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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, World! This is my first post here. I've been lurking around since around the whole LGN parody. Decided it was time i started contributing to this great community. About Me I'm 27 year old male from Denmark. I'm a computer scientist currently doing a PhD in formal methods in semantics and verification, mostly working on developing sound theories for model checking various classes of cyber-physical systems. Never played Vanilla other than private servers; started playing WoW just after WotLK came out and played for a few years, mostly to play with my brother who had been playing since launch. I played a bit on Nost with some friends and really enjoyed the "vanilla" experience, so a can't wait to try the PTE experience.
  2. Why, hello there, reader. I am the almighty baboon, Riddlepop. I am known for the best butt in the whole jungle. Jokes aside, I'm really glad that I have stumbled upon this project, and this awesome community. I'm pretty new to WoW in general, and not being able to pay for the retail version(baboons don't really get paid), my only option was to try out a private server. WoW is something you really have to experience at least once, in my opinion. This game is a huge staple in gaming history, no doubt. Hearing everyone talk about how vanilla was the thing back in the day, and how the newer stuff is not up to their expectations and so on, I decided to start out with vanilla, and I had a blast. I was wondering why didn't I get to play this sooner? What's wrong with me? It's a great game, love the huge environment, love the quests(although I found it weird that quests had no tracking at first, but I went with it. Guess Blizzard was so proud of their map they made you closely explore every inch of it), community wasn't bad. Being able to do quests together was a plus. Leveling is a bit of a grind, but it's all worth it. Aaaand... that's about it. Still a stinking noob. TL;DR: Cool game, bro. Baboon likes.
  3. Hi

    Hello, just wanted to write this up real quick. I plan on playing on the Zul'Dare PvE server as a human warrior engineering/enchanting. i played retail for roughly 3 years from wotlk to cata my main at the time was a nelf hunter. Thanks to WoW, researching things about video games has become a fun hobby of mine. For instance i can recall when I was installing wow for the first time realizing I hadn't played any mmo let alone multiplayer game at the time, I found these set of videos. looking back at them now they're pretty cringey but i still hold some guilty pleasure for them thanks to nostalgia. I don't expect to have too much of a presence here since most of my time is spent shitposting elsewhere but I can promise to save anything I find useful for this forum. *shill inc* i have been playing halo online to pass the time waiting for CF release if anyone wants to join. Also reading through old forums with hindsight i find fun to pass the time as well.
  4. Hello dear players, I want to introduce myself to the community. I'm a hungarian guy who plays WoW quiet some time (since 2005) mostly on "private servers". I'm so hyped about Crestfall, can't wait to log-in and enjoy the game on a PTE realm. On my journeys in Azeroth, I mostly played priest and barely touched PvP, so I'm quiet a raiding guy. I still can't decide what class to roll when CF launches. I'm thinking between Priest and Hunter. Maybe, you guys can give me some ideas and advices about this. I'm very excited about the project and hope the best for all of you guys! Cheers and see you in-game and on the forums!
  5. Hello, Crestfall Community! I am gonna keep it silly and just refer to myself as Wightlord. Why? I dunno, I hate picking names and I'm playing Total War: Warhammer while I'm doing this. I've been a member of Blizzard's WoW since late vanilla, up until the recent Legion expansion. Though I missed much of vanilla WoW, most of my memories were built in TBC and Cataclysm (I also missed out on the majority of Wrath, since I played on-and-off for a while as well). I've enjoyed World of Warcraft thoroughly throughout the years, the lore, the experiences. Legion was a great expansion pack, in my opinion, but it still failed to keep my attention. Again I find myself on the 'off'-part of my on-and-off cycles. I don't imagine I'll ever return to present-day WoW, either. Somehow, by random youtube videos, I've found myself here. This is one of my potential picks for my new WoW-home. Nostalrius fell, and last I read about it, it was going to transfer its data to the Elysium server? I'm not entirely sure on the details anymore. Either way, I'm in search of a place to re-experience WoW, and thise is a hopeful alternative! I look forward to playing with anyone here, and hope to enjoy my time with you all.