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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: The author has been accused of being overweening to the point of arrogance. The author has also been accused of arrogance. Lastly, the author has been accused of projecting, or, in a case of misunderstanding terminology, trying to influence others by using mere words and logic, thus forming a consensus opinion that reflects their own. All and some of this may be true. There are four people I trust in Pservers who act as front of office facemen. First is Darkrasp. Now he and I may not get along much these days. Things have been done and things have been said. There was never a strong relationship to begin with nor a chance for it to develop but, inherently I trust him and his work ethic. He's the backbone of Crestfall and has shown all the loyalty, integrity and honesty you need as a front line manager. Next is Elicas. Again, I don't have much of a relationship with Elicas other than multiple Discord chats and some venting conversations. He's also a bit salty sometimes. But, again I totally trust him to do a professional job and not betray the project or the people he is associated with. Stop laughing at the back there. I know exactly what you're thinking and you're exactly wrong as recent events have shown. Plus, he's the hardest working tester in the multiiverse. Next is Wyke. I do not know Wyke at all. But we have a recorded history of everything he has done and everything he has associated with. I'm sure he's not perfect, but in Pserver terms he is Sir Galahad. Yes, Lancelot gets all the cookies but his fingers were in the pie, so to speak. Last is me. Stands to reason. If you can't ttrust yourself then everything in the world around you is built on quicksand. There's quite a few other people I would trust, but I won't name them. Partly because some won't appreciate it, mostly because they can't, won't or are unsuited to be front of office. You know who you are, so you know I'm not slighting you. If you disagree with my front office analogy about you, then just raise your hand below. It might prove highly amusing. So that's the first challenge of Crestfall. The people who front this from now on have to be trustworthy. I include the four people above because in my opinion, any or all four of us can face up this project and talk to the community, knowing that the people who we count on can trust us. If CF is going to survive in any context, then from my entirely subjective persepctive, it's got to be us or no-one. This is the easy part. ________________________________________ Now we get to the hard part, funding. Hobby bullshit project is bullshit. CF can only survive if it receives a wealthy backer or donations from the community. This should not and cannot come from the developers and staff, although they should feel free to contribute if they want. So what the project needs to do is to establish a slush fund to pay for the hardware/software required, plus the ancillary services of a website, this forum and so forth. We need to set a monthly budget required and ensure we are always 3 months ahead of demand. I do not believe the costs for this are prohibitive. I do not think you would need too many contributions. As a suggestion, I would say a €4.99 monthy subscription and get about 250 people to subscribe, giving us ~€1250 per month. This is enough to pay for contingencies and initial set-up costs, but not enough to make anyone feel greedy. Naturally, transparency is the key. We don't want to name subsribers, but we do want to present a monthly budget to them by email so they can see where the costs are going. This ties in with the trust part above. Now everytime I raised funding up on this forum I was derided and abused, because people don't think they should pay to play on a Pserver. To these people I have only one word to say to you: Elysium. Now, you can change the funding option you like to novelty pets or special mounts, you can pay to retain a name, or change faction or all other cosmetic stuff, but for me this cheapens the game and the reputation of the server. Ultimately with me it's down to having the courage of your convictions. If we believe we are creating a far superior core than anyone else, if we believe that the user experience will be as realistic as possible, if we believe that the server will be run in a professional and impartial way, and if we believe that only CF can provide a PTE experience, why the hell wouldn't people pay for a €5 subscription knowing they can cancel it at any time if we fail to deliver? For this to work, you need to set realistic, achievable goals. By that I mean ''Beta Testing ends xx/xx/xxxx'' ''PTR opens xx/xx/xxxx'' ''Server opens xx/xx/xxxx'' so people can bail out if targets are missed. This brings us back to one of my favourite subjects, project management. Structure. Organisation. Planning. Management. Task Completion. All things you don't hear about in Pserver world. If CF is a better product then it needs to be managed better too. One option on the subscribers is as follows. If for legal, financial, or quality of life reasons it was decided not to go for a free-for-all server available to all, there is always the possibility of engineering a smaller project that is genuinely private, with a target audience of ~2500 people. You can drop the rate down to €1 per month if you like, and invitation would be word of mouth with security clearance as an addition. _____________________________________ Now we get to the hardest part. The back end office. So any of the front office are just contributors to the project. We don't run the project per se, we just do what we're told. We may have integrity and honesty, so if we smell a rat we're first to voice our opinions. But our good friends can't go after us because our association with the project is no different than the secretary or public relations spokesperson in Goldman Sachs. What we need is an owner who is geographically impossible to send a legal writ against. Essentially, the opposite of Gummy/Felmyst. I think this may be the trickiest part but I have a pretty good idea how it can be done. _____________________________________ That's it. Nothing massively complicated. But that's my overweening, projective, arrogant, subjective opinion. It's only part of what we are as a community. So those of you still out there, and those of you lurking in the long grass, feel free to add your own noble, wothwhile, objective and honest rebuttals below.