and observations by answering them myself, or sending the more important ones to the correct individual and relaying the answers back. Yeah, but why you? I think the answer to that is that I'm well known on the forums here, so it's easier for people to accept my role. It's also down to trust. The staff here place trust pretty much above all else, although competency is pretty important too. I think they also respect the fact that I will challenge things and continue to be as independent as possible, and that I'll fight your corner. What about staff updates and announcements? So these will continue as normal. So we should still get Darkrasp's update today and this will continue on a fortnightly basis. I'm sure there will be other announcements in due time when appropriate. I don't have in depth knowledge of where we are on beta testing and what's been achieved behind the scenes, so there's no point in making announcements if I don't know what I'm talking about. I'll leave that to the experts. So how do you see your role here and what about all the stuff you said before. Yeah. So essentially everything pre 19th March 2017 is from Oustanding the forum junky. Everything from March 20th 2017 and for the foreseeable future is Outstanding the gopher, PR conduit, and 'on message'. So I won't be posting much, certainly in terms of opinions. Other people are going to have to take that so called mantle up and contribute a little bit more, but fresh blood will arrive as the year goes on so don't worry too much on that front. I'm also not going to be organising the community or asking people to name their favourite innkeeper in vanilla, although that's not a bad idea...... What I won't be doing is answering technical questions because I can't. This makes me a great addition to the team. I know jack shit even though I played for 5 years. I also have no previous Pserver experience so there's no dirt that can be dug up of previous gold selling experience. The role I see myself doing is mostly answering questions. These questions will be from ''when Crestfall'' to ''how do I become a developer here'' and everything in between. As such, I encourage you to contact me here on the forums, or private messages here, or on discord (Outstanding*#4109). I'll be like some sort of semi-intelligent algorithm, initially making mistakes (like this thread no doubt), but fine tuning things as I go along to a level of reasonable competency. I will be learning on the job so please forgive my trespasses. Last words? Of course. If I'm back to being a community member tomorrow that's down to my interpretation of the job and that of the God Crew. But I do want to emphasise this. We have gone through and will be going through a hard learning curve over the last few months and the months to come. It will all be to the good, even the brief LGN venture. We will be launching Crestfall and it is going to be 2.0 in terms of Pservers. I would not have taken this job otherwise. So good fortune all, and nice to meet you. @Asura @Crogge @Darkrasp
  4. Hello, Owing to a lazy bollox miscommunication, the review for yesterday, 31st January did not take place, therefore it is one day late. Not really going to make a difference as no-one is joining the forums these days, as we can extrapolate from the figures below. Normally I would spend some time lauding the forums, the staff, the members etc but I find myself in a state of ennui as a direct reflection of the current state of affairs on the forums. I can only plead that it's about time we had more videos and promotion thank you very much. Let's start with profiles.... Placeholders' number 2172. This is the term we use for people who want to join the forums by reserving their chosen name only. A lot of these names are nonsense names as a considerable percentage will never end up being players. We will only truly know what that percentage is when the realms are launched. there are also a reasonable number of duplicates. If Crestfall require membership on the forums as a perquisite to play on the realms, we can easily extrapolate the # of players compared to # of members. 'Avatars' number 435. This is a step up from placeholders as these individuals bothered their collective arses to create an avatar. Yes, I know it doesn't take long but we call these the '50%ers' meaning there is a 50% chance that they will end up contributing in some way. This could mean one post, or it could mean playing on a realm. 'Posters' number of 1043. So these are members that have contributed at least one post to the forums. This pretty much 28% of the member population. From experience I can tell you that this is both very high and very encouraging. 'Staff' well duh. The only massive increase in numbers has been staff orientated. Not too surprising I guess owing to the increased numbers of beta testers which is somewhat reassuring. I do wish that some new staff would make an effort to introduce themselves more rather than just turning up in Discord. But I can understand that anonymity amongst other things is important to them. Now let's look at recent joiners.. ... So let's put this into perspective. We're beginning to flatline. Take into account that a lot of the kids were off beginning of January and all the recent free publicity from the Netherwing fallout you would expect much better numbers than that. Now don't get me wrong, it's nice to be quiet and mature, but if we're looking to get a start on realm launches in the next 6 months, you will need to start attracting fresh blood shortly in order to bed them into the forums and community proper. So with that in mind @Crogge @Asura I think - with due respect - time for some advertising if you want a controlled launch with figures to make the realms sustainable. I will also point out that you also need fresh blood to populate the beta testers you are going to need over the next few months, and that will only come from further publicity. Sin é Edit With thanks to @loeth for proof reading
  5. Hello. Just throwing this out there as a suggestion. So there are a number of websites that will cater for hosting your guild so you can form your own community etc. Obviously, things have improved since Vanilla where TS was state of the art and most of the organising was done online. Still feel that having a guild website and forums are pretty important though. So your options seem to be things like enjin, gamerlaunch and shivtr. Problem here is that most of these cater for retail wow and offer little functionality to make one site different from the rest. Not knowing much about forums and websites I looked around and it seems pretty expensive if you want to go down the commercial route. Now I'm pretty sure that a lot of you can pass on your advice as to how to get around this with the least cost possible, but it occurred to me that we already have an incredible all-singing and all-dancing set of forums here. Would it be possible for Crestfall to offer an extension of their IPS forums to guilds in Crestfall? I can appreciate that this would mean a bit of research and would probably mean that you'd need to create a series of templates to choose from. But if this was possible, you could offer this service as a monthly fee to interested parties. The proceeds from the guild hosting could help run the servers. Additionally, you could link in raid progression, an armoury, and all the usual paraphernalia we remember from vanilla. It would also differentiate us yet again from the marketplace. I can appreciate that now is not really the time to be suggesting even more work for the staff, but maybe the community could supply the minions to make this happen.
