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Found 1 result

  1. The hybrid healer! http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zLVooZxGMs0bZVecoco Background: this is a spec I've played with for quite a while while gearing up and PvPing. it's emphasis is on stacking CP through crits and putting bleeds, IS and moonfire on the target. Works exceptionally well on warriors and rogues. Even in full healing gear! An example for a rotation in pvp is this; Ravage/punce - rake - claw - get the CP bleed off - Bear form - tank initial damage (instant casts/fears) - Moonfire - insect swarm - re-apply rake or continue in bear. Additional information: I went quite far into the healing tree too. I healed every 5-man with this spec so it seems viable as a good hybrid pve/pvp gearing up spec. This spec has no place in raids! I personally love this spec as it's super versatile and even effective in healing gear! Plus you have great support capabilities too and if you'd like you can FC. (I personally got bored of druid FC'ing long ago, hunter is more fun for that imho.) Leveling: It is also an excellent leveling spec, starting out in the Feral tree then moving onto the Healing tree and ending with the balance tree. It wrecks from 35 on in world pvp too! (Get 1/1 Nature's Grasp somewhere at level 23-ish) What spec do you rock that you made by yourself? Post them here! I'm eager to find out what you are playing!