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Found 2 results

  1. I could look this up, but more interested in teasing this out over time. So, being venerable in WoW terminology, I come from an RPG background like D&D et. al. That's like with dice, paper, rule books and miniatures. In those days, you would need 5 people to run a half-way decent session. One would be the DM (referee), then you'd need a fighter (warrior), a priest (priest) and then a choice between a Magic-User (mage), Thief (Rogue) or a mixture between the others if you were Elven/Dwarven. The thing is though, that 4 players was usually seen as an optimum number comprising of tanking/protection, healing and DPS. Considering how much of WoW relies on the sane background. Why did the developers decide on having 5 players in instances and why did the numbers work out so skewed towards DPS? Just curious what you think. Cheers
  2. Which instances will be open upon launch and in what order will new ones subsequently follow? let's start around level 40-ish instances! I didn't play retail vanilla, thus i'm wondering what will be available to me so I can plan ahead! Excuse me if this has been discussed elsewhere, all i've found so far was that Maraudon will be open with the launch and that Dire Maul should follow. I'm just looking for some more exact details! Thanks! Marbo