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Found 5 results

  1. Hello folks! I'm newcomer on this server, really excited about PTE idea, could be awesome. Tbh, I don't actually care if management of website etc will belong to elysium untill we get quality server we have been promised. Actually thinking about what class was considered decent during all expansions in both way PvP and PvE. Thinking of : Shaman, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Hunter. I like the lore of Shaman class, but I know that Shammy is often considered OP merely in Resto spec in both pvp and pve. Even though i like healing, I found enha/ele fun and it makes me feel upset that forums are full of whining that they can't reach high arena ratings, you won't get spot in raid as enha/ele (now and then in different patches of different xpacs). Because I like healing, I'm thinking of Priest, but again, playing shadow sometimes would be great. In Vanilla priest is mostly go to class when it comes to healing, and in later xpansions you will never enjoy the feeling of being sometimes top DPS. When i was reading some forums, often found that in like wotlk and later shadow was like no skill class, everyone can play it etc etc. Mage. Big numbers - oh, how I love them! BUT i experienced TBC PvE mages just sitting outside of raid and being mobile McDonalds. Not beacuse their dps was bad, but because warlocks were superior and there was no reason to take mage over warlock. In PvP they were always kinda good? Or at least decent? Or am I wrong? But they can't heal, I like healing but let's consider just they viability in a long shot. Warlock - completely mess in Vanilla. Absolutely dominating in TBC in both pvp and pve. After TBC ... in 1v1 not the best, but good ones. Also don't wanna pick up a spec only because of one xpansion where they were OP, maybe two (including wotlk?), but what about them in cata, mop, wod? Hunter. Always viable, not the best, funny and boring at the same time. From private servers I also experienced bugged pets, so pet management isn't very comfortable. But having personal tank comes handy. But we all know that rumors and gossips about how huntards and how easy faceroll class they're. In PvP, TBC wasn't their brightest period, but in PvE they had legendary!!! In vanilla they were decent, in WotLK an later they were good. So please, good citizens of Crestfall, would you mind throwing some of your opinions about these classes in the comments below, which might help me choosing one of them? Please focus more on like stability of class during longer period of time through multiple expansions. I'm also very curious what are your opinions on Shaman's DPS specs capabilities in arenas (can shammy hit 3000 arena rating ever in enha/ele in 2v2, 3v3?) and raids (but in raids i have no problem with healing). Thanks in advance! Cheers! P.S.: If someone asked me what is the most stable class in history of WoW, I would probably answer Rogue. But hey, Rogue is not on the list, never been my cup of coffee.
  2. Mage Leveling Compendium Introduction Creating your character Stats explanation Leveling Builds Spells weights Leveling Zones and Spots Usefull Tips Introduction First of all, let me thank the dev team for such a wonderful work they are doing for us, I'm really appreciate this. While I was browsing other class threads, I was wondering why mages have no leveling information here at all, compared to others. Well, together, my intellectual brothers and sisters I believe we can make some experience sharing and makes this thing be completed, so any criticism, comments and additions are very welcome. Quickly about mage class, just fo newbies - we are using our mana to cast spells, we can wear only cloth amor, as weapons - staffs, one handed swords and daggers, shooting with wands. We have 3 main schools of magic - arcane, fire and frost. Well, it's almostly all for now, let's go further on our topics. Creating your character First we should speak about races in depths. Alliance have 2 choices: 1. Human Well, first, but not least, females here have a great look and animations of casting, you know You have Diplomacy which provides Reputation gains increased by 10%. , that can outbid everything other traits for some kind of people Also this race have Perception - 3 mins cooldown that Dramatically increases stealth detection for 20 sec. Maybe usefull in PvP for detecting rogues or druids aiming to gank you while leveling, not bad, but most of time worthless while leveling. Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization meaningless for us, because we never use our meele weapons for damage dealing ( only for lulz ), only for stats. And last racial trait is The Human Spirit Spirit increased by 5%. spirit increases mana and health regeneration rates, which have their advantage for human priests as they leveling with Spirit Tap and some kind of spirit gear but absolutly meaningless for human mages. Shines mostly of females and 10% rep increses 2. Gnome You will never see your epic gear on these little bastards In spite of this, they have some decent traits for mage : Expansive Mind Intelligence increased by 5%. Since Intellect is our primary stat - that's just decent. Arcane Resistance Arcane Resistance increased by 10. Well, worthless for leveling, but slightly increases your chance to be hit by arcane spells, and even Polymorphed by another mage, may save you in some sort of PvP encounters, as an another your trait Escape Artist Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect. Also you have Engeneering Specialization Engineering skill increased by 15. which is great for PvP-oriented mages, since they defenitely wish to have that profession, due to it's profit. Great race for both PvP and PvE anyways. Horde also have 2 choices: 1. Undead Great look and animation both male and female. Also have some strong traits - Cannibalize When activated, regenerates 7% of total health every 2 sec for 10 sec. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yds. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect. 30% health over 10 secs. Combined with bandage will fullfill our needs at health restoration after combat, when you dont want to sit for eat and drink. Not bad, I'll say. Shadow Resistance Shadow Resistance increased by 10. Same as gnome, but can help you while PvP with warlocks and priests. Also I found mobs casting shadow school more often while leveling, rather arcane, so it's also helps slightly in PvE. Underwater Breathing Underwater breath lasts 300% longer than normal. Rise and shine, we have 4 mins for underwater encounters, compared to 1 min for other races, shines at few locations while leveling, do not underestimate it! Last but not least - Will of the Forsaken Provides immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. May also be used while already afflicted by Charm, Fear or Sleep. Lasts 5 sec. Hell, our bread and butter! 2 mins cooldown against mobs who fear or charm, against warlocks, priests, warriors. Shines both PvE and PvP, but mostly PvP ofc. 2. Troll Well, here we have nice tusks and following traits - Beast Slaying Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%. Not bad, we will have some amount of beasts on our way to 60 and after Regeneration Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat. Well, not bad to regeneartion our health, but since we have not much spirit (why even should we) and we have free food - not shiny at all trait. Berserking Increases your attack and casting speed by 10% to 30%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greatly effect up to 30% if you are badly hurt when you activate Berserker. Lasts 10 sec. Well, really nice trait with a 3 mins cooldown, allowing us to burst our target especially we have small health (seems to be 50% or less health to get that 30% casting speed bonus, but not tested! really apreciate if someone have more determinate values). Bow Specialization and Throwing Specialization is meaningless for us since we are mages. Best race for PvE as mage on Horde side. Stats Explanation 1. Strength. Increases attack power with melee weapons. Wothless for mage! 2. Agility. Increases attack power with arnged weapons. Improves chance to score a critical hit with all weapons. Increases armor and chance to dodge attacks. Well, we actually uses our ranged weapon - wands, and it's affected by agility, but it's profit really pity, due to primary mage stat, because you should only use your wand when OOM, not when grinding (hello wand-leveling priests ). 3. Stamina. Increases health points. Simply as it says! Just boosts your health points, nothing more! 4. Intellect. Increases mana points and chance to score a critical hit with spells. Increases the rate at which weapon skills improve. Our primary stat, in addition to obvious things like mana pool, spell crit, also provides us a faster skill leveling with wands and also our melee weapon (lol what ). 5. Spirit. Increases health and mana regeneration rates. Sounds good, but on practice - almost worthless. 6. Armor. Decrease the amount of damage taken from physical attacks. The amount of reduction is influenced be the level of the attacker. Well, we have really small amount of armor, due to we have some spells to increase it. Later on it. 7. Spell damage\School spell damage - secondary stat sometimes you may meet on gear. Very usefull, when you know what you doing, and worthless if you dont ( You think you do, but you don't joke there ). Later on it. An item that increases Damage done by Spells and Effects by 21 will not add 21 damage to all spells you cast. You have to look up the Spell-coefficient for our spells to see how much of your spelldamage will benefit the various spells. The theorycraft addon will actually show this while in-game, but for the sake of examples here are a few: 81.4% Frostbolt 100% Fireball 42.8% Fireblast 42.8% Scorch 14.3% Arcane Explosion So with the example of 21 spell damage increase, you only see the full 21 damage on fireballs. Every arcane explosion will do 3 more damage to each target affected (which adds up ofcourse since it may affect many targets at once). 