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Found 2 results

  1. Greets. So this topic came about from a number of conversations I had with other forum members, sometimes here, sometimes in Discord. I won't mention any names owing to the fact that I don't want them to be guilty by association, but happy to credit/debit as required. This is a reasonably serious topic. It's about what the community feels constitutes Crestfall becoming a success story. There's no one answer, there are many. Also, success is likely to be based on a number of different components, not just one. For that reason we have a multiple choice poll. I was doing some experimentation today on that on the basis, but my limited understanding of private servers will ensure I may miss some important topic. So, if you don't see something that you consider critically important to the success of CF, just drop a post below and I'll add it if deserves inclusion. Just remember not to actually vote until I amend it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POPULATION There's been quite a debate about the population on Crestfall, mostly in connection with population caps. Both revolve around each other. Clearly, for a server to be successful a reasonable population is critical. You really need ~1000 people online on a consistent level to constitute a popular server. This is currently the case with K2 and Elysium. The pop cap at present is seen to be 5000-5500 with 3000-3500 seen as being ''Blizzlike''. High populations mean a number of good and bad things. On the positive side, high populations ensure community, PvP, instances, elite quests, the economy and at a later stage, raids, are functional and successful. On the negative side, too high a population can lead to lag, log on issues, contention on quests/mobs/items and gathering resources. It seems that CF will prevent most of these by clustering and dynamic spawn rates, but the potential for issues are still there. Now everyone wants a healthy population, so from my viewpoint if you take this as a priority, it's because you prefer Nostalrius-type numbers. So by picking population you are saying that 5000 should be the minimum we aim for on the realm at any one time, and more is preferable. RAID FUNCTIONALITY So we all now that raid progression is linear in terms of difficulty. Therefore Molton Core for example is pretty easy for 1.12 talented, equipped and specced toons as MC was never retroactively fixed to take into account these changes. As we move to BWL, ZG, AQ and Naxx, the difficulties increase but not to the point that will cause huge problems for high end raiders with their knowledge, skill sets and min/maxing. But that's just it, these elite guilds want a challenge, they don't expect to be constantly wiping and failing but they do want to see bosses put up a big fight so they can have some fun. This seems perfectly reasonable to me. In addition, on other servers the scripting and functionality of the bosses including loot drops goes from the appalling to the laughable. For Crestfall to be successful therefore, it needs to find some balance in remaining ''Blizzlike'' and yet provide this challenge. Therefore, changes are proposed in tweaking how bosses function so to maintain the element of surprise and thus provide a challenge rather than taking the easy option of just doubling the hit points. Critically, elite raiders are small in number but large in impact. If the top tier guilds think CF instances and raids are well scripted and challenging, it will be worth its weight in gold in relation to good publicity. For scrubs like me that would like to do part-time raiding, having functional and well-scripted raids is also important. This is a self-evident priority, but there are those that don't particularly care about end-content and may just give this option a miss PVP What do I know about PvP? Not a lot. But there are times that you just want to get to know your toon/class much better and play under demanding and stressful conditions, so I understand the situation only too well. For the record, I like AB and AV. I would love to play the original and best AV. For die-hards, playing real AV and world PVP may be the only reason why you want to play on Crestfall. Unless there is cross-BG's you're unlikely to see me. If we do have cross-BG's then I'll hire myself out as a decoy as I know you all want my head on your mantelpiece. So if functional PvP is your priority vote here. PATHING When I was in Nostalrius even a scrub like me saw a lot of bugs, most of these involved pathing for mobs in caves. In nearly every starter zone, there is a cave system where you have to enter to kill x mobs or an x elite boss etc. This is designed by Blizz to challenge your skillsets as you need to be aware of aggro radius, mob respawns , mana/regen etc etc. Not a huge challenge of course but if the mobs don't path correctly you may find yourself in constant combat, or have mobs which pulse other mobs through roofs or all sorts of unwarranted actions. On the reverse side, correct