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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. A lot of you may know about this guy who clearly has a small chip on his shoulder about Kronos. I check up on his stats from time to time, have to say I consider them to be factual and accurate. The latest stats are extremely worrying about Kronos, pre-merger. Link is here If Kronos throw in the towel (as I have no doubt that they consider the server to be a commercial entity and not a charity vehicle) then this would be a serious blow to the community.
  2. Hi! Longtime lurker and can't wait to start playing! I have a question regarding the chat feature: I've played on Kronos since it launched and they've used it since the beginning. It is usually filled with thrashtalk and racist remarks. My question is; Will Crestfall be using a worldchat or stay true to the original system? (If the question already have been answered, please point me in the right direction)
  3. Howdy folks, What about a Kronos 2 guild for people waiting for Crestfall? We could do world PvP and talk about Crestfall plans. Maybe some twinking. Does something like this exist?