8. Spell hit chance - another secondary stat, you will almost never meet this on equipment while leveling, and since it's leveling and not raiding guide - what the heck is this thing doing there? As a caster you will -always- have 1% chance to miss with your spells. But also the level difference between you and your target adds further chances to miss. Difference in levels between you and your target (EP = Elemental precision talent in frost tree): Same level = 4% chance to miss. 3% chance to Hit is needed for cap. With EP 1\3 = 2% chance to miss, with EP 2\3 = 1% chance to miss 1 level = 5% chance to miss. 4% chance to Hit is needed for cap. With EP 1\3 = 3% chance to miss, with EP 2\3 = 1% chance to miss 2 levels = 6% chance to miss. 5% chance to Hit is needed for cap. With EP 1\3 = 4% chance to miss, with EP 2\3 = 2% chance to miss, with EP 3\3 = 1% chance to miss 3 levels = 17% chance to miss. 16% chance to Hit is needed for cap. With EP 1\3 = 15% chance to miss, with EP 2\3 = 13% chance to miss, with EP 3\3 = 11% chance to miss Imho, optimal for leveling is go 2\3 EP, you will have only 1% difference chance to miss compared to 3\3, but this is a talent point that can be spent somewhere else. 9. Spell crit chance - another secondary stat, you will almost never meet this on equipment while leveling, but you sometime can get it from talents, which is really nice in some sort of builds. Stat Priority for AoE-oriented leveling builds : Intellect -> Stamina -> Spell damage\School spell damage -> Spirit - > Agility -> Strenght(just for lulz) Stat Priority for Single Target leveling builds : Spell damage\School spell damage -> Intellect -> Stamina -> Spirit -> Agility -> Strenght(just for lulz) Leveling Builds There is 2 school based builds (fire or frost based) since arcane tree provides more utility, than damage-oriented talents and 2 gameplay specific builds (AoE-oriented and Single Target oriented) which depends on personal preferences. So what tree should we choose? Well, it's all depends on your playstyle, but let me make a quick research: So, whatever talent tree you choose, you will spam Fireball or Frostbolt most of time, if going through quests\single target oriented builds. This is a raw untalented comparison of these two abilities: DPM - is damage per mana point - this is very important characteristic while leveling, way more importat than DPS of current spell, since it's showing us how much casts you can do before going OOM and what profit you will have from it. As you can see fireball is slightly above frostbolt, but it's damage also includes small, 5 to 10%, dot part. While leveling you dont wanna see 3,6,8sec dot go away, you just spamming fireball. Second characteristic here - DPMPS - damage per mana point per second - yeah, it's DPS per mana point in other words. Frostbolt is slightly above here, due to 0.5sec less cast time, than fireball. Also, notice that frostbolt have that 40% (50% with 3\3permafrost) speed reduction, that means melee mobs will reach you slower, rather if you were casting Fireball, giving you may be a one or even two free casts above fireball. Summarizing all above, I suggest a Frost tree as a single target spamable way to go. But, again, all is up to your playstyle! FROST AOE GRINDING BUILDS 1. The Deep in Frost-We-Trust build Level 20 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZMhMhz Let's seek on talent's we have : Level 30 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZMhMusfz Level 40 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZMhMGsftho 30-33 Improved Cone of Cold 3 points. Just busts the damage of CoC by 35%. In this build you must use this ones after 2-3 Blizzards to kill mobs, since we have 3\3 Imp Blizz our CoC will not overwrite snare of Imp Blizz. Be aware! 34 2\3 Piercing Ice. Just a filler. 35-39 5\5 Shatter. Combine with our Improved CoC and nova. Not bad at all to crit diying mobs. 40 Ice barrier. Gives us a survivability and kind of debuff protection) PvP-realm version of this Build Level 40 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZMIMhRftho Explanation: We just have 2\3 Blizzard there to make our CoC overwrite snare debuff on target. Also we have much points in Ice Shards. 2. Fire Shatter Combo Build Level 40 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZVhMGoftho Frost Single Target build Well, this build is both great for PvP and single target PvE encounters, especially on a fresh servers, because we have, finally, hated in AoE builds - Frostbite! Frostbite gives our chill effects chance of 15% to Freez the target for 5sec, which combine in death-crits with Shatter and Ice Shards. For this build you should always trying to abuse that +frost spell damage with some sort of equip like ...of Frozen Wrath, Azure Silk, etc. The reason is that your frostbolt will have 81.4% of bonus spell damage as it is single target spell. Level 20 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZcfh Level 30 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZciG000t 21-22 Ice Shards 5\5 22-24 Improved Frost Nova 2\2 - unlock to Shatter 24-29 Shatter 5\5 - Greatly improvement to our crit chance. Works perfect with nova and frostbite proc. 30 Iceblock - Just for suvival moments Level 40 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZViGoobtho 31-32 Arctic Reach - nice and usefull 32-34 Improved Frostbolt 5\5 - Makes our FB(rank1) 1 sec cast, and our current FB rank - 2.5 sec cast. 35-37 Improved CoC - actually situationable, I just prefer it for PvP realms. CoC is not that mana efficient, so you wanna use it jsut in some sort of extreme situations. 