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Found 6 results

  1. Placeholder. For more information: Back once Beta is released based on feedback
  2. Hello, i'm Tronus and i'm an European guy that want to create and push a good cooperative guild through this Vanilla realm (both PvE, PvP). I've seen that at the moment there aren't active horde guilds in recruiting, so i thought to create my own one and regroup all the disbanded players that want to join "HORDE". So the main objectives that i would to reach are: - create a good cooperative guild group in which one can help each other ( this is a prio for all the group); - create a good raid group (with a flex raid schedule) to try to reach the "First Realm"; - create good and competitive BG/Arena groups with the goal to destroy the "ALLIANCE" and to push the rating; - enjoy the contents and have fun togheter; These are the main objectives that i would try to reach with your help, for any questions about it just send me a message and i'll try to answer you as soon as possible. So ty for reading this post and see you soon in the game. "For the Horde". P.S: as soon as i will see people coming to this "call" a guild forum will be created with the apply section to make a census about the races and classes we would need for the guild. Tronus.
  3. Greetings. No polls were killed in this thread. The Guild I'm going to help form a guild. It will be called <The Filthy Casuals>. The purpose of this guild will be a multiple. In the first instance it will be a casual and social guild designed for mature, relaxed people with an abiding sense of humour that don't take themselves too seriously. It might raid, but that's not the be all and end all. It might PvP in BG's and killing that prick Fangorm Staghelm, but that's not important right now. What this guild will appeal to are people who: Level up in their own good time and smell the roses and eat the mushrooms on the way Want to explore all of Vanilla WoW and test the boundaries (literally) of the realm Think that levelling their professions is as important as levelling itself Understand that fishing is nearly as important as downing Kel'Thuzad Are here for the PTE long term Want to make money legally on the AH, form cartels, spread their experiences to guildies in-game and in general, become filthy rich casuals. You get the idea. Why isn't this on the guild forum then? Good question. Because we have to think of the bigger picture. From the very start of Crestfall we've been pursuing a simple goal, that we would have a PvE realm from server start. We've been fortunate in that the devs have been sympathetic to this dream, hence Zul'Dare. Since this was agreed we've been working on a number of other things to try and ensure that we maximise the PvE population. Getting the RP section on the forums is a good example of this. After all, if the realm is all-inclusive then you are maximising your potential. At this stage however, the workload now shifts to us for two salient reasons. The first is that PvE is the poor relation of PvP on private servers. While we don't know what the ratio is, we can make a guess that the population on the PvE realm will be ~60% of its bigger PvP brother. The second reason is that on PvE realms there is always an historic imbalance in favour of the Alliance. Our best guess will be 60:40 in their favour. In essence then, the PvE realm will be gimped in numbers (but still very healthy) and the Horde side on Zul'Dare will be gimped still further. With this natural imbalance it means that those of us who want to join the Zul'Dare horde side are going to have to be high on quality to make up our lack of numbers. So what's the plan then? We may be small in number but we will make up for it because we'll be more organised and resourceful than anyone else. In short, we will actually have a plan. In relation to our faction on Zul'Dare we will have the following tasks to achieve: Use the forums to encourage as many players as possible to roll horde on Zul'Dare without being pushy and obnoxious Act as a support network for new players and guilds in relation to assistance in quests, levelling, equipment and information to make the user experience easier without spoiling their fun Tie in with the top Horde raiding guilds to supply them their mats and consumables at fair prices so they can concentrate exclusively on raid progress From day one, start on the AQ war effort to ensure that the Horde (at least) are not found wanting in fulfilling our side of the bargain Ensure that at the very least, Horde PvE guilds have a chance with server firsts in AQ40 and Naxx as opposed to our Alliance counterparts but in particular, Kul'Tiras Do our damnedest to make Zul'Dare the best realm ever in vanilla WoW (retail or PC) and continue this through all expansions Make RL friends throughout this great community of ours that lasts the years ahead. Final Thoughts We can't do this without the community. I'm guessing based on previous threads that there is a genuine interest in this. We're kicking this off now before Beta so we can get an inkling if it's worth pursuing, so let us know what you think, good and bad. There's a placeholder launched on the guild forums just to get first dibs on the name. We'd like to see an Alliance equivalent whom we'll call The Casual Filthy's to replicate what we're doing here and for neutral AH action. PvE has always been about community. Let's reach out and snowball our realm.
