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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings. Firstly, this post is mostly directed @Darkrasp , since the extra strikes system I'm referencing is from his May 29th dev blog http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/2176-darkrasps-blog-5292017/ I'd just like to preface this by saying, I'm a fan of the system overall, it strikes a good middle ground between known data points, as well as just making good logic. Anyway, allow me to quote the system: The issue is how HoJ in this example gets ignored permanently in this chain, even though it never granted any extra strikes (see how the "forth swing" procs it, but it is still being ignored), it doesn't make sense mathematically, and causes diminishing returns if someone stacks more than one extra strikes effect. To get my point across clearly, I'll use an extreme example, imagine you have 1 item the has 100% chance on hit to grant an addition attack, ok great, you get 2 swings per attack in total, now imagine you get another item with the same affect, so you have 2 items, both grant a 100% chance on hit to grant an addition attack, this is where the flaw kicks in, you will still only get 2 swings per attack. The reason for this is because both effects procced from the first attack, making one get ignored permanently, the first bonus strike procs the other effect, but it gets ignored because it was ignored earlier. I propose that the ignored permanently logic be removed (not all of it, just the part I discussed), with it remove, the DPS gains from stacking extra strike affect wont have diminishing returns, but at the same time, wont get exponentially stronger. With the previously mentioned logic removed, each extra strikes effect will scale in a manner that is fair and logical, which is what I feel the original system aims at. To be clear, proc effects should still be ignored permanently if they've already procced and granted a bonus strike. With my suggestion in place, the system would look like this instead (altered lines in bold): I hope you understand what I'm getting at, I explained it better in my head yesterday, but now I've come to write it, my brain has just gone blank. And to make is absolutely clear, I'm not talking about double procs (like windfury>HOJ>windfury), if you think I am, you've miss-understood what I'm getting at, I am in no way advocating that double procs, or endless proc chains be a thing. Finally, I just want to credit Cleavis_BIS from Discord for pointing it out. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a few questions/suggestions and thought I might summarize them in one post instead of making one topic for each. So here we go: 1. Will you allow GDKP raids? And in that case, what will the split limit be at? For example, will you allow 95% split, 90% split, 80% split or where will you draw the line? 2. What will the weapon skill cap be on CF? Will you follow Athan's formula? 3. I've looked a lot for rules against multiboxing and have read your stance on it in the "policy on multiboxing"-thread and other places. But I couldn't find a very clear cut answer except for that you will only be allowed 2 accounts per IP. So I'll ask a couple specific questions to find out more about it: If I play with 2 characters in a guild raid and alt tab between them (so no 3rd party program), is that allowed? Or if I raid with one character and have the other one doing farming / mailing goods / whatever, will that be allowed? Or is having two of your accounts logged in at the same time automatically against the server rules assuming that you are the one playing on them? 4. The Demonology talent tree for Warlocks has a talent called "Demonic Sacrifice" which allows you to sacrifice your demon for a certain buff. This buff lasts for 30min or until you summon a new demon, but is not removed when you respec. This makes it possible to spec into that talent, sacrifice a pet to gain the buff and then respec and spend all your 51 talent points into the Affliction and Destruction trees. This way you can (basically) raid with all three talent trees and do 10-15% increased damage of what you otherwise would be able to do. Since the buff only lasts 30min and costs 2 respecs to get it's extremely expensive but possible nonetheless. From all the people I've talked to this is not just a bug on private servers but actually how it worked in Retail wow, but was most likely a bug that Blizzard just overlooked. I'm wondering if you will let this exploit be possible (which would technically be blizzlike) or if you will have the buff disappear when you respec? 5. I read the 11/14/2016 developer update and have a suggestion: Is it possible for you guys to have a thread/page where everybody can see all the proc rates? Just like a list of what proc rates you decide to implement. There are tons of proc rates I'd like to know and making them public would be very appreciated. (examples: Vis'Kag proc rate, Rogue tier 3 8/9 proc rate, etc). 6. Last question: I've been trying to find out the answer to this question for a while but can't find anybody provide any proof for it (just a lot of different opinions being thrown around by lots of people). We all know that hit and crit roll happens at the same time for melee attacks, but I'm wondering how it works for spellcasts. If you have a 90% chance to hit a spell and 10% chance to crit, will you actually crit 10% of your spells or just 9%? The only retail source I could find about this is an old post from elitistjerks forum where one person explained that the answer to my question would be 10% (that it works just like for melee attacks), and that the second roll for spells is simply a resistance roll. The thread is unfortunately gone (I have a screenshot of that comment though), but that's all the proof I could find, and I'd love to hear from a developer how this actually works (and if there is a difference between mangos, other emulators and retail). Thanks in advance.