pathing of pets is also an issue for Warlocks and Hunters if their pets exhibit the same issues. You could end up aggroing an entire cave system if your pet doesn't path correctly. This is a absolute MaNGOS issue, so if CF can get this right from the get-go it positively reinforces the perspective that this is an original, new and fresh emulator, better than all the rest. If pathing is an issue for you, it's because you want CF to show how much better it is than MaNGOS or because you play a class that required this as a bottom line. ECONOMY This is actually a very complex subject. A functioning economy is based on so many different factors I don't know where to begin. But for example, it includes putting in preventative measures against Devilsaur/Black Lotus cartels, banning of Chinese accounts, modifying bosses in DM to prevent solo farming and so forth. The developers have ensured that the worst proponents for exploits in Nostalrius have been recruited to play test the server to ensure that all the old tricks don't count here. This should make the servers fair for all. What you put in you should get out. If a functioning, fair economy is important for you, tick this box. BUG FIXING, FEEDBACK, CM's So we all know the issues with MaNGOS servers because we've all seen this issues before, right? So CF will do away with these issues as it's a completely different core, right? Key thing here, as some wise people pointed out is that CF is likely to have its own unique issues. At server launch, things will not go smoothly. It's the way of things. Even after open Beta and PTR when the realms go live with the population demands, we will find that there are issues unforeseen by the developers and the realm testers. This is perfectly normal. What's critical therefore is how quickly the devs respond to these issues. Encouragingly, because the devs have developed their own core and not copy/pasted it from somewhere else, they can identify the issues and resolve them very quickly based on anecdotal conversations. What's critical therefore, is how this works on live realms. Does CF have the staff and expertise in place to deal with multiple bug fixing played out under reddit conditions? The first month of this server will determine it's lifespan and success. As Roy Keane said 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. If you see community response and bug fixing as a priority, tick this box. PTE Which stands for 'Progression Through Expansion' or in other words, after 16-18 months we get catapulted into The Burning Crusade either by choice (PvP) or by default (PvE). This in private server realms has never happened before and I think this is the very large Ace card the devs have burning in their back pocket. Let me put this into perspective for you.....to be truly Blizzlike you have to have PTE. We all went through this process in retail so why not do it in CF? Doing this potentially prolongs our involvement to multiple of years. 16-18 months to TBC, 16-18 months to WotLK and then if you have any sense you would stop right there but hey, sense can be in short demand. Just imagine this, the same players, the same friends/enemies/guilds, together for a decade or so. It's awesome, and it's awesome for this server only. Vote for the awesome. COMMUNITY Does exactly what it says on the can. Mostly on these forums. Enough said. Proud of being Crestfallen? Vote here.... JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING So this is for the scrubs like me. On Nost, I could forgive the pathing in caves. I could forgive the DC on the boat to Feathermoon Isle. I could forgive the fact that you would end up 30' above the flightmaster on landing. What I couldn't forgive is that the fishing bobber wasn't working on 35% of the catches meaning you had to guess when the bobber worked. People like me are 'generalists'. It means that we are happy to work in buggy environments but certain things drive us over the edge. So it's that lack of testing that makes the difference between a great server and an also-ran. I talk about the weather in vanilla and people just don't get it. For people like me, having functional weather and fish bobbing is what will make this a proper emulator. But I can understand if others go meh. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So go ahead and vote. Please be kind so that I can rewind the voting topics if you feel it doesn't include your own priorities
  2. How is pet pathing looking on this server shaping up? Warlock is my favorite class, which I mained for many many years on retail, and I plan on playing here as well. However, I have yet to have seen a free shard where the pathing isn't completely broken. Pets falling through the world, coming out of the top of caves making them obsolete while in a cave, taking the long adventurous route to get to a mob, etc. It kind of puts a bog on playing my favorite class, considering the pet is a large reason to play warlock in the first place. I'm really hoping that the pathing here is improved over the other freeshards.