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Found 3 results

  1. Is this real life? Blizzard making legacy servers for real? 1:50:00
  2. A simple but important question ... What will Crestfall do if Blizzard want to shutdown the server just like Nostalrius ? The hype train is on the rails, a lot of people just wait for Q4 2016 to get a new start in Vanilla and, honestly, they expect more than a Corecaft memes. Btw, they don't want another big waste like Nostalrius shutdown was. How you guys will handle this ? I cannot find this answer, even in FAQ or Discord recording (as a non english native it's really hard to find information in 2 hours&medium qual record, maybe you should make a debrief of this). It would be nice to have a clear statement about this point. Thank you
  3. Sometimes Google's association machine comes up with good stuff (this came up on my sidebar while I was watching other wow stuff) Basically a mashup of audio from popular youtubers but nicely made.