  6. We are aware of the loading issues which appear randomly and show Cloudflare error messages like 520 or 521. It is caused by a communication issue between Cloudflare and our webserver which is currently hosting the forums of Crestfall Gaming. The server is working fine, reloading the page will fix the issue in 9 of 10 cases. I will write an announcement with further information once the issue has been fixed, I'm also considering to expand our web resources because our visitor amount is increasing exponentially. As mentioned on Discord, we prefer to have some reserves to compensate possible peaks. Also, one of our other dedicated testservers is currently resting and will be back in business again within a few days.
  7. Greets. The first in an occasional series if successful. Would be great if others from this era could add their own fond memories/horror stories or memes as they see fit. In the Beginning: In days of yore Blizzard used to roll our class fixes once per patch. The idea was that each patch would feature one character class which would be 're-balanced' in receiving nerfs and/or buffs to better balance the class for PvE/PvP. Clearly as most players have a particular preference for choosing particular character classes, the build up to the patch, which included 'consulting with the class community' through the forums was a time of intense speculation and angst amongst the affected players. In 1.8 we had the Druid revamp, in 1.9 we had Paladins. Now most people, particularly amongst the Shaman Community felt that they were going to get their patch along with Paladins at that time, but that wasn't to be the case. So when 1.10 came out it was assumed we would get our turn but nope, this time it was priests. People could understand why Paladins got the love as the class was pretty gimped before the patch with Paladins basically fulfilling cleansing and blessing roles and not much else. With the buffs that Paladins got (greater blessings) and the QQ'ing from Priest lobby (very intense), priests got priority for the 1.10 patch. This in turn led to the very vocal mage community wondering when they were going to get their patch, so in order to appease everyone, both mages and shamans shared the next available patch, 1.11. CM's were sent out to their respective communities and the Shamans version was called Eyonix. During this process, Eyonix went to E3 and coming back from it got pretty sick. It's rumoured he had gout. Either way, Eyonix was out of the picture for several weeks and CM's Tseric and Caydiem take over the feedback role. The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round: Fast forward to 1.11 hitting the Public Test Realm. Mages are moderately happy what with getting Evocation for free amongst other gifts. Shamans on the other hand felt that nearly all their requests had been ignored, particularly with PvE builds as a direct comparison with Paladins. It certainly seemed at that stage that the mild suspicion that Blizzard were pro-alliance had an element of truth to it. Cue to the EU forums (being ahead of the US versions) and Thundgot blithely informs the Shaman community that after he investigates their feedback was never actually sent to the developers, the patch was going live and your review is complete. So good old Eyonix comes back into the forums having recovered from his recent bout of gout (I speak a rhyme every time) and gets flamed in the forums by the Shaman community giving us this classic line: Q u o t e: This is but one example of the type of post which will result in the permanent removal from our boards. I've been seeing quite a bit of this lately and I believe that I've allowed every one opportunity to vent their frustrations. This is a video game. There is never just cause or reason to wish serious real life harm, or even death upon someone due any aspect of this game's design. If you disagree with me concerning the aspect of real life threat, or can't control emotion to the point of crossing this particular line, you don't belong on our boards -- plain and simple. You've had less communication concerning your review than any other class, I'm aware, and agree that it's unfortunate. Unfortunate in regards to perspective only, however. The design team is fully aware of the feedback offered from each region playing a Shaman. They've been aware of the feedback through every stage of the review, regardless of the amount of "blue" appearing on these boards discussing the Shaman. I'd like to begin discussing various items relating to the review with everyone, but you should be aware that I won't do so while this community remains in its current state. Please understand, I'm not under any obligation ever to respond to any specific thread, or participate in a particular discussion, or post on a particular board. I'd like to provide this community with more than just announcement messaging. However... Angry, frustrated, upset, disappointed, infuriated. None of these feelings, justified or not, make it okay to harass, insult or threaten another human being. We're not done making changes to the Shaman. We may not have time to make additional changes in time for 1.11, however. This quite simply isn't the end of the world, I'm sorry. The Shaman review wasn't even initially scheduled to commence until patch 1.12. What's also important is the fact that this review