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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, World! This is my first post here. I've been lurking around since around the whole LGN parody. Decided it was time i started contributing to this great community. About Me I'm 27 year old male from Denmark. I'm a computer scientist currently doing a PhD in formal methods in semantics and verification, mostly working on developing sound theories for model checking various classes of cyber-physical systems. Never played Vanilla other than private servers; started playing WoW just after WotLK came out and played for a few years, mostly to play with my brother who had been playing since launch. I played a bit on Nost with some friends and really enjoyed the "vanilla" experience, so a can't wait to try the PTE experience.
  2. Hello, all my beautiful people of Crestfall Gaming! I'll start off by the simple things. My name's Loreta. I'm female, and go by 'she/they' pronouns. Also, - I'm from Latvia. I'm sure only few of you have ever heard of a shit country like Latvia anyway. Currently I'm 14 years old, and I gotta say that I haven't been into Warcraft for a very long time. It's been only a year or something like that, so I really don't know shit about this game, but I love it though. My friend Alex (Aleksis) a.k.a Karamele asked to play Warcraft WOTLK with me, and I knew about it, but haven't played it, even though I was playing other MMORPGs like TERA, Rift, Guild Wars 2, even MU Online and what not. So when I started to play it, of course I couldn't get my hands off it, the first minute I created a character I was sucked into World of Warcraft fandom. Started to watch lore videos in my free time, and play 24/7 as a noob Blood Elf hunter. After I got to know the lore, I really fan-girled about Sylvanas. I just love her. You probably already knew that, looking at my nickname and the topic title. So that's basically it about me&warcraft. If you want to get to know me, continue reading to i&me&myself, a.k.a - about me. :> So! I play A LOT of games. Like, A LOT. From CS to story games. Favorite game genre is RPG, and I love when a game has full character customization and romance options in it, so I'll basically play anything with that type of feature in it. My personal favorites are Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Life is Strange. I also enjoy games like Hearthstone, but I don't play Hearthstone anymore, I've moved on to Duelyst. You can find my steam account by clicking here. In my free time I like to mainly just chill, listening to music, watching a TV show or by making something in Photoshop. My Photoshop experience is almost 4 years, and I've made some money with it too, by making website designs. You can find my portfolio by clicking here. My personal style is androgynous, and my music taste is very weird. I'll basically listen to anything that sounds good to me, starting from pop to rock. My favorite artists are PVRIS, Pink Floyd, Halsey and Led Zeppelin. I don't watch movies or read books a lot, but if I do, the genre is Sci-Fi or LGBT representation. My favorite movie is Carol, and book's probably Keeping You a Secret or Ready Player One. But, TV shows are basically my life. The best TV shows I've seen are The 100 (fuck season 3 though), Lost Girl, OITNB, Orphan Black and Once Upon a Time. Overall I'm a very open-minded person, not really outgoing and I'm probably the nicest rude person you'll ever meet. I don't give a fuck about anything but at the same time I care about a lot. I hate people but I develop crushes easily. I hate myself but I'm completely fabulous. Also I'm very anti-social because of anxiety. My personality's type is ISFP and I'm Leo by horoscope. I enjoy writing poems, mainly in English. Currently on the path of discovering myself. Also I'm a lazy fuck who doesn't like school. Not because I don't like education, but because I don't like being treated like shit every single day. So, yeah, that's basically it. Can't wait for server's opening! If you want to know something more about me, just ask! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! <3
  3. Hi there, well ehm like the title says im from germany, suprise suprise i've started playing WoW once again after a while and after playing Legion for a month i was like ....... i got the feeling that hitting lvl 110 with 850Gearscore nowdays is faster then hitting lvl 60 back in the days i remember the good old time when i was sitting in front of my big brothers computer and watching the "CDs" !!!! installing World of Warcraft *shiver down my spine* back there, probably noone would have taken me with him on a raid, to be honest i was a kid now i am back and hope for an awesome time with you guys cya hopefully in open Beta soon *edit* btw im 25 years old so back then i was only 11
  4. Hello everyone, another Nostalrius refugee here! I'm 34 years old and I'm from Spain. I'm really hyped because I think Crestfall it's going to offer the high-quality, progressive vanilla server that I was looking for and found in Nostalrius until it was closed. Me and my girl played in retail at the time of Burning Crusade to WotLK transition until decided to quit, so we strongly hope that there is going to be a PVE realm like Nost, where we had a great time leveling and doing dungeons with our guild. It wasn't till then that we could enjoy (in our opinion) the best WoW experience for us. Surely many players (and old mates) will come if Crestfall fulfill the expectations, so I think there will be enough players to keep alive both PvP and PvE realms. We look forward to more news about the progress, and wanted to congratulate the dev team for this promising server. We hope we can set up a Spanish alliance guild in the PvE realm soon. Best regards. PS: Sorry if my English is not very good and I made any mistake . And, of course, we we'll be glad to help in anything you may need.
  5. Realized I never said hi, so hello. Starting following this project a week or two back. Use to play nost, but only did for about a week. Though, still fell in love with the experience again as I played all wow xpacs except pandaria. So with they, hello.