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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I'm interested in rolling on Crestfall although I have some concerns, specifically tbc ret paladins. Crestfall is my hope of recreating my ret pally tbc experience. My concerns lie in the fact that crestfall has announced itself as a bug free project. Particularly when it comes to seal twisting and vindication immunities procing JoW. While a bug, is blizz like. I do believe specific non earth shattering bugs grounded by skillful execution was highlighted in their youtube Q & A as being perhaps justifiable. Thereby justifying seal twisting but that would also require the server to be scripted with spell delay, a trait many servers do not share. Will Crestfall be including spell delay? Secondly, vindication procing seal of wisdom on immune targets while not skill based I do fine to be a necessity in tbc. Ret paladins fall behind in the first two stages of a three stage PTE server in many ways. In this regard suffering from mana issues. I do not believe blizzard did anything to alleviate dps paladins mana issues until patch 3.0. As the consensus of the ret paladin community was to wear warrior plate over tier sets to achieve the highest possible dps relying on any form of secondary Mp5. In this case the bug. My concern is that by eliminating too many bugs that it may have a underlying effect on specs that already have trouble competing for viability. Has there been any offical posts addressing this?
  2. Introduction! Sup guys! my name is Sid Jr!, and Il just give a little bit of a backstory of myself for those who don't know who I am. I'm a 2.4k Holy Paladin from retail. I've played on Feenix from 2011 - 2015. So I've quite alot of experience with all classes on vanilla. I'm making this guide to help other Holy Paladins out. Table of Contents! 1. Talents 2. Gearing 3. Macro's 4. Addons/UI 5. Keybinds Talents! This is the one and only spec I'd play as holy in PvP. Holy Tree: Divine Intellect 5/5: Self Explanatory. Provides more mana. Spiritual Focus 5/5: Less pushback on cast great for melees Healing Light 3/3: Increases Holy Light/Flash of Light by 12% really nice! Consecration 1/1: You can combine this with SotC+Judge+Stun for some decent dps. Or for getting rogues out with r1/ Unyielding Faith 2/2: 10% Chance to reist Fear/Blind/Scatter Shot. Illumination 5/5: When you get a crit heal, it will return mana equal to the mana spell cost. Improved Blessing of Wisdom 2/2: I went for this because it's really nice to have for when you run oom. Divine Favor 1/1: Must have free crit heal returns mana aswell. Lasting Judgement 1/3: I went for this because you can judge SoW on hunter pet if it attacks you it will return quite some mana. You can change this talent point and put it in "Improved Lay on hands". Holy Power 5/5: 5% Crit on all of you'r Holy spells. Holy Shock 1/1: 204/221 Healing or Dmg scales with SP. This talent makes this spec best for Holy Paladin PvP It's a life saver. That's why I choose this spec over Protection Tree: Redoubt 5/5: Increases block chance after a crit good vs melees! Precision 3/3: I went for this because It's nice to have for when you need to support as dps Guardian's Fevor 2/2: Self Explanatory Toughness 5/5: Less melee damage Blessing of Kings 1/1: Increases all stats by 10% Improved Hammer of Justice 3/3: Our only cc ability good to reduce the CD Improved Concentration Aura 2/3: 10% to Resist interrupt spells such as Silence/Kick/Pummel/Earth Shock. You can go 3/3 but 10% is enough. Besides I like 3/3 Imp HoJ. Gearing! Pre Raid Bis for PvP my list. I really suggest you do the D2 Quest Chain. Head Neck Shoulders 1. Shoulders 2. Cloak 1. Cloak 2. Chest 1. Chest 2. Wrist 1. Wrist 2. Hands 1. Hands 2. Waist 1. Waist 2. Legs 1. Legs 2. Boots 1. Boots 2. Ring 1 Ring 2 *Note select Vanilla database instead of TBC (Top right corner "Version")* Macro's Self Dispel Macro: /target (ur name here) /cast Cleanse /script TargetLastTarget() Quick Divine Favor: /script SpellStopCasting() /cast Divine Favor Hammer of Justice: /script SpellStopCasting() /cast Hammer of Justice(Rank 4) Self Holy Schock: /target (ur name here) /cast Holy Shock(Rank 3) /script TargetLastTarget() Fake Cast Macro: /script SpellStopCasting() Addons/UI! 1. !AutoSave: Automatically Saves after you reiceve an item if this server supports .save command 2. !ImprovedErrorFrame: Hides UI errors 3. !OmniCC: Shows CD number on ur bar spells 4. _LazyPig: Has alot of options /lazypig 5. Attack bar: Shows attackbar might be useful for some kiting in between melee swings only if ur pro 6. BGFlag: Shows BG Flag Names if you click on them u can target them bindable in keybinds option for example "Target Enemy Flag Carrier" "Targer Friendy Flag Carrier" 7. BgMap: Improved BGMap 8. BGMinimapPlayerTracker: Shows Players on BG minimap with classcolored/group number 9. BigMinimap: Name says it all 10. Blackframe: All ur Unitframes/Actionbar/bag/Minimap are black 11. BlockProtection: Cancels Divine Protection