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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, We can see more and more topics here about "I never played Vanilla (or WoW) - what class shoud I roll?" and I think it's time for the guide about this. In my WoW history I've been playing every "basic" class which means no DK, monk, DH. For every class I'm going to present: -class roles (along with adventages and disadventages over other class with same role) -race adventages -how hard class is to play (and fun...) and significiant -late game grind possibilities -class changes in future expansions (because as we know CF is going to be PTE server) -pro tips Alpabetically... Druid This a class has 4 possible roles avaible. He can be tank, healer, melee and ranged dps. Unfotunately in very late game in vanilla druid becomes a healer. Tank - You can tank all the dungeons up to 60 and You can be an offtank in raids. In PvP you can tank AV bosses w/o a problem. At WSG you are very good flag carrier but as healer you do this role almost good as tank spec. Ofc some ppl gonna say "I tanked Naxx as bear better than warriors" but it's bullshit. In vanilla there's just no avaible gear for druid tank role. Warriors are better tank overall but You are better against single target then paladins. Healer - Yup, that's Your main role in late game. You are awesome PvP healer because of shapeshift (evading rogues etc.) and charge in bear form. You are lacking aoe CC (like priest's fear) so in those kinds of situations (like 5 ppl smOrcin' on You) you are weaker. Melee dps - this spec doesn't exist in vanilla, it's a joke... And no - You will never be as good as rogue. Caster dps - very controversial topic. Moonkins in vanilla are used to be called oomkins. If your raid leader put You in a caster group You can sligtly increase group damage but I belive another mage/warlock is going to do the same amont of damage. In PvP You are lacking CC abilities so You are just squishy damage dealer. You don't have aoe spells for late game grind. Race - NE are more related to lore but Tauren in an anagram of word "Nature", amazing... The druid is a hybrid class. You can fit in every game role but You will never be as good as precursor. In my honest opinion this class is important only because of mark of wild buff. THe priest is better healer, the warrior is better tank, warlock and mage are better casters. Also Your PvE CC ability called Hibernate can be replaced by polly/fear etc. I never liked this class but it was funny to play PvP. Dodgin CC with shpeshift, kiting melee, doing a lot of healing over time. Also druid is a very cheap class (especially in TBC because of free flying mount). In solo PvP You gonna have huge problems against every other class. Mirror 1v1 takes forever... You don't have many late game grind possibities. You can fit with any 5man groups but farming single mobs is very slow. Farming Winterspring/Un'goro is nice. You don't need to be bear spec to tank dungeons (You just need a good gear). So stuff like aoe farm is not avaible for druids. Yes yes, you can do stealth runs for dark iron or chests. In future expansions (like TBC) druid becomes stronger class. You can tank raids and even play as dps cat (PvE). Moonkin will be still worse than mages/warlocks. pro tip - lets check out this situation: [7. LFG] [Goodplayer]: LF3M BRD tank/heal/dps [Druidmybest] whispers: inv To [Druidmybest]: role? [Druidmybest] whispers: dps To [Druidmybest]: you must be kiddin me, bye newb [Druidmybest] whispers: ?? Avoid those situations - you are not supposed to dps dungeons. Hunter There's no much to talk about hunter. Easiest leveling class. Typical ranged dps. Awesome for solo grind. In PvP very good against cloth classes. Great class for the pokemon fans. Actually this is the only "non-magical" ranged class so there's no way to compare it. Race: For Horde I suggest Troll for Pve and Orcs for PvP. Taurens got not a single good racial for hunters, the 5% hp is not very useful. Troll's because of lore (headhunters), IAS and bow specialization (which is useless in pvp). Orcs because of stun resist, the 5% companion damage is like nothing in PvP. For Alliance I highly recomend Dwarfes - just awesome racials over other classes. For PvP You don't rly need a perception coz of flare. Hunters are a need for riding (especially for BWL where You have to use Tranquilizing Shot). They are nice for Battlegrounds (especially for kiting melee classes and distracting healers). This class is very strong for solo PvP. In late game grind Hunters are almost Godlike. You can solo farm DM tribute runs (I've heard it's going to be banned on CF). You can kite / solo kill elites without any problems so grinding Devilzaurs or Stone giants in Un'goro becomes easy. pro tip: never use taunt on your pet while in dungeon group, you gonna get kicked from party. Also never be the "Go-guy". Don't think about offtanking with pet unless tank asks you for it. Also, control Your pet in dungeons becase pservers are full of bad pet pathing. Mage This is the most important dps class in Vanilla because besides good damage