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Found 2 results

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, our Alpha preview is online! Share and like this video if you enjoy the content. Feedback is welcome
  2. This is something that has become very real for me recently so it also peaked my curiosity with the rest of the community. Is anyone else currently in college or taking classes? If so, what are you currently majoring in? What are your career goals? What else in life asks for your time? How do you plan to keep fitting gaming into the mix as time goes on? As for myself, I am 27 years old and have got the opportunity to go back and work toward my Master's Degree in I/O Psychology. I look to start working in a business aspect with a Human Resources bent. Aside from classes, my time is split between my fiance and girlfriend of 7 years, community service work, and of course part time work to help pay for classes. Somewhere in the middle of this I try to schedule as much time to game as possible. Luckily, being a Guild Master, I can do MOST of my work on the go from an administration stand point, while pushing to make raids and dungeon runs at bare minimum for Crestfall. I hope in the future I have the time to devote to gaming, but I fear it will slowly diminish. Between eventually working full time again, starting a family, and community work, I may only have a few hours here and there to spare. I hope I have enough time to at least fit in a couple of raids for Vanilla WoW a week though.