useful when fcing to remove alot of debuffs. /bp on 12. BuyEmAll: Shift Click on Vendor Item for alot of options to buy mass stacks etc 13. CDFrames: Shows enemy Cd's Really nice to have shows pummel cd etc and doesnt bug out. /cdframes or cdframe 14. ClassicMacros: Github for all information https://github.com/Aviana/ClassicMacros 15. ClassicSnowFall: This addon accelerates key bindings so that their activated on key press down. 16. ClassPortraits: Class Icon in unitframe portraits 17. EnemyBuffTimersVanilla: Name says it 18. GMail: Improved mailbox addon 19. GryphonsRemover: Removes Gryphon 20. ImprovedCamera: Really nice to have you can zoom out further 21. LunaUnitFrames: I only use this for raid healing unitframes. Best addon ever made for healers. Has alot of options you can fuck around with 22. Modifiedpowerauras: Designed to give visual or audible cues to the user in response to in-game events, such as gaining buffs or debuffs. Types of cues range from simple texture displays to stack counters, timers to timer bars, and are fully user-configurable. Can be animated or have sounds attached as well. 23. Modui: A mod for the default ui, adding some quality of life improvements & visual twists with a focus on clean design & light scripting. 24. MoveAnything: Allows you to move UI elements such as Unitframes bars etc! 25. MrPlow: Cleans ur bag space and sorts everything really nice addon to have 26. oCB: Really good cast bar addon has alot of options 27. Rank14losSA: In pvp, This addon will verbally say *Counterspell* if the enemy is casting Counterspll. or *Bash* if an enemy is using this ability on you. This addon is to help you in pvp, and prepar for tho CCs and counter attack when needed. 28. RogueSpam: Hides Error Messages on the middle 29. SellValue: Sell value of items on mouseover 30. SuperMacro: Allows more macro command options 31. TheoryCraft: Info about ur stats really good addon to have! 32. URLCopy: Allows you to copy an link ingame Addons Download Link Click Me! Keybinds! Remember Keybinds are personal but if you have no idea how to keybind Il give you an example Auras: Alt 1 -6 Itemrack Keybinds: Trinket 1 Keybind - G Trinket 1 Keybind - Shift G Head Keybind - Ctrl - A Boots - Z Offhand - Shift - Z Rest of the keybinds in my UI Picture
  3. Thanks to awesome Webarchive.org we can still have the pleasure of reading this 2006 guide from Geld about all aspects of the Paladin in vanilla. Its a long one. Enjoy! Summarized Table of Content quoted here: Rest found here: web/20061110225817/http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=11931828&sid=1 I especially like this part of the guide. Etiquette in a Group: Playing a Hybrid Class A Paladin’s Role The paladin’s roll in a group has always been a difficult one to define, for both the paladin and his group. For instance, a paladin can act as a very viable tank in the five-man content before level 60, but many argue that at level 60 they become less and less viable. A paladin’s DPS is frequently argued to be the lowest in the game, making it unviable for raids, but people will also frequently argue that our heals are too small to have any serious effect on the raid. Don’t let yourself get belittled, rise above this. A paladin can easily be the longest-lasting healer in the game. A paladin is the lowest maintenance DPS supplement in the game (since we wear plate and no healer needs to show serious concern for us). A paladin is a very viable AoE tank, and can off tank and even main tank many endgame instances, based on gear, spec, and open mindedness of their group. In fact, a paladin can work at constantly morphing to fill the current needs of the raid every second. It’s even possible to achieve many of these goals all at once. If someone tries to tell you that you are playing in a poor fashion, take a second to reflect. Have you been using the full range and scope of your class? Could you be doing something better? Is something you’re doing detrimental? Just think about what you’re doing and make sure that you’re doing the best you can. On the other hand, if you have been called into a group to fill a single roll (supplying a blessing, cleansing, healing, tanking, DPS, whatever it is), fill that role or leave the group. Just because you are a hybrid class does not mean you always get to do whatever you want. More often than not, a paladin is brought into the group with the group expecting it to act as a healer, and you should always be prepared for this eventuality. Remember that a paladin’s gear has more effect than a paladin’s spec when it comes to filling a role, so either use a very balanced set of gear, or bring several sets for multiple purposes. ------- And of course the PvP one on one guides: Welcome to the duel grounds at the gates of Ironforge. One on one encounters on a totally level playing field are rare in this game, but when they happen, ask yourself: how do I win? Druid A druid has, effectively, 2 methods of defeating a paladin. They can either be feral or restoration build. Balance