  4. I thought it might be nice to have these guides in one place in case people request them. The correct vanilla versions can be a bit hard to locate. Not sure if it's worth pinning, but we can at least have them available for search. I personally won't use a guide when the server goes live, but plan to use one on beta as it allows you to progress quickly so that we can get through more content and encounter more bugs. It also takes you through a great deal of content and which will expose more bugs. Both of these should be accurate to Vanilla. I've only seen a couple of quests in either guide that did not match Nost/Kronos and even with those it could be the fault of the servers. Joana/Mancow's Leveling guide for Horde http://xoma-rnd.narod.ru/1-60-horde-leveling-guide-v1.06.htm This guide was created for vanilla but was later updated with a few quests from BC. These quests can be ignored, as you won't find them on our server. (Let me know if you see any others and I will edit the post) 26-28 Ashenvale Destroy the Legion Diabolical Plans Never Again! 29-30 Thousand Needles A Different Approach A Dip in the Moonwell 34-36 Stranglethorn Vale Bloodscalp Insight An Unusual Patron 41-42 Swamp of Sorros Little Morsels Dustwallow Marsh The quests from the crashed zeppelin and Mudsprocket. Jame's Alliance leveling Guide http://wow-pro.com/node/600/revisions/600/view The horde leveling guide assumes you start in the Durotar and is a full 1-60 guide with minimal grinding. The Alliance leveling guide starts at 30, as it assumes that you'll be able to figure out the first 30 on your own since there are plenty of zones for leveling early on. "Some people say that Grinding is always faster than questing, this is true in theory when you don't know which quests to take and which to avoid, and what is the best order to do them. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and much better than pure grinding." -Jame Enjoy!
  5. Hello, my name is Oliver and I'm thinking about creating a Swedish raiding guild who aim to be top 10 on this server. I'm looking for experienced people to take officer spots and help me recruit. I'm a very experienced GM and I've had many sucessful guilds on retail, 250 world at best. We will even have a premade pvp team. Even though we will only raid 2 days a week I require that you bring everything needed to make that 2 days worth, no slacking allowed. Add me on skype for more info, Oliverbyo Regards Oliver
  6. Not what you think. No point in going over what has been gone over before. I'm just going to deal with statistics. People unsure of what to play or what faction to play can always look at benchmark statistics from other realms. As we are not going to advertise other existing servers we can look at extinct ones like Nostalrius. In this sense at least good old Nost is still benefiting the community by providing raw data on what *might* happen on the Crestfall PvE and PvP realms. The thinking behind this is relatively simplistic. First, you should play whatever you want to play, regardless of what others say and damn statistics Second, change is as good as a rest, if you've always played one class, one type (healer) or one faction, then playing something completely different can mean playing vanilla again is a fresh experience Third, should you want to do end content, if you are moderately skilled you will get a place, if you feel your skills are limited, then playing a class that is underpopulated increases your chances of getting a spot Below is based on this third tenet. Here are snap shots from the PvP population on Nost. The first is from the 13th of September 2015. Why I have picked such an early date will be explained shortly. So first of all sorry for the screen dump as it's so narrow, but you can make out the basics easy enough. It's interesting that the factions are exactly 50/50 with a total pop of ~8000 players. Being PvP we expect an emphasis on certain things. So Undead > Orc > Tauren > Troll. There is a huge percentage of Undead, maybe as many as all the other races together. On classes, Warrior > Rogue > Mage > Shaman > Warlock > Priest > Hunter > Druid I think an interesting spin on this is the #Shaman pretty much equalling mages, this is on the perception that Shamans are OTT in PvP in Enhancement spec as long as Windfury works as intended. So what we can say from this, is that if you wanted to play a Troll hunter you'd be pretty unique. On the alliance side it's Human > Night Elf > Gnome > Dwarf which is not a surprise owing the the classes: Warrior > Rogue > Mage > Paladin > Hunter > Warlock > Priest > Druid. So the human population gets a big increase owing to multiplicity of classes. It's interesting how low the numbers of priests are. The L60 stats don't skew things much differently. So basically a Dwarf/Gnome anything is rare and any priest is likely to be in high demand. However, if we roll it forward a few months, specifically 3rd March 2016, things have changed completely.... You'll notice on each faction, mages have gone right to the top. Human or Undead. Why the change you ask? Well the clue is in the top guild ranking on the RHS. Most of these guilds are Chinese, and most of them are chock full of farming mages. This is a salient example of what happens when you lose control of an economy. These guys are not here to experience Vanilla WoW, they are here to make money. This goes back to our circular argument on population size. With a population this big, you just can't control it, the gold farmers are there because of the size of the audience and the amount of money in the economy. Last up we'll do PvE. As you can see, the population is a healthy 3000+, in fact before Nost announce their shutdown it had reached over 4000. On Alliance we can see the usual suspects on race: Human > Night Elf > Dwarf > Gnome. Indeed, you can take this into account the pressure or the assistance you'll get in starting zones (depending on your perspective) However, once we get the warriors out of the way there is actually very little difference in the class numbers. Surprisingly, considering their DPS output, rogues are pretty rare. On the horde side, things are even more balanced with a very uniform spread amongst the classes. What's particularly important are the faction spreads, 61:39 in favour of alliance. This causes issues in viability on the horde side as the AH is heavily impaired, one of the reasons why I would advocate a cross faction auction house to begin with. Also note, no farmers as the economy is still quite young. So it's pretty important that people who really aren't that bothered about faction play horde on PvE if you can. So to recap. On PvP realms expect a high population balanced realm in relation to factions. For races and classes, it's imbalanced as people tend to choose based on the advantages they can get for edges in PvP. If your sole interest is in PvP then expect to see yourself replicated everywhere. If you want to do end content there may well be openings if you play priest/hunter/druid or troll anything/ For PvE, things are far more balanced with only a human Paladin being ubiquitous. A Gnome anything is a rare sight indeed. Of course, Crestfall may not end up this way, you never know, but at least these stats give you something to go on.