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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Crestfall, As a lore addict I find myself wondering which race do I find myself leaning too. I had moments which I identified to several races but in the end only one makes sense to me. But there are others that I despise completely either be ally or foe and I'm wondering which are your preferences. Love I got to say the Tauren/Orcs are my favourite. Tauren are just my bros. They only take what they need, they are basically neutral if they handn't a blood oath with the orcs, all in all, everyone likes them because they are chill and when they fight, they smash you with a fucking totem. Orcs just because they are the extreme of all polarities. You have bad, not so bad, good but still bad and generally good. Claiming that you know the lore of the clans. I always find myself lured to the orcs of the Shadowmoon (Pre-corruption and post-corruption) due to their mystic and ruthless ways. I also understand their perseverance due to the fact that they are trying to live in an alien world. Hate Night Elves... Simply cuz they prance around with their vegan ways and racist bastards that are over 12,000 years old. Staghelm being their Donald Trump. (You can choose any race, its up to you don't need to be exclusive to playable races.)