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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I would like to introduce you to my AddOn 'CastModifier', which allows you to use Conditionals inside your /cast macros. This allows you to write some fairly advanced macros in a very compact manner, without the need to learn Lua! Here are some examples: A list of every available Conditional, including its parameters, extra remarks, and a how-to-install tutorial can be found on the AddOn's Github page. Github Page While I've been using this AddOn for almost a year now, it might still be somewhat buggy since I'm pretty much the only person that has used it so far. Therefore I'd greatly appreciate any feedback from you guys. Also, I would be very grateful for any ideas for additional features that may improve this AddOn even further! Cheers, Ike
  2. Everyone, I'm requesting a macro? Up for the challenge? The macro I want will check your target. If your target already has that buff/debuff affect on it. It will not cast that spell. If it doesn't have it. It will cast the spell. For example. target has blessing of might. you cast blessing of might. macro prevents you from casting it. Target doesn't have blessing of mgiht, you cast blessing of might.
  3. I thought it might be a good idea to start a macro share thread. If you have a macro to share I propose the following format. Description: What it does (short) Class / Role: Is it class / role specific Code: use the code widget in the post editor to paste the macro, or link to a pastebin Extras: Does it need a macro extender like Supermacro? (leave blank N/A if it works with the default macro system) I'll start it off with an example, from a macro I made on request at Nostalrius forums. Description: All-in-one melee shoot macro Class / Role: Warrior, Rogue Code: /script local _,_,i=strfind(GetInventoryItemLink("player",18),"\124Hitem:(%d+)")local _,_,_,_,_,p=GetItemInfo(i)local t={}t.Bows="Bow"t.Guns="Gun"t.Crossbows="Crossbow"t.Thrown="Throw"CastSpellByName((string.gsub(t[p],"^([^T])","Shoot %1"))) Extras: N/A I can try to clean-up and update the OP with additions, but post by post should also be good, using the thread search tools. If you want to request a macro I suggest you format your post title as [Macro-Request] druid swiftshift (as an example) If you are sharing a macro or answering a request, format your title as [Macro] druid swiftshift and link to the request inside. That way it will be easy to search for [Macro-Request] or [Macro] and see if what you need has already been requested or made.