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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, Just figured I'd get the ball rolling, perhaps there's another topic I missed a while back?? So Nostalrius, Kronos and Kronos II have all been able to support a small Oceanic community in the past. Which is fine and expected, a good example is Kronos II which has an Oceanic raiding guild on both Horde and Alliance (albeit supported by a few friendly ruski's). I played on Nostalrius when I was living in London, loved the ping! Then I moved back home to Australia and as all we all know, it shut down. I waited for Kronos II, I enjoyed my levelling, I hit 60 and I completed Onyxia and MC promptly. The raids were too easy but that's another discussion for another thread. I wasn't overly happy with the quality of the server (the down time, the lag, the minor yet annoying bugs) so I decided to pack up and quit before I got too invested in a mediocre project. So here I am. Waiting, just like everyone on these forums and /r/wowservers for Crestfall to open. I don't intend to pick a side in this thread and say we all play horde or alliance to make our community larger (not at this stage anyway). But if you're out there fellow Oceanic Gamers (or late night, early morning northern hemisphere players!). Say hello and pop your head in here with a post
  2. <Goon> is a brand new guild and a home for all Oceanic, SEA and off peak raiders and pvpers. The goal is make a community for us playing at off peak times. http://goonbag.boards.net/ Please use the above temporary forum to discuss the details (proper forum and domain comes later). There is still much to work out most of which will be nailed down closer to launch. The dream would be 2 guilds one horde one alliance so we can cater to everyone. Thanks Planks