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  1. Good evening, I'm busy over the next few days doing that horrible RL stuff called work. In the meantime, I'll just pop in your monthly update on forum stats for those that have an interest in these things. Briefly, I thought we'd go through all the exciting dramatic stuff that has been going on both here, and in the wider Pserver community. But I figured like me, you're just sick to death of the whole circus and glad that we're back to relative normality. So in the manner of both English and Irish versions.... Let's get it on. _____________________________________________________ First of all we shall go through the simple process of a number count and break these numbers down somewhat. So the placeholders are people who come here create a name and then....nothing. It may well be that they are lurking with intent. Quite a lot of them have come out of the woodwork recently forced to comment and support the server and its ideals. Primarily though, people put in this placeholder so they can actually peruse the forums, and to a lesser degree, reserve a name in case they need to communicate on the forums lest something odd happens like a server launch. The avatars are people who not only registered their nicks on the forums but went to the trouble of uploading an avatar too. This deserves some extra credit as it indicates a desire to really push the boundaries out, because before we know it, you'll actually be.. Posting something useful and witty. Or maybe useless and shitposting. If you've actually read this far and haven't fallen asleep, you might consider as a placeholder or avatar of just giving the rest of us a cursory introduction in the introductions section. We're a right friendly bunch here and we welcome all sorts. The staff numbers have been known to fluctuate depending on roles and tasks. There is an argument to be had that some testers etc shouldn't be included as staff, but as recent events have shown, any official connection to a server adds an onus of responsibility and the careful picking of one's nose. So be duly warned. ____________________________________________ As a special post traumatic drama gift, this month we are introducing a special bonus graph on posters as in the following: So this is a nice breakdown of your typical poster on these forums. Half our posters typically contribute just 1-5 posts. But quite a substantial amount, over 25% are currently up to 6-25. Then it's a case of diminishing returns until we get to the try-hards like Elicas. Indeed, he does try hard. __________________________________________________ Lastly then, we have the number of new members: Not surprisingly after the series of unfortunate incidents, our member numbers are sharply up and meat is indeed, back on the menu again. This is not what we want really though. Yes it's true, we are never, ever satisfied. Wanted higher member numbers, got drama, got higher member numbers, what's the problem? So the problem is we want positive publicity to generate a feel good factor. In that way, people come to join the forums feeling good and want to contribute in a positive manner. Getting frazzled players fleeing the latest batch of leaks and mayhem does not a happy community build. So let's hope we can get some nice, technical video promos out shortly, I think we all need it. So that's it for now. Thanks for reading and see you in a month or so. _______________________________________________________________ I will take this opportunity to sneak in an advert for a guild we are running on Darrowshire (Elysium PvE). It's a tranquil backwater of nothingness where a small number of the truly cool people hang out doing stuff like levelling toons, UI interface options, instancing and we hope, some end raiding too. There's no pressure to level and it's just for Crestfall people. Unfortunately, it's Alliance, sorry. But the intention is that a lot of the same players will be on the horde side when CF launches on the Zul'Dare realm. There's a discord set up here https://discord.gg/G5pRmwm so you can pop on and tell us the name of your toon. We promise, no drama.