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Found 5 results

  1. So based off of Asura's last post, the plan is still a 2017 release date. I thought we could have some collective fun in the months leading up to the open beta and ultimately, the launch. Whats this all about? Its about guessing the open-beta and launch dates for an in-game reward for whoever gets one or both dates right. How does it work? You guess two different dates, one for the open-beta and one for the actual launch. If the date you pick is the correct date or are the closest to it, you will win the prize. So what is the prize? The prize is the sum of money based off of how many people participate. Each date costs 25s of in game currency to place. You must pick both an open-beta AND a launch date. Separate prize pools are awarded for each date. So you can win the open-beta pick, the launch pick, or both! For example, 70 people each pick their dates, that's 50s per person, 25s per date, so 35g on the line total. Each date has 17g 50s awarded to the winner(s). You pick the correct date or be closest to the correct date, and I will coordinate you receiving that money in the game after launch. Can I pick as many dates as I want? No. At minimum you must pick 2 dates, one for open-beta and one for launch so each participant is wagering at minimum 50s. There must be a maximum limit on picks otherwise you could just pick every date available and win. I am setting the maximum at 3 pairs of dates (3 open-beta and 3 launch). Can I pick a date already chosen? Yes, you can pick whatever date you choose up until it has been chosen 3 times. The award will be split among all who have picked that date. There will be a first mover advantage, however. The first person to have chosen that date will get a larger portion of the winnings. The second will receive more than the third. Splits will be 60/40 for a 2 person date and a 50/30/20 for a 3 person date. This is to protect the early adopters from having their pick "diluted" by people who may come later and pick their dates. The dilution isn't so severe to dissuade someone from picking that date if they have a strong feeling (40% vs 50% of prize). Can anybody participate? No. Obviously we can't take cross realm picks. All players MUST be participating in the Zul' Dare PvE realm. Alliance or horde doesn't matter. We can receive payments through the SV auction house so we can combine the prize pool for the whole server. I will volunteer to collect and disperse payments on the horde side of the game and would look for 1 volunteer to collect from the alliance side. If nobody volunteers, I can make an alt to collect the money and see to it the proper winner receives payment. In addition, no insider trading will be allowed. This means that those in direct affiliation with the developers (and the developers themselves obviously) can not participate. Basically, anybody with a special tag under their name. Sorry guys, this must be legit How do I play? To make a pick, you must format it a specific way so it is clear to everyone. There is a special prize for both dates being picked by the same person explained below so this is important in order to avoid confusion. I recommend copying and pasting this format. For the sake of confusion and fairness, picks not in this format will be up to my discretion to determine your meaning. I will try and clarify via PM with you. All dates are based off of GMT+2 time zone. For North American players, this means that if launch is at 6:00 pm September 6th Central time for you, launch was really September 7th, 1:00 am GMT+2 and thus, the official launch date will be September 7th. Example 1. One pick B--> June 23, 17 L--> October 13, 17 Example 2. Three picks B--> June 23, 17 L--> October 13, 17 B--> July 4, 17 L--> November 28, 17 B--> August 16, 17 L--> December 31, 17 B is for Beta and L is for launch. In order to win the Grand Prize explained below, only the pairs listed together count towards that prize. All right all right, what's the Grand Prize? If someone picks both the correct beta and launch dates with the same pair of dates, they will win both prizes regardless of whether or not other people have picked those dates. In Example 2 above, if open beta began on July 4th and launch was November 28th, that would win the Grand Prize and that person would win everything even if other people had selected those dates. If open beta began on July 4th but launch happened on December 31, that would NOT win the Grand Prize, but that person would win his/her share of the winnings depending on how many other people chose those dates and where they were in the selection order (1st to choose that date or 2nd or 3rd). In the event two or more people win the grand prize, payment will be broken down in the same percentages listed above based on who picked first. When would I get my winnings?!?! I will do my best to collect all the money and disperse payment before you hit level 40. I think the reward would mean more if you could put it towards your first mount. So that being said, I would want payment from everyone who placed a wager by the time they reach level 30. Since nobody can wager more than 1g 50s, this shouldn't be an issue for anyone to pay up. Payment will not be accepted in the form of materials, only in game currency!! Obviously, people level at different rates and if you are one of the first to hit level 40, I cant guarantee you will receive payment by then, but I will do my best to get you your winnings by then. I can not guarantee people will honor their commitment and I am not responsible for covering any unpaid obligations by other players. With that being said, on a smaller server reputation is important and if you can't be relied upon to honor a 50s commitment (that is equivalent to a stack of linen cloth............linen cloth) it will likely not be a server you will thrive in anyway. Any other rules? Once a pick is made and posted on this forum and recorded by me, it is final and can NOT be changed. I will run a spreadsheet that lists the user name listed, the picks they made, and the date/time the pick was made which I will make public at the end of this post. Once I have it in my spreadsheet it is in the books. Again, for fairness and honesty, any post that has been marked as "edited" by the time I see it and record it will NOT be valid and I will message you to notify you that your pick was NOT accepted UNLESS no other pick has been made by any other player that conflicts with your picks by the time I see and record your pick. If I record the pick and later it is edited, the dates I have listed for you in my spreadsheet listed at the end of this post are the official dates for you. Let's all be adults here and not try and cheat. Its supposed to be fun! How long do I have to make my picks?? Picks will be taken up until July 31st, 2017 11:59 pm GMT +2. For those in North America like myself, that is equivalent to 4:59 pm Central time. Any picks