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Found 2 results

  1. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss downranking spells as a Healing Priest. I'm in no way an expert on this topic as I did a majority of my end game healing in BC and if I remember correctly that was around the time this entire topic became obsolete (or at least was heading that way). I'm personally curious as to some of the thought process behind downranking for certain situations and how a few players who are used to the mechanic get that accomplished. So Downranking is essentially using a lower rank of a spell for mana efficiency or occassionally for a quicker cast (again I don't know if this is particularly applicable in terms of priest spells). If anyone has a better definition of such that would be helpful. Currently I'm using click casting addons whereas in the past I used Healbot. I'm noticing issues with my setup (which might be better suited to ask in an addon thread) where Clique won't properly Downrank. Calling all Vanilla healer pros for advice and help with the particulars of Downranking and how to actually implement those casts.
  2. Yeah, so there's only three classes in World of Warcraft. Everyone has a different viewpoint so here is mine. So everything starts with the Tank. The whole rhythm of an instance or a raid revolves firstly around your tank. If the drummer is average or bad, you'll know soon enough as mobs split off and head to the other band members. Best bit about the drummer is their ability to hide the occasional mistake by using their awesome talents of recovery. Most importantly, it's about stamina. Drummers don't tend to be flashy, they tend to do their job and just get on with it. So now we move into that other vital component of the band, the healer AKA the bass player. People will say 'Hey! I hear you play bass cause it's easier than guitar and drums' Fuck em. You know, down in the deepest dungeon or trying to nail that boss once again, it's you and the drummer that keeps the whole show on the road because you guys are the entire rhythm section. Why do the drummer and bass player always just *look* at each other? I'll tell you why........... This is why. It's the DPS crew AKA the lead guitar player. No wonder this band is screwed, if we had one lead guitar player we could probably make a decent band but for some reason we seem to have settled on three lead guitar players. All of them off doing their own riffs and gyrating around the stage like some sort of cheap pole dancer. Look at me, look how awesome I am. I can do ~1% less threat than the tank does, consistently, oops sorry, bum note <wipe> And then finally we have the specials, those of you that think just because you play a very special instrument like a retribution paladin you'll fit in the band just fine....