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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, World! This is my first post here. I've been lurking around since around the whole LGN parody. Decided it was time i started contributing to this great community. About Me I'm 27 year old male from Denmark. I'm a computer scientist currently doing a PhD in formal methods in semantics and verification, mostly working on developing sound theories for model checking various classes of cyber-physical systems. Never played Vanilla other than private servers; started playing WoW just after WotLK came out and played for a few years, mostly to play with my brother who had been playing since launch. I played a bit on Nost with some friends and really enjoyed the "vanilla" experience, so a can't wait to try the PTE experience.
  2. Good day, comrades! Seems like you've already seen a lot of Nostalrius refugees here, and my story ain't much different. You know how it all goes: you take a little break from WoW to sort out some real life things, and when you're ready to return, it turns out that there's nowhere to return to. Unpleasant, to say the least. It was hard to find substitute for Nost - not only because it was the best of it's kind, but also because there are very few vanilla PvE servers. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate some world PvP now and then, but being an unskilled scrub that I am, I usually prefer to take my PvP in small portions. So when I heard about this project, it immediately got my attention. And after lurking on this forum a little, I can safely assume, that it's going to be great. I salute those, who continue working, and working hard, to once again revive our beloved game from years past. And I salute those, who support them in this doing. Paraphrasing the famous saying, "you can shutdown vanilla server, but you can't shutdown vanilla community". Salute!