druids exist, and you’ll probably have to fight one some day, but this is an extremely mana inefficient playstyle, so it should be possible to just heal through their damage then defeat them once they are out of mana without much effort. A feral build druid will try to ambush you and kill you before you can save yourself. This is just shy of impossible. A cat form druid has minimal defense and deals very little damage against a plate wearing class. The real threat is a restoration built druid, and the only serious threat to the paladin is if he makes a mana-consumptive mistake. A restoration druid will attempt to outlast the paladin by using bear form and healing, waiting until the paladin goes out of mana. Against a druid, it’s wise to increase your mana regen as high as you can by using Blessing of Wisdom and placing Judgment of Wisdom on the druid, then just slowly wear down on it. Don’t use any major, mana-consumptive finishing moves on the druid until the druid’s mana has been fully drained via heals or you are certain you can finish him off before he reacts. Always cleanse off the Moonfire debuff, since it deals more damage then the instant portion of the spell, and do the same for any Entangling Roots or Insect Swarms. Stay melee with the druid at all times and you’ll out survive it and win. Use your most efficient spells possible to keep your health high enough that they can’t combo you to death. Rogue Against an equally geared rogue, a paladin usually has nothing to fear.. Consecrate (Rank 1) and Retribution Aura are both highly effective, particularly against dagger rogues. Sit through the stunlock sequence and fire off hammer of justice. Take this opportunity to heal once (if your health deficit is low enough) and proceed to beat down on the rogue. The rogue can and will run from you, and will likely restealth, so be prepared to activate consecrate again at any time. [If you look at the builds I posted earlier, nearly all of them contained the spell Consecration. It is an intrinsic part of the paladin class, along with Spiritual Focus.] The rogue should crumble after the first or second hammer of justice, just remember to spam rank 1 Consecrate and to keep the rogue in combat as often as possible. It will restealth, but the moment it does you can take the opportunity to heal to as full as possible, using Flash of Light to conserve mana. If you find yourself in need of a heal while getting attacked, you may be in trouble. All it takes is one kick while you’re healing to totally disable you for more then enough time to finish you off. You can use Divine Shield or Blessing of Protection to heal, if this is the case, but remember that the spell Blind can hit you and disable you through Blessing of Protection. Stoneform helps a lot here, if you’re a dwarf. Priest This is a rough fight. Defeating a priest, particularly a shadow priest, as a paladin is an extremely difficult task, and as such there is no certain strategy for coming out on top. Instead, I will tell you what to expect during the course of the fight. 1) Periodic Dispel Magics on you. Your combat system (a Seal and a Blessing) will go away completely at the touch of a key to the priest, so if you have Seal of Command, use rank 1 (which is cheap) and open with Blessing of Wisdom on, but don’t go overboard about resealing it. 2) Mana burn. The priest will burn your mana away, leaving you helpless. Once your mana is gone, the fight is basically over, they can damn-near wand you to death. 3) Lots of dots and debuffs. Particularly against a shadow priest, you can expect to get hit by Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Weaving constantly, and when you cleanse yourself it’s not certain to hit the more powerful debuff, Shadow Word: Pain and instead remove Shadow Weaving. 4) Fear. Once an opportunity, the priest is going to fear you and start beating down on you (after healing to full). A few strategies for dealing with this fight are: Shadow Resistance Aura, self-mana burning (spending most of, if not all, of your own mana as damage/healing BEFORE the priest manages to drain it all), Seal of Justice to interrupt casting, a prayer to the gods, and a good warrior buddy ambushing the priest out of no where. I have yet to defeat a competent 60 priest in a duel. Hunter You wear plate, you are unshakeable (due to Blessing of Freedom and Cleanse), so the hunter won’t deal unduly huge sums of damage do you and won’t be able to keep you at a range for long. Get in melee range, keep Viper Sting cleansed or purified, and run straight for the guy. You’ll hit his traps, but this is almost inevitable. You can bubble out of a trap if you feel it necessary, but for the most part it isn’t. Once you’re melee, do your best to stay there. Consecrate when you see him feign death and he might not drop out of combat and retrap you. Really good hunters can stay at a range from you for a considerable amount of time, and possibly even defeat you by staying far away, but it’s a hard fight for them. Shaman Although the shaman