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Found 6 results

  1. Just wanna say hi to everyone and look forward to playing, questing, and raiding with you all in the future!
  2. Hi everyone, i 've read a bit about that serveur, but it stays confuse for me. So i would have a simple question: When this server will come out, will it be in vanilla version or already in TBC version? Or maybe there is already a vanilla realm that will evolve to BC? Sorry if that subject has been talked about, i just couldn't find answers to that and didn't quite get it ! Cheers
  3. Hi @ all, followed this forum for about a month and because of the sign-in of the beta i created my account here. Started my private-server career early this year and were looking for a great project like this one. Hope i can help anywhere its needed. Just wanted to say i'm really hyped for crestfall and can't wait for it :). And of course, thx in advance for the hard work of the developers on this project. Greetings Sheppi aka Sheppard
  4. Hello! I'm James and i think im gonna play on this server. Just a question tho, is the server already released? If not, when?
  5. Hello There, I am a Oldschool Australian WoW player that played on launch day in Vanilla all the way up to end of Cata. I have never played on a private server before because I was ill informed about most of them and honestly scared of them a little bit. But all the things I have read about this server and the community I see growing around it even now have sparked my interest and put my fears at ease. I am looking forward to having a old nostalgic journey through vanilla again and also a new adventure with the people on the server. Hope to see you all there in a world we all seem to love.
  6. im Reo,im too lazy to open my mouth to say Lio....Orz so...Reo is good..... im chinese,im not monster~ and i hope we can have a family here~ by the way,is the test reaml runing?how can i join it...