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Found 1 result

  1. I wanted to offer a suggestion to the crestfall game designers. I love classic world of warcraft very much with the hit parry 50% miss chance mechanics and slow casual friendly gameplay (no complex rotations or addons macros or complicated raid boss mechanics) So my suggestion is to make ladder styled server. Maybe every 8 months to 1 year reset the vanilla wow ladder server back to the first content patch, and everybody create new characters again to level to 60 and start dire maul. Then every 1-2 months release content patch after content patch. This would keep crest fall designers with a job and keep them in business. What i fear most is that we make vanilla wow characters, and play them through all the expansions and then we will get bored...and i am equally worried after the "raid race" finishes the vanilla wow servers will be abandon and the hype train will go away and it will be hard to raid in a fresh guild from molten core to AQ to ZG to naxx after the Naxx patch has been out for several years. Me i love to play vanilla wow for more than 6 years maybe for as long as possible. Most people who want to play vanilla wow will transfer to the BC server or quit or lose hype. It would be good if a vanilla wow server could keep resetting so you could try different classes and hit 60 and re-do the raid race overs and overs and overs. Would keep content fresh and last longer. Maybe people don't like vanilla wow gameplay but only love to gank in STV or / and / also love to be a top raid racing guild and want to be the best. Look at kronos and elysium. What will happen when the raid race hype is gone ? are supposed to focus on pvp to keep vanilla servers alive for more than 6 years ? i hope crestfall adds more content to vanilla wow servers that didn't existed back in vanilla wow OR they do ladder raid race resets to keep it fresh. Thanks for reading this, i hope my feedback helps.