38 Cold Snap - decent utility. Reason it's late is because it has a big CD and you should use it only in extreme situations. 39 Permafrost 1\3 - Just a little snare improvement and a filler 40 Ice barrier - Obvious Level 50 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#of0cZZViGoRbtho 41-42 Improved Blizzard 2\3 - Just for rank 1 Blizz in PvP situations ( since every Blizz tick can proc Frostbite) Rest talents just go in Arcane tree, or for your choice. I really recommend go to Arcane Concentration and Arcane Meditation talents, since we have no Frost Channeling. Level 60 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#of0qcocZZViGoRbtho -------------------------------- Update section -------------------------------- 12.01.16 Added update section, just to let you know when I'm adding something new 12.02.16 Added bonus spell damage and spell hit chance information. Added explanation of frost single target spec. LATER ON COMPENDIUM: Frost 40 to 60 talents, Frost Single Target build, Fire builds, etc Spells weights Leveling Zones and Spots Usefull Tips I'm just started to fill this(It's a great amount of job, though - trying to stick all together), but fill free to comment\share you expirience on leveling here (epecially on fire build, i'm not to invovled in it)! To be continued =)
  3. Hello guys! I'm newcomer on this project and the PTE idea really interests me. Seems like a dream for all those people that started playing WoW when retail was already in mid-wotlk / cata etc. and we never got a chance to experience the real adventure from vanilla -> legion as retail players did. That's why I became fan of this project and I really wish everything will work and nothing will screw up (in the recent past private servers are being more and more targeted by hackers, maybe Blizz, or who know by whom) because Crestfall project is unique and has great perspective. So, I'm planning to play here when the server releases but I cannot really decide between these two: HUNTER vs. MAGE. It's not just talking about them like about flavour of the month since I plan to main that one character throughout all expansions from Vanilla -> wherever we gets. Ofc I expect replies such as "play what you like..." "play what entertains you..." "everything is good, it depends on your skill....", but more than that I'm looking for some of your personal opinions, preferences, what would YOU choose. As I said we are talking about long term playing hunter/mage through more expansions, so try think about it like that. Cheers, Hanneth.
  4. Pardon me for asking, but I never played this class before. However, I want to give it a try in CF, and I was wondering if I could, perhaps, get some insight from more experienced players. You see, I am well aware in the early end game days of vanilla the frost mage was a dominating force that wreaked havoc both in pve and pop in terms of dps and usability. However, since Naxx has bosses with ice resistance, I was wondering, when is an adequate time of switching? Would a fire mage be viable in AQ? From the raw talents of the talent trees and spell damage ratios that are attributed to each spell, it appears that fire bolt has a much higher potential for damage than frost bolt. I am not proficient in theorycrafting by any means, but a 2-46-3 spec I found to be quite powerful judging by apparent numbers. Anyone care to chime in? Thanks! Best regards.
  5. Hey there I only recently heard of your server, and am really excited to see what you guys have been working on due to all other private servers being so shit with our expectations set so high from leaving Nost ( Maybe thats just me though). Either way I have a small query I'd like to ask you, maybe you have covered this somewhere else and I just missed it. Anyways here it goes... Back in retail vanilla for the purpose of not flooding the server with information they kept the tick rate low ( hope this is the right term ), so information going into the server in for instance PvP scenarios would happen simultaneously from both sides of the users enabling mechanics such as two warriors charging each other and merely changing positions or rogues being able to gouge the mage blink. "Features" as such became less of a factor throughout Blizzards expansions due to enhancing their server performances, but throughout private server history this is something you seldom see. So my question to you is are you planning on including vanilla characteristics as such or are you possibly planning on leaving it out on purpose. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.