brought about many positive improvements, whether an individual chooses to acknowledge this or not is out of my control. The Shaman in its current state is far from "broken", and in patch 1.11, players will feel the effect of noticeable improvements overall. It's safe to say, even more so in patch 1.12. Claiming this is the worst review ever for reasons pertaining to x, y and z isn't very productive, and accomplishes little except to make yourself even more upset. We've heard the frustrations being expressed here with the same certainty from players of every class each time a review comes around. We're not interested in comparisons, nor are we interested in flames or unproductive criticisms. These forums are a separate entity from the game. They exist so we can hear your voice, and so that each of you can better know one. We'll respond when and where we feel it's appropriate, but that's done based upon our own discretion. Post your feedback and wait patiently. If you've become too frustrated, don't login to the forums for a few days. Manage your own emotion before posting here. When as a community, you're ready to discuss your class and the recent review, void of victimizing claims or venomous language, I'll be ready to respond. Those violating our Posting Guidelines will be dealt with swiftly. So for the next week, the mods spend most of their time deleting the various bile, hate and threatening posts from the wider community on the US forums (the EU version was a lot more reasonable). In the meantime, Eyonix tries to placate the rest of the more moderate posters by promising various changes such as better totem functionality, a re-working of the talent trees (mana-tide for free for example) and other freebies. The truth of the matter was that at this stage it was already too late. Burning Crusade was 6 months away and even at this stage the devs knew the base formats (Paladins -> Horde, Shamans -> Alliance) with major changes so why do the work twice over? What was important about this was the Shaman community, who up to that point were amongst the most constructive and active class community in WoW, became the class of rebellion and anarchy aptly shown here: Enter Tseric So you will remember Tseric as being the unfortunate CM drafted in to assist the Shaman community on their thoughts and prayers for their patch of love and nerfing? Let's fast forward a little bit in time less than a year later. At that stage, the Enhancement Shaman population were rather cross with Blizzard on the viability of their spec. Most of this was down to the blue chip part of the Shaman class, Resto, which was everything required in Burning Crusade that Enhancement were not. It's worth reading the entire thread from start to finish. I was there through all of this on both forums and knew Tseric reasonably well from the dialogue he had had with my Shaman colleagues in the US. But the whole thing kicked off and got out of control very quickly. I think most of us were pretty shocked at the outcome, because trolling the forums was de rigeur in the US and nothing like this had ever quite happened before: As you can see from the above post, the issue was clearly a hangover from the Eyonix/Shaman patch incident. A lot of banned posters from the flame wars with Eyonix had reinvented themselves. But it developed on from that, I won't bother posting the entire dialogue but you can pursue it here. The most quoted line in the exchange is here: But the more salient one was this: Tseric logged off and never returned. It's unknown whether he resigned or was fired. It is the only example I know of where a CM was trolled off a job. Needless to say, there was an awful lot of introspective and destructive posts and threads after the event, most of which got banned or deleted. The Shaman community remained as the rebels with a cause and some of you younger viewers may remember the '300' Still, we were left with this evocative image here: For the record, I 100% support Tseric. What happened to him was completely wrong and came from a time that Blizz really had difficulties in handling trolls in their forums. Tseric was also a very funny, witty, learned and intelligent CM, with a very incisive wit which he used to skewer posters who were being unreasonable. I'd love to have him on these forums dispensing arrows or retribution to all and sundry. Last point, I would like to highlight that as Crestfall is a free to play homage to WoW, and the developers, GM's and admin staff are therefore giving up their time/lives/girlfriends/families to provide us all with this service, ya'll should appreciate it just a little bit more, especially on these forums. I doubt the mods will have a 'customer is always right' perspective here.
  8. Hello! Something that has been bothering me a bit as an avid user of Apple's mobile devices and the default mobile-Safari web browser is the lack of a favourites icon for the Crestfall forums, illustrated below: I know that it's a minor complaint, but it triggers my (undiagnosed) OCD . I found this link/tutorial after doing some googling which might help you. Other than that, I love the design of these forums and how well they run on mobile. The mobile version of Kronos/Twinstar forums looks awful and ancient by comparison . Good job! Hopefully you can fix this tiny problem for us iOS users and it will be perfect .