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  1. Greets. So we'll continue with these forum reviews until they become irrelevant or you all get bored. I briefly toyed with doing an April Fool's Special but this is a mature forum, right? So with all the excitement of the various issues in February, March returns us to quieter, cultural backwater times. Which is no bad thing considering that the next few months are likely to see the server being accurately promoted giving us a different kind of headache. So without much fanfare here are the current forum stats: So the placeholders are people who come here create a name and then....nothing. It may well be that they are lurking with intent. Quite a lot of them have come out of the woodwork recently forced to comment and support the server and its ideals. Primarily though, people put in this placeholder so they can actually peruse the forums, and to a lesser degree, reserve a name in case they need to communicate on the forums lest something odd happens like a server launch. The avatars are people who not only registered their nicks on the forums but went to the trouble of uploading an avatar too. This deserves some extra credit as it indicates a desire to really push the boundaries out, because before we know it, you'll actually be.. Posting something useful and witty. Or maybe useless and shitposting. If you've actually read this far and haven't fallen asleep, you might consider as a placeholder or avatar of just giving the rest of us a cursory introduction in the introductions section. We're a right friendly bunch here and we welcome all sorts. The staff numbers have increased enormously since the last batch of beta testers were approved and launched to break things. As always, we consider beta testers to be staff in terms of representing Crestfall on any social media platform. So not surprisingly, a large fall-off in new members, however, one thing I notice is that a lot of the new members start posting straight away and quickly become part of the community. More of the same.