does have purge, it isn’t nearly as difficult a fight as a priest. The shaman’s mana pool tends to be much smaller, its regen smaller still, and the price of purge and all of the Shaman’s other spells are quite high, so you can safely reseal and maybe even rebless knowing that he’s going to go out of mana before you do. In fact, this is the best way to win, wait for his mana to drain away completely then beat him down. Shaman are the least efficient class in the game, mana wise, while paladins are the most mana efficient, and they are helpless without their mana. Kill the totems with either a melee hit or a rank one Seal’s Judgment. Killing them all never hurts. Remember that, if you try to heal, the shaman will more often than not use Earth Shock on you and interrupt you. You can try to fake them out by starting a heal and immediately canceling, and if you get hit by Frost Shock or (lol) Flame Shock you have a window of 6 seconds to heal uninterrupted. It frightens me how many times a shaman has cast Flame or Frost Shock on me. Earth Shock’s spell lockdown timer is very short, so for each time he successfully interrupts you, you should be able to pull off one large heal. Warrior Warriors are one of the easier classes for a paladin to kill. We want to stay melee, so hamstring is meaningless to us. We wear plate, reducing the damage the warrior deals by 40%-60%, and our damage is largely holy, which ignores armor. The fight against a warrior is slow and steady. Heal high (so that you never risk getting executed or combo’d) and be prepared to bubble if your health gets too low and Mortal Strike is on you, ruining your heals. Remember that the warrior has Pummel and Shield Bash to interrupt your casting, so be very careful about healing when melee. The interrupt costs rage, so if you see their rage bar is empty, go for it. Mage If you can survive their opening burst damage sequence of a mage, you can beat the mage. Just keep your health high and flying with Flash of Light and watch amusedly as their mana bar empties out on you. Counterspell is a threat to you, but if they don’t hit you with it as you cast, you can just bubble out of it. If you get spell locked, the fight is over, because the mage will have 10 solid seconds to do whatever he wants to you. The longer this fight takes, the more likely you are to win. Once the mage runs out of mana, the fight is over, but it’s not going to be easy for you. Paladin Do not fight another paladin if you are in a Battleground queue, it will take too long. But if you have to, the winner is the paladin who’s mana lasts longer. Seal of Wisdom, Blessing of Wisdom, efficient heals and efficient damage, just be careful not to be wasteful. I don’t want to even think about these fights, I’ve seen them take 15 or more mintues. Warlock The second hardest fight for a paladin. Between Fear and Seduce, the warlock will get free reign over beating on you when it wants to, and if it has a Felhunter out you can expect to lose your blessings and get spell locked every time you try to cast. Similar to a priest, there is no very reliable method for downing a warlock, but if you can treat them as a mage and heal through the damage you can come out on top. If it starts relying on Life Tap to get mana back, you can kill it without resistance, but getting the fight to this point is very difficult. Expect to be feared often enough to make you want to throw your mouse through the wall. Cleanse the dots and keep melee with him if you can, and if you see s Succubus or Imp, you should cast Exorcise on it and finish it off with melee, as it will remove reasonable amount of the warlock’s fighting power Link again: web/20061110225817/http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=11931828&sid=1 Cheers!
  4. So last night by proxy I was asked if - unlike all the other private servers (apparently), the following bugs were going to be fixed: 1- Seal of Command Scale with Sp.2- Seal of Righteousness chance to Variate Damage per Swing .3- One-Handed Weapon Spec increasing SoR Damage.4- Seal of Righteousness suppose to be Separate Physical Attack.5- Mobs should not generate Aggro by Healers during CC and keep previous threat until CC break.6- Judgement of Command Scale with SP7- Sanctity Aura working.8- Holy Resistance should not exist or be everywhere 0.9- Seal of Righteousness Scaling coefficient info and does it suit with Retail Version? not just the 10% (from 2006). Having never played a Paladin and more importantly, lacking understanding of basic game functionality, I'll leave this to the experts. Even if I get part answers it might be enough to draw him into the forums to develop interest and spread the word. Yes, I know there are multiple generic and caustic comments people could make at this juncture, just leave it out for the moment as we are building a community ty. Actually, you know something. Instead I should have *looked* around and found that thread by Elicas. Might have helped if I put it in the right forum as well. I blame the morning and age.