made after this will not count. If open beta launches before then, the Beta portion of this bet is void. If the open-beta date is announced before then for a date after July 31st, the beta portion of this will be awarded based on picks before the announcement was made and as long as minimum total pot values are reached and the beta actually opens on that date, the award will always go to the closest pick of the ACTUAL beta or launch date, not the announced date. No dates may be chosen before August 1st, 2017 for this reason. August 1st, 2017 is the first date possible that can be chosen. There is no limit on how far into the future you can guess. One Final Point If there isn't enough interest by the time August 1st rolls around, I'll just cancel the whole thing and delete the thread. I think at least 10g total being on the line would be the minimum to make this game live. So that is 20 total pairs of dates being picked. If nobody picks the correct date, the closest person to the correct date will win. If two or more people are equally close (based on date of launch, not by the hour) it will be split equally among those players. @Bluemoon has made a binding verbal commitment to MATCH the total prize pool assuming a 75% payment rate by participating players. What this means is that if 20 people make picks, and 15 honor this commitment, the pot doubles. Everybody should personally thank our personal sugar daddy @Bluemoon Good luck! Picking of dates is now open!! The list of dates already chosen is in the spreadsheet below here so you don't have to go through every post to see them. Cresfall B&L.xlsx
  2. Which instances will be open upon launch and in what order will new ones subsequently follow? let's start around level 40-ish instances! I didn't play retail vanilla, thus i'm wondering what will be available to me so I can plan ahead! Excuse me if this has been discussed elsewhere, all i've found so far was that Maraudon will be open with the launch and that Dire Maul should follow. I'm just looking for some more exact details! Thanks! Marbo
  3. Hi Crestfall Community. I played retail WoW starting the winter of 2005, freezing and resuming my subscription back and forth until I quit maybe a month into Cataclysm. Like many others here on this forum I have a special soft spot for Vanilla and I can barely stand the wait until the Crestfall servers come online. Launch-wise speaking, I was there for the TBC and WotLK launches, skipping high school for the first one and setting up a LAN with my friends for the second. Now I'm not your hardcore player that gets turned of by suboptimal progression through the game. The launch-state gives me hightened positivity and feeling of community which makes it the peak of the WoW-experience for me. I was never on Nostalrius but I've watched a couple of streams from the launch and it seemed hilarious. What are your most vivid memories of past server/expansion launches, retail or private? How do the community dynamics differ from it's usual "nature"? How do player behaviour shift when we're going into the 15th hour of free-for-all tagfest for mobs in starting areas? What are your best tips for IRL-preparations for such an acid test? Do you intentionally sleep for the first 5 hours when the server's online and preserve your efforts for more favorable conditions? Do you turn to any specific launch-state tactics ingame? For how long do you reckon the launch-state continue up the levels/areas? Is the experience of the game affected by the higher density of people in the same segment of the game past level 20? 30?
  4. Greetings. With the recurring theme of launch day woes for private servers, have you given any thought, or have plans to use load testers to simulate heavy load before launch? I've had some experience using Siege at work so I'd be able to offer some help (it's rather simple to setup / configure / run anyway) but I've heard good things about Tsung and Apache JMeter as well from colleagues (no hands on experience with those) I think it might be a good idea to really put the auth / login server and other systems through their paces using a tool closer to release, rather than hope for the best like most other emulators seem to be doing Sorry if this is something obvious / already planned, thought I'd mention it. It seems reasonable to simulate launch day conditions taking the most extreme scenario in consideration (like that your population cap or more will try to login on the first day) I recently had to put an nginx( reverse proxy,web server), uwsgi (app server), postgres (data backend) stack through its paces, it was surprising to find where the weak link is, have had the same with microsoft-based stacks. PS. I had this in the back of my mind for some time but reading on reddit about the recent Elysium launch reminded me (they're apparently trying to fix some problem with the mangos core that limits logins to 900, after going "live")
  5. So. It's been well over a month since the launch of this pretty excellent forum. We get constant detailed feedback from the devs, admin, forum gods and assorted henchmen, which in turn gives confidence and hope that Crestfall may well end up being the best, most vanilla-like, stable, drama-free and well protected non-retail server since, well, ever. However, regardless of how much work goes into making the realms as vanilla-like as possible with flawless pathing, mobs, raid encounters and loot drops, all will fade into meaninglessness unless we get the numbers to make both PvE and PvP servers work. We're now on a finite time plan where (one assumes), the developers have fixed an approximate date when the servers will be launched, give or take a month or two. That being the case, we need to see an increase of activity on this forum as well as on applicable websites/forums that will promote/advertise Crestfall and ensure that we get as healthy a start as possible. While most of us would be happy to get a stable population full of mature, intelligent, fun loving adults, that simply is not going to happen. So the appeal of the servers must also transcend to elitist jerks, trolls, kids and especially, those that want to experience vanilla as it ought to be. With that in mind I am putting it out there that we need a committee of the average and the mostly good to campaign on drawing attention to this initiative, and build up a base of interested parties that increase in tandem to the server countdown. Clearly, we're not talking about propaganda, lies, falsification and bribes. We're talking about replicating the mature and detailed approach the developers have taken to Crestfall in our efforts to attract (mostly) the right kind of players. To do this, we need a plan, we need a bunch of dedicated Cresters who want to give the team here and ourselves the best start possible. This is my opinion and perhaps I am wrong or going about it the wrong way. If so and as usual I welcome correction and advice. We're all in this together.