he's also casting portals, buffs, food/water and polly. Mages are awesome for any kind of PvP and PvE. Mages have compareable dps to warlocks but a lot more of utility. Race: Horde PvP - undeads (oh... wotf). Horde PvE - trolls (this casting speed may realy increase your damage). For alliance I recomend gnomes (Humans don't have any good racial for mage class). This is the best aoe grind class. Farming as mage in Vanilla is like playing any class in WoD - You can just kill 20 mobs at once and that gives You possibilites to farm places like: -BRD fans (top of arena) -DM east flowers -North-west part of silithus etc. You are also good as hunter for kiting and killing single elites... And even gropus of elites like those ones from east of Plaguelands. This is just the best late game class for solo grind. In TBC You becomes stronger and stronger; also You gonna have a lot of fun while using spell steal... Pro tip - prepare for cookin up more biscuits than a Buskins Yo. Paladin Honestly my favourite class. So, Paladins are another hybrids who can tank, heal or even do some dps (like druids they are just healers in vanilla). They are the best aoe tanks in game (not in vanilla...) but still not good enought for the main tanks (mostly because of items). They do as well as druids in dungeons. The main problem is about pulling mobs (unless you pull undeads/demons with exorcism), this becomes better in TBC. Also the problem is about "time" which You need to get a threat. Healing as Paladin is easy-peasy You just spam 1-2 skills (because You don't have more). Comparing to other classes You are as good as priests for healing single target (and You wear plate...). There's one single problem about pala healers in PvP - You don't have instant cast healing spells (shock every 20 sec...), and no healing over time. DPS paladins - another controversial topic. You damage is fine but You are running out of mana pretty quick. Also CFgaming is going to implement holy resistance in vanilla (or maybe they don't). Retri becomes awesome in WotLK. Dps and tank paladin becomes more avaible in TBC. I higly recomend dwarf over human (the racials you know...) for paladins (but humans looks better). Btw. Try someday to wear Paladin sets on Undead (via atlas addon or something) - looks awesome. Your Buffs are significiant (BoK is so op). You are awesome single target healer. I'm not gonna say like "this class is cheap" because of free mount - for PvE You are going to farm clothes over plate. Grinding as palladin... You can run low level dungeon and clear em with AoE, so You can earn a lot of money of boosting alts/lowbies. Farming Dire Maul may be hard. In my opinion in TBC this is a best 2v2 arena class (especially with rogue). You got a lot of damage, CC, healing, bubbles... Also in TBC shockadins becomes avaible (in WotLK retri used to be stronged than rogue in 1v1). Tanking becomes avaible because of Epic sets and You never run oom. pro tip - same as for druids. Priest Ah... the healing God. No no no no no You are not going to spec shadow for raids... Same for PvP - discipline beats shadow. Comparing to shamans, paladins, druids (the hybrids) this class was designed for healing and support. Like Asura said: "Priest is master class. That is all.". This class also has no problems with 1-60 leveling. Race: So the priest is a most race dependable class, because of bonus spells you get. Undeads - Devouring Plague (or more like siphon soul every 3 min). Trolls - Hex of Weakness (emm... That's useless imo, same as Shadowguard). NE - Starshards (arcane based shadow word: pain), Elune's Grace (awesome vs hunters/rogues/warriors) Dwarfs - Desperate Prayer (bonus 2k hit points in late game PvP every 10 min) and fear ward obviously Humans - same as dwarfes also Feedback seems to be useful in PvP And ofc basic racials... Priest class easy to play (PvE). You will never have problems with finding groups. In late game You can also do some aoe farm with holy nova (for example Dire Maul flowers). Class is cheap enought because of cloths. In solo PvP you will have huge problems against every other class (but I don't think this class was ever designed for solo PvP). Get duo with a warrior/rogue and smash! In future expansions shadow spec becomes more avaible in Battlegrounds (but it's horrible for arenas). Also some races gets new abilities (like dwarfes for example) [Or maybe just dwarfes...]. Pro tip - everyone loves you because you are a priest (mfg healing is so boring...) Rogue No-skill ninja who can beat almost every other class by using two butons. Rogues are also strong PvE dps (but they are melee which is sometimes a problem [espesially for "flying" bosses]). But srsly - there's like bilion of vanilla movies about "Rogues are PvP OPOPOPOP every other class suck balls". This is because backdays not many players learned how to fight against rogues. It reminds me about Starcraft Broodwar where after 20 years progamers are still finding new tactics. Beating 1v1 GOOD rogue is possible - its just freaking hard. Few days ago someone posted a youtube link about "best feenix rogue can't even beat T2 SL warlock" - well I've seen this movie and if this rogue is "best feenix rogue" then maybe this server should be srsly called peenix. Comparing to fury warrior - You gonna similar damage in PvE. Race: Well since this class was designed for Ninja PvP stuff i believe You should pick undeads for horde (wotf you know...), and for Alliance every race has it own rogue adventages: Humans - perception (nice against other rogues (but only if you know they are close to you)). Dwarfes - stoneform obviously, also this 10 frost resist may sometimes save your live vs mages. Gnomes - escape artist obviously (but sprint may do preety the same with talents). Late game grind - stealth runs with pickpocket and mining dark iron; chest runs. Fun to play? Rogue was my 1st character and I thought I'm a good player as 15yo kid. Well, NO! It was a just a class. If You are ne to WoW You should watch world of roguecraft of youtube. In future expansions I fell like rogues are still 1v1 Beasts, but dimnishing returns makes this class slightly weaker. pro tip - don't gank lowbies, it's pathetic. Shaman In my honest opinion shamans are the weakest PvP vanilla class. Yes they becomes stronger in TBC and super cool in WotLK but in vanilla this class is a like 60 button hero, who can't beat anyone with 250 apm. But lets talk about PvE... This class was designed to heal or dps (and even to tank in early vanilla 13 years ago). Of course as this game shows for other hybrid classes You are going to be better healer than dps. The myths about "riding as ench with Nightfall" may sometimes work but I belive Your raid leader gonna prefere warrior with nightfall than shaman. Also the myth about "elemental" shamans in vanilla... Yes you can do a lot of damage in short time (but You are also super squishy). So, nice healer and support class You gonna be. Race: if you wanna do ONLY PvE get troll, otherwise go for orc. This class is probably the hardest PvP class, so You gonna have a lot of fun if you ever win 1v1. Oh yea, forgot about class adventages. So: Windfury totem gives You nice adventage over priest/druid healer if Your 5-man if full of melee dps. Your Chain heal is awesome spell for aoe raid heals (it's sometimes better than holy nova or this 2nd priest's heal). You can transform into wolf - priests can't; awesome! Late game grind - with earthbind, frost shock and some playing skills you can kill single elites. I'm not sure if you can farm diremaul flowers, better check youtube. In fitire expansions shamans becomes stronger and strongers. There's no Hex spell in vanilla! pro tip - learn to "fake heartstone". pro tip no.2 - same as paladin or druid. Warlock Imo the most lore class of warcraft. As ranged caster dps he has similar damage to mages. Warlocks are also raid utility because of curses and banish spell. So - warlocks are pet class but Your riding vanilla spec is about "sacrifite pet" to get more damage. And this is a bit problem because for PvP You obviously wanna go for soul link (which extremy boosts your survivability). Warlocks can be beastst in PvP but there's a lot of variables and preparation. Farmin' soul shards was always boring for me. Another thing - If You wanna be good with this class Prepare Yourself for an APM madness. Controling demon pet is way more harder than hunter's pet. Race: Horde: wotf against 25% stun resist - both are awesome for this class. I feel like Orcs warlocks are more familiar with warcraft lore. alliance: gnomes over humans, this escape artist mmm... Yes, this class is hard to play (leveling is easy-peasy). Some gonna say "I just fear and DoT every noob players and they die hehe lol". Yeah... Because of curses, blood pact and banish this class is very significiant for riding. pro tip - watch your threat meter. Warrior Best tank. Probably best melee dps, very good flag carrier. Awesome for late game PvP. So every race can be a warrior and it's hard to compare which one is the best. There's a lot o theorycrafting like this 1% dodge is so awesome over other races and this 5% stamina gives you 189327189273 hp but srsly, just pick what You like. If You think only about PvE those taurens/Nelfs might be slightly better but for PvP there's so many good racials. Warriors were always most fun class for me (maybe because I just like to tank dungeons, dunno). You will never have problems with finding party ("tank for WC last spot!"). This class is extremly expensive in vanilla. Repair cost becomes pain in the ass, elixirs for 120g eac week etc.. If you are part of "smart" riding guild they will support You with money (or just consumeables). Grind grind grind... Try DM flowers or just get a priest and go for mining/enchanting DMe runs. pro tip: same as druid, paladin and shaman b ut this time you are a tank. So if someone spams LF4M WC and a warrior whispers "inv" - party leader is not even expecting an arms warrior. tl;dr There's nothing like more/less significiant class. This game was designed... meh w/e. So please stop spamming topic "OMG I NEVER PLAYED VANILLA THIS GAME IS AWESOME WHAT CLASS SHOULD I PLAY LOLOL HEHE". PS: sorry for my bad english (it's my 3rd language).